Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Romance Books Releasing May 30-31, 2016

Only For A Night (Lick, #1) written by Naima Simone – 5/30/16

Shameless (Playboys in Love, #1) written by Gina L. Maxwell – 5/30/16

Learning Curves (Novella) written by Cathryn Fox – 5/30/16

One Good Reason (Boston Love, #3) written by Julie Johnson – 5/30/16

Demand (Careless Whispers, #2) written by Lisa Renee Jones – 5/31/16

Torn (Lost, #4) written by Cynthia Eden – 5/31/16

Ransom (Dead Man’s Ink, #3) written by Callie Hart – 5/31/16

Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, #2) written by Lisa Kleypas – 5/31/16

Murder (Sinful Secrets, #2) written by Ella James – 5/31/16

The Anatomy of Jane (WJM, #1) written by Amelia LeFay – 5/31/16

Grin and Beard It (Winston Brothers, #2) written by Penny Reid – 5/31/16

Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane, #10) written by Elizabeth Hoyt – 5/31/16

Hooker written by J.L. Perry – 5/31/16

Dirty Love (Dirty Girl Duet, #2) written by Meghan March – 5/31/16

Empire (Eagle Elite, #7) written by Rachel Van Dyken – 5/31/16

The Ghost (Highland Guard, #12) written by Monica McCarty – 5/31/16

Everywhere and Every Way (Billionaire Builders, #1) written by Jennifer Probst – 5/31/16

Stacked Up (Worth the Fight, #6) written by Sidney Halston – 5/31/16

Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers, #1) written by Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller – 5/31/16

Under the Surface (Alpha Ops, #4) written by Anne Calhoun – 5/31/16

Hold You Against Me (Stripped, #4) written by Skye Warren – 5/31/16

The Wicked Duke (Wicked Trilogy, #3) written by Madeline Hunter – 5/31/16

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Right To Remain written by Beth Rinyu (336 pgs) – finished reading 5/25/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Suspense)

A Right To Remain was a beautiful book written about taking second chances. Quinn Lavery is on the brink of getting a divorce from his obnoxious and heartless wife. At the time of a most harrowing moment, she does the unspeakable and he just can’t get passed it. She’s just one of those types of people who look down on others and is just so consumed with herself. And, here’s Lacey Sullivan who suffered through one of the most horrific traumas of her young life. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to claim her life back after something so tortuous was taken from her. She takes a chance on changing her life, though, and moves to another town trying to start over. When she meets Quinn, her new landlord, their relationship starts off on a friendly note. The longer they know each other, however, she knows without a doubt that Quinn is starting to mean more to her than just a cordial interest. There’s most assuredly chemistry between the couple. But, Lacey considers herself to be the other woman and guilt eats at her. Quinn, though, couldn’t be more sweet and caring as he tries to prove to Lacey that his marriage is over, and his heart belongs to only her. Will they be able to get through all the roadblocks that seem to hinder them from getting further along in their relationship?

Boy, this one will knock your socks off! There were a few occasions that I was totally floored with the secrets that were revealed. I just didn’t see the unexpected coming, and I was shocked beyond belief. Wow! I can’t tell you how much I love a good mystery and this one totally hit it out of the park with suspense. Complete surprise was definitely a factor as I gasped out loud! My kids were like “what are you reading? We’ve never heard you talking so loud like that when you’re reading a book. It must be really good.” OMG, was it ever! This one will keep you on the edge of your seat! Not much else I can say without giving away spoilers, but this was one of the best books of this year that I’ve read. The romance also is there in its beauty and reverie. It was so intriguing how these two wounded individuals found each other. It really was an amazing story! Ms. Rinyu really outdid herself with this one! Another great read that had me so engrossed within its pages...

And, as you read this book, and come upon this quote, it will absolutely make you tear up as Lacey realizes how strong she is to now accept the past and move ahead with the future.

