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The Keys to Jericho written by Ren Alexander (806 pgs) – finished reading 2/24/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance


2/24/15 - DONE! Holy crap, now I have to think about writing my review! I need a minute or two or possibly three...

Jared and Kat, well let’s just say they were epic! I’ve read a lot of books, tons of books even, but there’s not that many that I would say were beyond stellar. But this was definitely one that achieves that level. Beautiful love story. A wounded but yet complicated Hero and a damaged but yet strong Heroine are the leads in this book. Both searching for that lost love. And, before I can go any further, hats off to Ren Alexander!!!! She made my day!!!! Love, LOVED, loved this book!!!!

Over 800 pages, and worth every paged turned...

2/27/15 - So, ladies, that’s how it’s done! One long book that tells the entire story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. No wondering when the next book in the series is coming out. No forgetting what you’ve already read after months have gone by and the next book in the series finally comes out. Just a complete story that gives you closure after the final page is turned.

I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate title, The Keys to Jericho, for a story about a young man that has erected such walls around his heart to protect himself after he’s been hurt in the past by two important women in his life. Jared Beckett is one hardass. He definitely speaks his mind. He doesn’t hold back and sugarcoat anything. With his crass language and need to be always right, he makes the reader almost dislike him. That is until the reader gets a deeper glimpse as to why Jared is so harsh. He’s actually far from perfect, but he lures the reader into his story because he’s just that appealing. He’s funny and smart, and when you get down to it, he’s really a good-hearted person. And, of course, don’t forget that he’s gorgeous with dark hair and hazel/green eyes that just screams attraction.

Ren Alexander really pulled me into Jared’s story with her impressive characters and heart-stopping drama. Not only is the story told in mostly Jared’s POV, which I loved, but we also get a glimpse of a former friend’s POV occasionally, which is female. Katriona Merrick and Jared have a past. They’re old high school friends. Both had wanted more of their friendship, but being young and inexperienced had them both scared of rejection. So, they really never pursued that avenue. Now after not seeing each other in about fourteen years, they reconnect under surprising circumstances.

Wow! There just was so much back and forth and push and pull with these two. Both afraid to admit their feelings, but also realizing that during all the years apart they’ve never really felt any connection remotely significant as what they have with each other. As Jared helps Kat with a project in her life that so long ago claimed a loved one’s life, they spend more time together rebuilding that irrevocable connection. It was beautiful to finally see them back together as at least friends, but heartbreaking to see them struggling with their relationship on a more romantic level. Some major tearful moments were depicted as Jared finally admits his apprehension to commit to Kat. It only comes from the love and caring of his friends and dad that he actually breaks down and admits to his fear. This was a major turning point in the novel that pretty much affects everyone. I loved every character portrayed – Dash, Rio, Liberty, Hadley, Finn, Adam, and Brenda. Jared had the most loyal and honest friends ever! I would love to someday see Dash get his own story! I’m sure it would be amazing!!!

I liked how the author just kept the story going with all the little details leading up to their final milestone – birthdays and holidays were celebrated along with Kat’s long-awaited achievement. The story just moved along so quickly, I couldn’t believe that I read over 800 pages in two and a half days. There was never a dull moment, and I was so sad when I turned the last page. Usually this type of thing puts me in a book funk, which I now am, and I just can’t get into reading anything for a few days. That’s how I know that it was such a great story!! It was heartbreaking, but yet triumphant. I found myself feeling just as each character was as each emotion was embraced. Jared and Kat’s love story is romantic and sensual. The scenes, once they got together, were HOT and EXPLOSIVE! After all of these years of waiting, they finally got to acquaintance themselves with their “soulmate’s” lusting passion and true spirit. Things that Jared never experienced with anyone else were intimately illustrated with Kat.

This was one brilliant read! My emotions were all over the place when so much drama and suffering caused distress to be inflicted between the characters. But, the final outcome was one of victory and happiness. This magnificent couple got their heart’s desire – each other. A moving love story filled with anguish, intimacy, and conquest. Cheers to Ms. Alexander for a novel well written!

Review Written, 2/26/15

Kinged (City’s Secrets, #2) written by B.B. Hamel (172 pgs) – finished reading 2/26/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

This book was out-of-the-blocks thrilling to say the least. The action and drama didn’t let up through the whole book. Powerful emotion and non-stop intrigue graced the pages of this intimate portrayal of two individuals just trying to find love and a place to fit in. Darcy moves to Philadelphia when a friend of hers offers her a job after getting bored with her life in New York City. And, then there’s Rex who is so far into his need for payback to an Irish mob boss that he doesn’t have much to offer anyone. When the two meet, it’s not without incident, and Darcy is attracted to the powerfully compelling man. He’s not her typical MO, but she’s more than fascinated with his handsome face and muscular physique. And, Rex is taken with Darcy as well. With her long blonde hair and mesmerizing blue eyes, she beams with wealth and arrogance. As Rex gets to know Darcy, though, he realizes that that is so far from the truth as to who she really is. She’s more down-to-earth and just wants to be needed. He, on the other hand, needs to get his life back on track. He’s been running for far too long and is all kinds of f**cked-up. When these two damaged people realize that they really need each other, will Rex’s harrowing past spoil it for them?

