Thursday, January 29, 2015

Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) written by Penelope Douglas (368 pgs) – finished reading 1/14/15 – 4 stars - New Adult

So many people have read this book. It’s ranking is totally way up there. There’s just something about Penelope Douglas’ writing that keeps the reader entertained. Her characters are raw and intense while her story is gripping with reality and intrigue. This particular addition to her Falling Away series is told from a male’s POV. It’s actually the first book re-told from Jared’s side. The reader really hears just how destructive and painful his life is. Now that’s no excuse to treat his once best friend, Tate, so horribly, but it does at least let the reader see where he’s coming from. He seems to think that he’s entitled to his anger and bitterness, and time after time after time, it’s directed towards Tate, and she has no idea why. They had once been best friends. It really makes no sense to her.

I did find this quite similiar to the first book, Bully, but then I noticed that there were extra scenes added to this installment to actually relate it more towards Jared’s life. I thought possibly it would have been better if both Jared’s and Tate’s POV’s were together in the same book. I always have issues with the same book being written twice only from two different POV’s. It tends to turn me off and not keep me interested. I did read this, though, giving the author a chance to entertain me. Believe it or not, I was impressed. I did like Bully better, however, but this was not far behind. Jared did redeem himself somewhat, but I still find it hard to read anything about a “bully”. I always think to myself, that being the “bully” is just the coward’s way out. I know this is a fictional account of one, but this is more common and widespread than you think. It’s happening every day, which is just so sad. I thought that the author portrayed the characters’ vulnerabilities spot-on. She explored their feelings with disappointment and bitterness. Tate, obviously being the disappointed one, somewhere along the line takes back her life and embraces the will to fight for herself. While Jared is filled with bitterness and contempt as he knows that what he’s doing is wrong and really believes that Tate is his. The truth comes out eventually, but will Tate forgive Jared and give him another chance?

With a superb supporting cast of characters along with two dynamic main characters, this was one hell of a bumpy ride. One not to be overlooked as it promises to bring this moving love story to tears.

“Yesterday lasts forever. Tomorrow comes never. Until you.” ~ Jared (Chap. 30)

That’s some eye-popping cover!!! Just draws the reader in...

Review Written, 1/29/15

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