“I realize now that my heart is big enough to hold love for more than one person. You gave me my happily, and he will give me my ever after.” ~ Lacey (Chap. 42)

Review Written, 5/26/16

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Connected (Broken, #2) written by A.E. Murphy (387 pgs) – finished reading 5/10/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Dark)

As the story of Gwen and Nathan continues, the pair are now faced with their attraction building for each other. Nathan, though, gives Gwen mixed vibes on and off as to what his true feelings towards her are. And, Gwen doesn’t know whether or not to take a chance on him. He’s just so hot and cold. More secrets are revealed as their story unfolds. There is even more angst and darkness that surrounds this couple. The writing from the author is even more fantastic than the first book, if that can be possible. She delves deep into the crevices of Nathan’s mind to create such an exceptional character. He’s just so broken, but he’s becoming more willing to trust Gwen. But, Gwen goes and breaks one of his rules and he’s livid. Gwen now is faced with a huge decision. Where to go?? It was painful to watch as she abandons their relationship and heads elsewhere. It’s time to get her life back and depend on herself. But, at what price will she pay for leaving Nathan?

Again, I was just mesmerized with Ms. Murphy’s writing. It’s strong and passionate as she tells Gwen and Nathan’s story. It’s a roller coaster of a ride as their desire intensifies regardless of their pasts. Nathan’s want for Gwen is powerful, but he knows that he is not good for her. And, Gwen just can’t shake the guilt that is always weighing heavy in her mind. Will they ever find their way back to each other? Or has too much damage been done and cruel words exchanged to salvage their relationship? I loved their story even though it was so painful to read. The characters were driven and the story was intensity at its very best. And, that epilogue was to die for! I was happy for this couple. They deserved to be happy after all the pain and suffering that they had gone through to get this point in their lives. It was a perfect ending to an enthralling tale! Can’t recommend reading these two books more highly...

Review Written, 5/24/16

Broken (Broken, #1) written by A.E. Murphy (368 pgs) – finished reading 5/9/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Dark)

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this book. It had everything a reader looks for as I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by all the intrigue and intensity that kept me entertained. This book will sadden you when you get about through to the first quarter. And, it will gut you when you finally get to the ending. Man, tears galore came so many times as I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Magnificent piece of writing from such a young author!

So, I like that this a long book. So, much heartache is present. The author does not skimp on the amount of angst in this story, and it’s a doozie of a ride. Romance starts off the book, but of course it’s not what it seems. It’s beautiful from the beginning until a situation poses itself unexpected. This creates friction and trouble for the young couple, which eventually leads to a unbelievably painful horror occurring. And, here’s where the tears begin. So unexpected. So sad. So sorrowful. But, rescue does come knocking on the door eventually. And, it’s met with relief and hope.

I don’t want to say much more because you should go into this story blind. But, I will say that within the pages of this amazing book the character development was brilliant. I have never read a book that depicted a man as complex as Nathan. He was so broken and the phobias that he encounters every day just consume his ability to function on a daily basis. They take over his life, and it is only with Gwen finally entering his world that he begins to question and somewhat let down those walls of his grieving prison that he has erected to protect the horror of his past. One engaging novel not to be missed!

This does end in somewhat of a cliffhanger, but book two is out so I can go on from here...

Review Written, 5/24/16

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hetch (Men of S.W.A.T., #1) written by River Savage (361 pgs) – finished reading 5/12/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Liam Hetcherson works as a SWAT team leader. He’s full of humor and life. But, he’s also broken after having witnessing a family member taking their own life. This stays with him and he can’t shake it. Waking up with nightmares more nights than not, he suffers from PTSD. It’s not good for the job he’s in, and it’s just not good for him.

Liberty Jenson loves her job. She works as a youth counselor at a boys’ group home. She’s not always had the best luck with relationships. And, after her last boyfriend cheats on her, she’s giving up men for six months. Let me know how that works out! When she first encounters “Hetch”, allbeit through her paper thin wall as she’s having a private moment with her very own personal orgasmic pleasurement toy, she’s totally mortified. What must he think of her, even though he’s had his fill in the sex department as he’s paraded numerous woman in and out of his apartment night after night? As they get to know each other after finally meeting face to face at the local bar, Hetch just knows that she’s different than the rest and can’t get her off of his mind. And, Liberty, still has that celibacy declaration of six months hanging over her head. Should she take a chance on Hetch and abandon her current status of sexual tension?