Loved this story! The two main characters were extremely likeable. I couldn’t help but feel sadness for Rex for not being able to drag his life out the debt that was keeping him down and holding him prisoner to a deeply disturbing man. But, meeting Darcy was a way to finally take charge of his life and get out from under Michael’s authority. Darcy was such a funny girl. She had a great sense of humor and a passionate presence. She just needed something more in her life, and Rex filled that role solely. And, talk about the intimacy between the two, wow!! Holy hotness!! It was definitely scorching!! I was more intrigued with this story than the first one mainly because it was suspenseful and not just romantic, which brought that edginess and raw grit into focus.  While the story is told mostly in Darcy’s POV, we do get glimpses of Rex’s POV occasionally. I read this book in one sitting and was totally entertained with this couple’s story!

“He was my king and I was his queen, and those empty, dark streets were our streets. People like Michael couldn’t bother us there, not in our kingdom of darkness. I kinged him in my mind and made him my ruler for the night.” ~ Darcy (Chap. 7)

Wow!!! And, look at the cover!!! GORGEOUS!!!

Review Written, 2/27/15

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75+ BOOKS THAT ARE BEING RELEASED IN MARCH, 2015 (Mostly Contemporary Romance and New Adult some Paranormal with a touch of Erotica)

(Listed in Chronological Date Order by Author)

The Design (A Heart Novel) – R.S. Grey – 3/1/15

Very Twisted Things (Briarcrest Academy, #3) – Ilsa Madden-Mills – 3/1/15

Love Brewing (Love Brothers, #3) – Liz Crowe – 3/2/15

Sawyer (Alluring Indulgence, #7) – Nicole Edwards – 3/2/15

With Every Heartbeat (Forbidden Men, #4) – Linda Kage – 3/2/15

Losing Us (Sex on the Beach. #4) – Jen McLaughlin – 3/2/15

Sustain – Tijan – 3/2/15

His to Take (Wicked Lovers, #9) – Shayla Black – 3/3/15

On a Ring and a Prayer (Jessie Stanton, #1) – Sandra D. Bricker – 3/3/15

The List – Anne Calhoun – 3/3/15

Kiss Me Hello (Sweetest Kisses, #3) - Grace Burrowes - 3/3/15

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid (Scandalous Highlanders, #3) - Suzanne Enoch – 3/3/15

Hell’s Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen, #1) – Callie Hart & Lili St. Germain – 3/3/15

Unraveled (Mastered, #3) – Lorelei James – 3/3/15

Need (Need, #1) – K.I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco – 3/3/15

Stone Walls – A.M. Madden – 3/3/15

Changing Everything (Forgiving Lies, #2.5) - Molly McAdams - 3/3/15

Return to Me (Covington Cove, #1) – Kelly Moran – 3/3/15

Stealing Rose (The Fowler Sisters, #2) – Monica Murphy – 3/3/15

Easy Love (Boudreaux, #1) – Kristen Proby – 3/3/15

Something Real (Reckless & Real, #2) – Lexi Ryan – 3/3/15

Becoming Rain (Burying Water, #2) – K.A. Tucker – 3/3/15

Unforgettable Sun (Hale Brothers, #3) – Kathryn Andrews – 3/4/15

Nobody’s Dream (Rescue Me Saga, #6) – Kallypso Masters – 3/4/15

For Authentication Purposes – Amber L. Johnson – 3/5/15

Hearts of Fire (Six of Hearts, #2) – L.H. Cosway – 3/6/15

Conviction - Lesley Jones - 3/6/15

#Player (Hashtag, #3) – Cambria Hebert – 3/9/15

Confess – Colleen Hoover – 3/10/15

The Scoundrel's Lover (The Notorious Flynns, #2) - Jess Michaels - 3/10/15

Rock Hard (Rock Kiss, #2) – Nalini Singh – 3/10/15

Vanishing Girls – Lauren Oliver – 3/10/15

Artificial Love (The Good Bye Series, #2) – Alisa Mullen – 3/11/15

Pocketful of Sand – M. Leighton – 3/15/15

Soaring (Magdalene, #2) – Kristen Ashley – 3/16/15

Death Row - Sienna Lane - 3/16/15

The Object of His Desire – S.R. Watson – 3/16/15

Chase Me (Broke and Beautiful, #1) – Tessa Bailey – 3/17/15

Shaken, Not Stirred (Last Call, #5) – Sawyer Bennett  3/17/15

Disillusioned (Swept Away, #2) - J.S. Cooper - 3/17/15

The Witch of Painted Sorrows – M.J. Rose – 3/17/15

Reckless Love (Hard to Love, #2) – Kendall Ryan – 3/17/15

Duplicity – N.K. Traver – 3/17/15

Jack Hammer (Part 1) - Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea - 3/17/15

