Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wounded written by Abby Brooks (304 pgs) – finished reading 4/11/17 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Rockstar/Medical)

This book had everything that I look forward to in a romance. Witty banter. Impending tragedy. The solace of loyal friends. And, an unexpected love story. That being said, you will smile with Bailey and Liam’s romance as it takes both of them by surprise. Liam is the spoiled rotten pop singer and underwear model who gets injured during a bus accident. The injury has so much to do with his image because he ends up with a pretty ugly scar that runs the length of his beautiful face. And, Bailey is the nurse who treats him, and she is not impressed whatsoever. She tells him exactly what she thinks of him, and that leads to him crashing at her house for an unknown amount of time. He’s not going back to LA anytime soon, and they both wonder how they are going to make living together work. What happens when this totally opposite couple find themselves reaching out to each other? Do they even have half a chance to make their relationship work??

Well, I just loved both main characters! Bailey is a feisty tell-it-like-it-is person. She’s been on her own since the age of eighteen, and she is no push-over. Liam, like I said is spoiled, but I think Bailey just opened his eyes to what was really missing in his life and who he actually is. She sees the real him, and I thought that he really appreciated that. And, when tragedy erupts within Bailey’s life, Liam is there to help her pick up the pieces. I really enjoyed their love story! It was entertaining and tender. It really made their relationship beautiful and moving. Anything with music gives cause for the romance to be memorable. And, music was intimately present within this love story. I highly recommend this book to read...

Luke (A Cocky Cage Fighter, #8) written by Lane Hart (256 pgs) – finished reading 4/13/17 – 3.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

I don’t know, I like this one; I didn’t like this one. In the beginning you get this passionate and caring male, Luke. He’s kind and so in love with the heroine, Meg. Unfortunately, she has a secret that could be devastating to Luke, which it is when he finds out the truth. But, he goes from this awesome male to somebody so disrespected and hurtful. I don’t think that Megan really deserved his harsh treatment. She, in the end, was really just looking out for him. Maybe she went about it all wrong, but she honestly just had his well-being at heart. When Luke finally comes down from his high-horse, he does realize how condescending and abusive he has been. He really is a good guy. He just had to get over Meg’s deception. Once he did, their relationship could progress into something so much more real and intimate. This was an up and down read for me. And, it all had to do with Luke’s character. I just couldn’t like him during the whole book. But, in the end he does redeem himself. This author’s writing was pretty intense with the scenes between Luke and Meg and also between Luke and his dad. There’s nothing worse than a parent losing their child so unexpectedly. So his parents grieved their oldest son wholeheartedly. It was very sad, especially for Luke’s mom. Eventually Luke’s story gave them hope and peace to accept the inevitable. It was more uplifting than one can conceive. This was my first Lane Hart read, and I’m sure that it won’t be my last...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract, #1) written by Rachel Higginson (302 pgs) – 3/31/17 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

What can I say about Rachel Higginson’s new book?? It was one enjoyable read! Vera has sworn off men for good. She’s had such a previous bad experience, that she decides that she is going to just focus on her career. She’s a chef. And, her newest venture, owning her own food truck, is her priority right now. It doesn’t go over very well, though, with the restaurant owner across the street, Killian. He’s pretty much annoyed with the idea that a food truck with take-out food is across the street from his stellar restaurant. He was pretty funny, however, sending his employees to sample her food. He must be a little afraid that she will take away some of his clientele. And, she gives him a run for his money by making deals with him to sample her food, I had to laugh-out-loud a few times. Vera was just one comical chick! I loved her! And, Killian, tried to come off as this brash and bossy male, when underneath, he really was a sweetheart. I just loved their banter back and forth! And, when it finally comes to the romance, Killian wanted so desperately to take care of Vera and show her that all men were not despicable and abusive. He was definitely a more swoon-worthy character towards the end. Will these two, though, take a chance on each other and trust in their love?

Loved the whole food truck idea! It was new and refreshing! I love books about food, and this one was right up my alley! And, a guy that rides a motorcycle is just so badass! Just makes him more thrilling and exciting as a male! And, with Vera on the back, the chemistry between the two was evident. Vera, given her past heartache, had such a wonderful support system from her dad, her brother, and best friend Molly. And, Killian also, even though his past was not without destruction, had loyalty and protectiveness from foster mom, Jo, and foster brother, Ezra. Even though this couple’s pasts might not have been pretty, they were now on a path for good things to come their way. My only complaint is that the author focused so much on Vera’s past; talking about it over and over. It gets a little tedious to keep hearing. But, I did understand the need for some of it. Ms. Higginson seemed very adamant about not letting a man treat you beneath what a woman deserved, from which I totally agree. No woman is not worthy of perfect treatment both emotionally and physically. And, if it’s not given wholeheartedly, walk away.

Definitely won’t hesitate to pick up another of Ms. Higginson’s books. I was totally entertained and look forward to her next release...