Monster Chef – Margaret McHeyzer – 3/18/15

Kinged – B.B. Hamel – 3/19/15

One Last Sin (The Sin Trilogy, #3) – Georgia Cates – 3/23/15

The Cavendon Women – Barbara Taylor Bradford – 3/24/15

Finding Mr. Brightside – Jay Clark – 3/24/15

Edge of Forever (When You’re Gone, #3) – Taryn Elliott – 3/24/15

Manwhore (Manwhore, #1) – Katy Evans – 3/24/15

Flirting with Fire (Hot in Chicago, #1) – Kate Meader – 3/24/15

After Dark (Night Owl, #3) – M. Pierce – 3/24/15

Fisher’s Light – Tara Sivec – 3/24/15

G-Men the Series (G-Men, #1-3.6) – Andrea Smith – 3/24/15

Awakening You (Unraveling You, #3) – Jessica Sorensen – 3/24/15

Revved – Samantha Towle – 3/24/15

Deep Blue Eternity (Deep Blue Eternity, #1) – Natasha Boyd – 3/26/15

Sweet Hope (Sweet Home, #4) – Tillie Cole – 3/29/15

Breathe Me In (Blurred Lines, #5) – Erin McCarthy – 3/29/15

That Baby (That Boy, #3) – Jillian Dodd – 3/30/15

Jake Understood (Jake, #2) – Penelope Ward – 3/30/15

Fall with Me (Wait for You, #4) – Jennifer L. Armentrout – 3/31/15

Love After All (Hope, #4) – Jaci Burton – 3/31/15

The Day We Met - Rowan Coleman - 3/31/15

Broken (Lost, #1) – Cynthia Eden – 3/31/15

Holding Strong (Ultimate Book, #2) – Lori Foster, 3/31/15

The Dead Play On (Cafferty and Quinn, #3) – Heather Graham – 3/31/15

Where Sea Meets Sky – Karina Halle – 3/31/15

Collision (Portland Street Kings, #1) – Evie Harper – 3/31/15

Four Nights with the Duke (Desperate Duchesses, #8) - Eloisa James - 3/31/15

The Start of Me and You – Emery Lord – 3/31/15

The Slayer (Untamed Hearts, #2) – Kele Moon – 3/31/15

This Heart of Mine (Whiskey Creek, #8) – Brenda Novak – 3/31/15

The Virgin (The Original Sinners: White Years, #3) - Tiffany Reisz - 3/31/15

No Ordinary Billionaire (The Sinclairs, #1) – J.S. Scott – 3/31/15

Deep (Stage Dive, #4) – Kylie Scott – 3/31/15

The Closer You Come (The Original Heartbreakers, #1) – Gena Showalter – 3/31/15

The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #13) – J.R. Ward – 3/31/15

Promises of Forever (Promises, #3) – Jessica Wood – 3/31/15

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers, #4) – Rebecca Zanetti – 3/31/15

The Other Man – R.K. Lilley – March, 2015???

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Is Reading Book Reviews Helpful or Harmful??

So what do you think, are reading book reviews helpful or harmful? Well, I was just looking to buy this book on Amazon, and then I decided to read a few reviews regarding it. What a huge mistake!! The first two reviews that I read were definitely helpful. They told me their likes and dislikes about the book and a little about the synopsis. But, then I got to the next one...uggghhh!! No spoiler warning, and then as I’m reading it, there’s paragraphs and paragraphs about the entire book. Letting spoilers rip like there’s no tomorrow!!! Now I’m pissed!! That really “spoiled” my reading of it. Who does that? Definitely reading this review was harmful. I will admit that when I write a review I always write a little about the characters, the plot, and the romance. But, I never, at least without a warning, post spoilers. That’s just nasty! Just because you don’t like the book or find it offensive does not give you the right to ruin it for anyone else. That’s downright MEAN!! So, now I have to decide if I want to buy this book, which is not right to do to the author who depends on selling her book to interested customers. Shame on the person who ruins the reader’s experience of discovering a new find when they post spoilers without a warning. That is not right, and nothing peeves me more than JACKASSES who don’t care about other readers!!! That just irkes the shit out of me!! Let me know what you think. Do you get angry too when there is no spoiler warning and reviewers give away the entire book?? Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I have to figure out if I still will purchase this book. I probably will. I’m such a sucker for newly discovered!  

Crash Ride (Power Station, #2) written by T. Gephart (289 pgs) – finished reading 2/20/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another amazing book written by T. Gephart! So freakin’ HOT!!! Couldn’t put this one down. I was just so immersed in the story. And, Troy Harris, was one amazing male specimen!!! He’s gorgeous with a bangin’ body! Oh man, there’s just something so irresistible about him that Megan Winters loves. When he’s around she just can’t think straight. Things come out of her mouth that are dirty and naughty. And, what does he think of her? Well, she’s beautiful and smart. A doctor. And, with a body like hers, he’s constantly re-arranging himself. But, their best friends are a couple, and if Troy Harris and Megs don’t work out, it could spell trouble for all. So, they make an arrangement. A “sex only” arrangement, and whatever happens, they won’t let it affect their friendship whatsoever. How long, though, can either one of them keep this up when feelings start getting in the way?

Wow! I just couldn’t put this down! Started reading this in the afternoon and was done by 1am. It was just that mind-blowing! Romance and drama at its best. Holy crap!! The chemistry between the two was off-the-charts HOT!! Tattoos and piercings just added to the heat!!! It was a funny book too. Megs still calling Troy by both first and last name all the time was still hilarious. She had some sense of humor. The whole idea of sneaking around and secret hook-ups just added to the excitement of it all as well. And, of course, there’s still the Power Station guys around with their gorgeous babes. Dan is just such a funny dude – potty mouth and all. While Ashlyn still is a protector and takes care of her man.  

Some things happened that brought big tears to my eyes. Didn’t see that happening!! But, Megs is a brave young woman. And, like I said, smart as hell. She knows when she has a good thing and knows when to jump on it as if it could be her lifeline to the future. With Troy Harris by her side, how can anything be but perfect? I loved this book. I’m still smiling about it as I write this review after only having finished reading it twelve hours ago. I’m just so sad that their story is over, however.  It was one that I was totally looking forward to, and I was not disappointed at all. There’s just something about this group of guys and their women that is thrilling and desirable. And, I’m so looking forward to Jace’s story! Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long...

“In his eyes I saw the love. I saw his commitment and I hoped he saw the same in mine. There was no mistake on what this was, there was no misunderstanding on what it could be. It was home. Mine. His. Ours.” ~ Megs (pg. 192)

This quote was so profoundly written that I just had to include it in my review: (and, for the short time that Josh was in the story, he just made it so much more sweet; he genuinely seemed to have such a beautiful soul.)

“There are usually three different types of people who come and get ink. One. the living canvas. For these people their skin is blank pages that they use to tell their story. There is no separation between the art and them. It’s a part of them as much as an ear or a toe. It’s an addiction as well as an expression. Two. The weekend warrior. They go under the needle to earn cool points or to follow trend. These are the people who usually get some lame tribal band around their arm or a tramp stamp. They get tats that are highly visible and often cheesy. I don’t judge, but I assume that five to ten years down the track they will be spending time with a laser. Three. The tortured soul. They use the art as therapy, to memorialize something or a loved one. They mark their skins with tributes and dedications or a connection to something or someone. It’s just for them; displayed or not displayed it wouldn’t mean any more or less.” ~ Josh (pg. 138)

Review Written, 2/20/15

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She Writes Love written by Sandi Lynn (265 pgs) – finished reading 2/2/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Just a word of warning, you will need tissues to get through this tearjerker – plain and simple. You will feel heartbreak for these two individuals. How can life be so cruel you will ask. But, when the last page is turned, you will clap and cheer, and you will sigh with certainty that these two people are finally home. So many readers loved this story, and I can see why. It really gets to the heart and soul. It’s powerful. But, most of all, it’s a second chance. A second chance at life, at love, and to find that soulmate. Your forever. The love of your life.

Paisley Logan is drowning. Drowning in sorrow. She just can’t find the how or why to move on. Her husband was taken from her at such a young age. It was their one-year wedding anniversary in fact. How could God be so cruel? All their plans for the future – gone! She’s lost the love of her life. How could anyone even approach her to start dating. She’s not ready. There’s no way that that is going to happen!! Her family feels for her, but she’s still alive. It’s time to start living. When her brother, Keaton, suggests that she go to a widow/widower support group, she simply won’t even hear about it. Is he crazy??

Ben Preston lost his wife, Amy, to cancer after a five year battle. He’s heartbroken, and can’t seem to get passed it. It was painful to see his young wife suffer so acutely. She was such a beautiful and caring person. Why must all the delicate people suffer so? His family wants him to move on too. Start dating. Be more social. But, he’s not ready either. And, when he goes to his regular hang-out bar for his normal Friday night drink, he’s met there by a new customer, David. They become immediate friends and David suggests that he attend the same widow/widower support group on Friday nights. Ben really wants none of that, but what the hell,  it’s Friday, might as well check it out and see what it’s all about.

When Paisley and Ben meet, it’s like magic - pure and simply.They’re attracted to each other, but neither one is willing to take that plunge. Now I’m not going to discuss much more about their relationship because I don’t want to give away much else, but it made me smile. I loved these two characters. They were perfect for each other. And, it’s such a feel-good book. There’s a twist at the end that was wonderful. I really didn’t put two and two together when I was reading this lovely novel because I was just so focused on their love story. But, I will say this, it was totally celestial. Divine. Almost angelic. You will not be disappointed whatsoever!

“Keaton told me once that life is like the ocean. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to ride them. Just like you can’t stop life, but you can learn to live it.” ~ Paisley (Chap. 20)

“I was drowning in my own misery and feeling like I was the only person in the world that this happened to. I’m here tonight to tell you that you will be all right. Your deceased loved ones don’t want you to stop living life after they’re gone. They want you to be at peace and continue to love life like you did when they were alive. Someone once told me to embrace the memories you had with each other. Remember them and let them heal you. We all know that life’s too short to drown ourselves in our own sorrow. Life can, does, and will go on for you. But you have to make the effort to live it right. I am a survivor and so are you.” ~ Paisley (Chap. 42)

This is such a beautiful cover!!!

Review Written, 2/18/15

Emerge (The Greyson-Slade Series, #2) written by Kristin Kitchen (300 pgs) – finished reading 2/17/15 – 5 stars - Romantic Suspense

Another intensely provocative novel by my newest find, Kristin Kitchen. Ms. Kitchen writes romantic suspense fiercely. Her characters are flawed and broken, but they’re strong and brave. Whether male or female, they rise to the occasion. And, with a group of friends that supports and loves them, they know that they will always be protected completely. This was another heartstopping explosive romantic suspense that took my breath away. When Kristy Swain/Kayla Abington meets Ryder Wilson there’s absolutely something there. Ryder finds the need to protect Kayla when something happens at the bar that she works at. But, Ryder finds Kayla shy and reserved. She’s just not his type. There’s more to Kayla, though, then what she actually shows. And, when a health issue occurs that gives Kayla no other option then to ask for help, Ryder and her begin a relationship that threatens all the walls that Kayla has built up around her as a need for protection.

I really liked Ryder and Kayla. They both were damaged individuals, but the two of them together made them a powerhouse couple. She was cautious and composed while Ryder was bossy and confident. They fit together, though, and brought out the best in each other. They needed each other in the best way possible. She was inexperienced in the intimacy department while he was more than seasoned with the knowledge of love-making. She just seemed to follow his lead as he was obviously a skillful teacher. It was passionate and on fire. The understanding between the two was one of powerful euphoria.  Neither thought that they would ever find love again, but it was apparent to both just where their friendship was headed.

Again we find the “girls” crew hanging out and supporting each along with the guys from Greyson-Slade security firm protecting their women. It’s a loving group of friends that has each other’s back totally. The reader is also introduced to Kayla’s young toddler, Jimma, who is cute and promises to bring heart to the story. Ryder completely accepts Jimma as him and Kayla get closer and closer.

I just can’t get enough of this group of friends that are funny, and fearless, and passionate. They really get under your skin and make you want to cheer for them to find their contentment. Find their one and only love. Find home. Another great addition to this amazing series written by Kristin Kitchen.

“Lastly, I learned that blood is not a requirement for someone to be a member of your family. Love is one of the deepest bonds you can ever share with another human being.” ~ Kayla (Chap. 28)

“A single tear streaks down my cheek as I allow the contement of life, love and happiness to settle deep. Life begins again today, as I emerge into the newest chapter of my life.” ~ Kayla (Chap. 28)

Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

“Well, if you knew how much this moment
means to me
And how long I’ve waited for your touch.
And if you knew how happy you’re making me
I never thought that I’d love anyone so much.

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I’m all the way the back where I came
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I’m all the way back where I belong.”


Review Written, 2/18/15

Endure (The Greyson-Slade Series, #1) written by Kristin Kitchen (349 pgs) – finished reading 2/15/15 – 4.5 stars - Romantic Suspense

4.5 Suspenseful Stars!! Edge of your seat thrilling!! Erotically intimate!! Intensely evil!! Well done!!

I knew this was going to be a hard one to put down from the very beginning. From the start it’s evil and edgy. Kat Quincy is a hard-working confident woman. But, it’s her relationship with an abusive boyfriend that pulls her down. She just has to get out of this relationship so she can save herself and not become a statistic. She works with this type of behavior every day. She should know better. So, when she finally breaks down and tells her friends, it’s not without embarrassment and guilt that she does so. What she doesn’t realize is that one of her friends, John, has actually loved her for three years, and he now decides to make it his mission to protect her from harm.

John Greyson is ex-military and now owns his own security company with long-time friend, Rylan Slade. John has had romantic feelings for Kat since he first laid eyes on her three years ago. Unfortunately she was, at one time or another, in a relationship with someone else. John is such a sweetheart of a guy. He’s got wavy black hair and striking gray eyes. And, his body, all 6 ft. 3 inches of him, is stunningly impressive with muscles and tattoos. With those heartstopping dimples, he makes women swoon. According to Kat, though, he’s way too busy with various women, so much so, that her and her friend Maddie nickname all his conquests different flavors of the month in a comical manner.

As Kat’s horrific abuse comes to light, their relationship shifts into a more intimate one. Kat had no idea how John felt about her, and was pleasantly surprised. As much as John promises to protect Kat when her abuser is still running loose, she also vows to protect the ones that she loves when her abuser puts others lives in jeopardy. Her abuser, though, is not working alone and as the story moves along, an unsuspected respected colleague is getting angrier and angrier when things don’t go as planned.

The author did a great job sucking the reader into this suspenseful and enthralling book. I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen in the end. Kat sure did have some horrible shit happen to her. But, she was strong and always the fighter. She also had a fantastic group of friends that had her back every step of the way. And, with a guy like John by her side, she knew she was protected and loved unconditionally. And, who could forget John’s dog, Romeo? He’s such a remarkably safeguarding dog that brought some warm and touching moments to the story. The book was a little long, but the author kept me engaged in Kat and John’s love story totally. I felt that I really could somewhat compare this book to Kristen Ashley’s “Rock Chick” series. Maybe not quite as comical, but the camaraderie amongst friends was obviously apparent. The intimacy between Kat and John was fiery and sensual. And, the climax boasted evil and shock as the intense stand-off was drama at its very best. Impressive debut novel! I won’t hesitate to pick up the next installment in this series, Emerge:)

“Be strong when you are weak
 Be brave when you are scared
 Be humble when you are victorious
 Be badass every day.” ~ Kat (Chap. 13)

“If women didn’t exist,
 all the money in the world
 would have no meaning.” ~ Aristotle Onassis

Review Written, 2/15/15

Friday, February 13, 2015

Breaking Shaun (Breaking Free, #2) written by E.M. Abel (287 pgs) – finished reading 2/1/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Natalie just moved to Virginia from California. When she was young, she was somewhat of a nomad, always moving around with her younger sister and mother. Now at this point of her life, moving to Virginia was an act of trying to save herself. She never had best friends or boyfriends. So, moving to be near her cousin Nick, who she had been close to at one time, seemed like a good plan. Her profession as a bartender didn’t really have her worried about finding a job. So, leaving California was ideal. Natalie is not the type who commits to any one person. She doesn’t do relationships. But, having random sex seemed to take the edge off and fit into her life-style perfectly. She meets Shaun at his sister’s gallery showing. With his tan buff body, long hair, and green eyes she knows he’s trouble and too in control. He’s hardly shy and plays to her obvious explicit exposure. The attraction is totally there, but there’s no way that this would be a one-time f**k. He’s deliciousness on a stick, and with that deep voice and those mesmerizing eyes, she knows that he would push her so far over the edge that she’d never be able find her way back.

Shaun is an extremely confident man. A “no strings” relationship is what he lives by. There’s just too much drama and too many constant headaches when there’s more to it than that. He works for his sister’s husband, Marcus, and loves to surf. He’s satisifed just doing his own thing. But, when he meets Natalie, there’s something there. Something that is raw and primitive between the two. They’re both so not used to wanting someone other than for pleasure. These new feelings that they were experiencing were not normal for either of them, and they were scared. Their relationship was sensual and exciting. Would either one of them admit to their true feelings and possibly take a chance of getting their heart broken?

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this novel! Ms. Abel certainly kept me interested in their love story. It was romantic and passionate. Erotically electric! The intimacy was fiery and intense. Their bond was pure magic! The reader gets glimpses here and there from past characters, Asia and Marcus from Freeing Asia, which only enhances the story’s ability to pull the reader in and keep them captivated. Breaking Shaun was such a feel-good novel. It involved family dynamic, romantic excitement, and emotional insight into what was really paramount at this time in their lives. It was a fun and cute novel as well. Both main characters seemed to fall head-over-heels, which I couldn’t be more happy about. I really liked Shaun and Natalie! Both just put a smile on my face!! Don’t miss reading about their coming together as a remarkable couple within the impressive pages of this book!!

Love the background for the cover!! It looks so tranquil and peaceful!!

Review Written, 2/13/15

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Full Measures written by Rebecca Yarros (374 pgs) – finished reading 1/17/15 – 4 stars - New Adult


Wow! Right from the beginning this is one raw and painful read. A family is devastated from the loss of their beloved father, husband, and son when his life is taken so unexpectantly from his recent military tour. The family is beyond gutted with the news, and it comes down to the oldest daughter, December holding the family together. You will cry from this devastation. I cried from this devastation. It was painful and sad. From the grandmother who had lost her husband and now her son, to the devoted wife with two loving daughters, and his only young son now the only “man” in the took my breath away. It was so obvious just how much this man meant to his family and how much he was truly loved.

There was so much that went on in this novel that I was deeply connected to the story. There was cheating and a past high school crush that became a reality. Intimacy for the first time was explored. Unimaginable heartache and loss was depicted. Grief and loneliness touched lives as well. It was pure hell, but as time went on and the loss was more or less accepted, the healing process began. So mind-boggling of how such a loss affects everyone differently. And, that’s just what this did to this ravaged family. Everyone was affected so differently.

I loved the characters’ names – December (Ember), April, August (Gus), and June. Very creative!! Quite the character young Gus was! He was just too young to really understand the impact of the loss that his father truly had on the entire family. Sure he missed him and was sad, but the kid was a blessing to this suffering family.

But, what about the romance? Well, Josh Walker was Ember’s high school crush. A few years older than her, she never thought that she would have a chance with a guy like him. Experienced. Every girl’s dream. He’s just so magnetic. Delicious. Perfect. At the present time, he is Gus’s hockey coach. He makes his presence known. And, when Ember is devastated over another unforeseen situation, Josh doesn’t hesitate by making his interest in her known. Josh is just everything that Ember needs at the moment. Confident. Protective. But, most of all, a distraction from all the chaos that his been going on around the family. Unfortunately, there’s a secret Josh is keeping that he knows would end their relationship. It somehow is connected in a way to her dad. How does Ember react when the inevitable happens?

Oh, I can’t say enough good things about this novel. It was so sad, but it portrayed a family who eventually came together when they really needed to. Protecting and supporting each other when such a tragic loss destroyed their world. It wasn’t just a romance, but also a novel portraying survival and healing. The love between Ember and Josh was powerful. And, once Ember realized just how compelling it truly was, she knew that her place was with Josh. He was her forever irrevocably so...

He brought my hand over his heart, where the fire in his tattoo began. “I’ll carry it with me, Ember. You.” He tapped my hand against the flames. “Here. Always. It’s you, fire and ice; everything I know that’s December.” ~ Josh (Chap. 25)

“The love that filled this room was the stuff of movies and legends. It was the happy ending of every fairy tale, the epilogue of an epic love story. Epic love stories needed epic loves.” ~ Ember (Chap. 26)

Review Written, 2/11/15

Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel, #1) written by Allie Juliette Mousseau (258 pgs) – finished reading 2/7/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

One woman running with her child from abuse that was not supposed to happen. While a man is in constant pain due to a past split-second decision that changed the course of his young life. These two meet under distressing circumstances, and they’re both attracted to each other. Sophie has not had an easy life. No family to speak of. And, an abusive husband who is out for blood. But, she has her daughter, Charlie, who means the world to her. Josh is a mixed martial arts title holder who works as a firefighter on the side. He’s one awesome male! And, everyone loves him. With a hugely supportive family, and a reputation of being a man-whore, life seems perfect for the beautifully tattooed hottie. But, looks are not everything, and Josh has guilt and regret always in the back of his mind. As the two get to know each and eventually fall in love, it’s the secrets and Sophie’s inability to commit that finally rips them apart. Do they stand a chance to find their way back to each other? And, will Sophie finally trust Josh with her child, her life, and her heart?

This was one quick read. Action, both intimately and suspensefully, were apparently present from the very beginning. Sophie is a survivor. She’s both strong and courageous, and would do anything to protect her daughter. She’s scared, and who could blame her when she’s been looking over her shoulder for the past few years as she keeps one step ahead of a maniac that swears he will kill her and take her child. And, then there’s Josh. Sweet and caring beautifully sculpted, Josh! With those glorious tattoos and that handsome smile, who wouldn’t be caught under his spell?? And, his family is just so supportive and protective. Always there for him every step of the way. When Josh finally tells Sophie his story, she couldn’t help but feel for him. He’s a very passionate man. His actions come from his heart. But, most of all he was seriously devoted to Sophie and her child. Would he understand her story or would he dispise her when he eventually finds out the truth?

Both characters had painful pasts, but they needed each other. Sophie had to realize that not all men couldn’t be trusted. She had to let her guard down somewhat to let Josh in to see the real “Sophie”. The fun and affectionate “Sophie”. Not just the scared and cautious “Sophie”. And, when Josh really got to know her, it was beautifully romantic. Desirous. Intimate. I loved the suspense in the book. I was basically on the edge of my seat not knowing when the climax was going to appear and have both main characters come to their breaking point. Loved both Sophie and Josh along with cute little Charlie too. Her addition just strengthened the meaning of family. So looking forward to spending more time with the guys from Ink and Steel!! This was a great start to a new series that had me engrossed from page one!!
“I’m scared, Dad,” I confess before I get into that car to leave the only home I know. “What if I’m so lost, I can’t find myself ever again?”

He puts an arm around my shoulders and moves in close. “Don’t let the fear defeat you, Josh. We all fall apart, and we all love ourselves in this life. You’ve got to dare to push through the fear. You’ve got to dare to find the broken pieces and put yourself back together. And when you can’t find all the pieces, you have to dare to be stronger, so new ones can grow in their place. That’s when you’ll find your true self and be whole again.”  ~ Josh and His Dad (Chap. 1)

“Do the thing you fear the most.” Mark Twain ~ Josh’s tattoo (Chap. 2)


Review Written, 2/11/15

Friday, February 6, 2015

Country Heaven (Country Love, #1) written by Vicki Green (269 pgs) – finished reading 2/4/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

My 5 star rating goes to Memphis! He’s hot! He’s amazing! But, most of all, he’s a gentleman! Who wouldn’t swoon over this hot cowboy from Montana??

The most sweetest guy you ever want to meet is Memphis Johnson! He’s kind and caring with not a mean bone in his body. As he runs his own farm alone since both his parents’ passing, he decides to help others that are not so fortunate as himself by giving them a place to eat and sleep and in return they can help him out with the farm. He thought it sounded like a great idea and one that his pa would be mighty proud of. Things seem to be going along just fine until he meets wealthy and spoiled Sadie Tisdale. Encountering Sadie was like nothing Memphis ever imagined. She was angry and difficult. Having been sent to the farm by her father because of some trouble she had been in, it was his only hope that she would see what a great big wonderful world was out there. So here she is mad at her father and everyone she came in contact with, spouting off how life was unfair and how dare her father send her to this God forsaken place in the middle of nowhere. But, Memphis just being the absolute gentleman, pays no mind and actually gets a kick out of her. She’s actually very pretty, and he has to hold in his laughter because of her pouting theatrics. What will happen as these two get to know each other? Will Sadie realize that her snobby and ignorant ways are no longer necessary as she grows to appreciate Memphis and the beautiful land that he calls home?

Ah, this was such a beautiful love story. It was tender and sweet, and you could just feel the romance building as the story moved along. Two young people who really just needed each other in order to feel alive again. This novel was not just about the romance, however. There was also some suspense thrown in too with a cast of characters so memorable. Who could forget the wise and heartwarming Mable who welcomed Sadie with open arms? And, what about the renegade, Jag, with his piercings and tattoos who stirs up danger and destruction as he becomes a resident at the farm? Will Sadie survive the whole ordeal when chaos and devastion come knocking on her door? Do Sadie and Memphis stand a chance of finding happiness together?

There was so much going on in this book. From the first page turned my engrossment into this novel was immediate. It kept my attention totally, and I was delighted with quite a few swoon-worthy moments. If all cowboys were like Memphis Johnson, I’d be on my way to Montana pronto! He was a total hunk of deliciousness!! And, when all is said and done, Sadie becomes someone that her father virtually can be proud of. She matures into a smart and confident young woman. A very entertaining read! Now let’s see what Colby Carter is up to when his story is explored in the next installment of this series...

Review Written, 2/6/15

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Halligan to My Axe (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, #2) written by Lani Lynn Vale (351 pgs) – 1/12/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Kettle and Adeline meet under dire circumstances, so she thinks. She smells smoke, and he’s a firefighter. So, who better than he to help her and her litter of renegade housepets out? He’s tall and gorgeous. And, she’s dark and beautiful. The girl made me laugh. She said some of the funniest shit. And, boy was she ever confident. No doubt about it, she was silly!! She was practically drooling everytime she saw Kettle running down the street with that magnificently toned body of his. Jeez, if he ran down my street, I’d be totally salivating too!!

This book seemed more suspenseful than the first, and I totally enjoyed it more. The drama seemed to stem from their personal lives as they both learn about each other’s family backgrounds. While there is serious theatrics within the story, the comical banter between the characters is still bopping along. When the reader is introduced to Addy’s sister, Viddy, it’s comedy times two. TWINS!! They are quite a pair, and even though Viddy has a visual disability, I couldn’t help but laugh at their cheekiness. They just cracked me up!!

The humor was there, but so was the heartache. Kettle suffered a loss in the past that was so tragic. He didn’t know if he could ever get passed it. It was sad. My heart felt for him. And, Addy, her life was far from perfect as well. But, she was a survivor. I could just tell from her personality and outlook on life that she would make something of herself. Kettle and Addy together spelled completeness. Between her sister and his “brothers”, they were loved and cared for unconditionally. They were a captivating couple!

The author enthralls the reader with thrilling intensity and comical foolishness. It was fun and appealing. I was highly entertained in this installment of the series. Two thumbs up to Ms. Vale for making me want to continue to read this series!! I couldn’t recommend it enough!!


Review Written, 2/4/15

Lights to My Siren (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, #1) written by Lani Lynn Vale (383 pgs) – 1/11/15 – 3.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

This was more like a 3.5 star rating for me. I didn’t always agree with some of the things that Sebastian said to Baylee or how he always treated her. His heart was in the right place, but sometimes he was a bit too condescending. Baylee was dealing with some difficult health issues, and I thought that Sebastian could have been a little more understanding and sensitive towards her. But, it is a motorcycle club series, and they tend to be more brusque with their women. Baylee can hold her own, though. She’s smart and funny. The story is written in dual POVs, and each chapter starts off with a cute little quote that was funny. I did find myself shedding some tears when something that’s supposed to be a beautiful moment almost ends up to be tragic. Wow! That was close!! And, the HOT and HEAVY chemistry between the couple was pretty passionate and exciting.

Within the story we’re introduced to the other guys in the club, and they all seem to be just as close as family could be. Loyalty and honesty was key.  The club is made up of cops, firemen, and ex-military personnel, which is a totally different take on MC books written now. This wasn’t shadowed in the gritty MC sort of way. It was different – more romantic and family oriented I would say. I pretty much enjoyed the story. I just had a some issues with Sebastian. But, Baylee was a fantastic character! She really rose to the occasion! And, Sebastian’s son, Johnny, what a hoot!!!

Looking forward to reading the next installment to this series...


Review Written, 2/4/15

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Books Read in January, 2015

Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell (Neighbor from Hell, #4) –  written by R.L Mathewson

Chasing Serenity (Seeking Serenity, #1) – written by Eden Butler

Noah and Me – written by Beckie Stevenson

One Night Stand – written by J.S. Cooper

Bull (Fall Away, #1) – written by Penelope Douglas

Drops of Rain (Hale Brothers, #1) – written by Kathryn Andrews

Starless Nights (Hale Brothers, #2) – written by Kathryn Andrews

Lights to My Siren (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, #1) – written by Lani Lynn Vale

Halligan to My Axe (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, #2) – written by Lani Lynn Vale

Until You (Fall Away, #2) – written by Penelope Douglas

Dylan (Inked Brotherhood, #4) – written by Jo Raven

Full Measures – written by Rebecca Yarros

Winter (Four Seasons, #1) – written by Frankie Rose

Crazy Good – written by Rachel Robinson

High Strung (Power Station, #1) – written by T. Gephart

Post Breakup Sex (Copperline, #1) – written by Sibylla Matilde

Undersold (City’s Secrets, #1) – written by B.B. Hamel

Three, Two, One (321) – written by J.A. Huss

CRAZY GOOD written by Rachel Robinson