Oh, boy, this was one HOT book! These two really get it on, and it’s explosive! I had to laugh at some of the things that they got caught doing. Yikes! Embarrassment city!! But, besides the off-the-charts sex, there’s a real story here. It mostly concerns Hetch and his past, but Liberty is right there helping him cope with the after effects. She’s definitely a smart and caring young woman. While Hetch through time accepts her help, it’s the way that they finally get to that step that climaxes within the story. It’s sad and painful to read, but it just fortifies their current relationship more. Two great characters that had a loving support system with friends and family as they went through some pretty heavy life-altering circumstances.. This was a great book to start off the series! Looking forward to the next book in the series...

“I realize I can do anything when I’m with you, sweetheart. The darkness seems a little less dark, the pain is a little more manageable, and the clutter...the clutter fades and what’s left behind is the beauty of the moment. So yes, I know it’s soon. But you’re mine, and I’m not letting you go ever again.” ~ Hetch (Chap. 42)

Review Written, 5/19/16

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Leaving Her Mark (Leaving Marks, #2) written by T.A. McKay (236 pgs) – finished reading 5/16/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

As Gabe sees his life slipping away, he knows that he will never be the man that is good enough for Rhys. He’s trouble just like his dad, and he has to get her to see this. He refuses to see her time and time again, but Rhys is one determined and stubborn girl. And, when she makes a deal with the devil, how will this affect Gabe and Rhys’ relationship?

As if this couldn’t be more intriguing than the first book! It pulls you in and doesn’t let go as Gabe and Rhys’ relationship teeters back and forth throughout the book. It’s filled with ups and downs as heartache and drama promises to keep the reader engaged until the final page is turned. Rhys does something that is pretty bold and just proves to me that she is one courageous young woman. She’s bound and determined to keep her man more than ever. Gabe is her forever, and she’s hellbent on seeing that through til’ he’s back in her arms to stay. And, Gabe, he just seems so confused and giving up just seems to be the only answer. Oh, poor Gabe! He just was trying to protect his woman, and now look at the mess he’s in.

I loved this couple! The chemistry is there, and they’re perfect together. They understand each other, and they can relate because their pasts were both traumatic and painful. Their best friend, Clay, is still around to protect and support both Gabe and Rhys. He’s one true friend that will always have their back no matter what. I’m so glad to hear that he will be getting his own book in the future. I’m sure that it will be one wild ride!

This duet of books was fantastic! Another new author that I discovered and will keep on my radar for the future. She just had me entertained from start to finish. The story kept me on my toes while the characters proved to be creatively impressive. One book not to be missed!!

“Music starts to play through the overhead speakers and I remember the playlist well, it’s the one I played when I gave Rhys her tattoo. The memory makes me smile and I realise how far we have both come and how happy we are together. That day in this shop I left my mark on her but little did I know that she was leaving her mark on me.” ~ Gabe (Epilogue)

Review Written, 5/18/16

Leaving His Mark (Leaving Marks, #1) written by T.A. McKay (224 pgs) – finished reading 5/14/16 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

4.5 star rating

Oh, that prologue gets you right from the beginning. You know that with an opening that is so troubling, this was going to be one emotional ride! Two amazing characters that were stronger than they thought deal with a psychotic stalker and trauma from their past. Told in alternating POV’s, it’s a story of love that comes together as two friends spend more time with each other and realize that their feelings go much deeper than just friendship. But, are they willing to take a chance on more knowing that if it doesn’t work out it could jeopardize their current relationship?

This ended up to be one race against time read. Not knowing who the despicable stalker was just thrilled me. I had an idea, but I wasn’t 100% sure. And, when it was confirmed, he/she was a great villain that added mystery and suspense to the story. The person was just so creepy and their behavior was just so off. There also were some side characters that were fantastic that actually made the book more exciting – Clay, the loyal and supporting best friend – David, Gabe’s dad, that was such a disturbing and violent man – and, Carter, Rhys’ friend that she works with that wants to be so much more. And, then we have the two main characters – Gabe and Rhys. Gabe with his disturbing and abusive past is nothing but one sweetheart of a guy. He’s loyal and compassionate, but so thinks he’s not worthy of Rhys. And, with his tragic past, he’s so afraid that he has violent tendencies like his dad. He’s scared of what could happen if his temper emerges. And, Rhys she suffers from nightmares that are abusive both mentally and physically from an ex-boyfriend. He was just so violent and demeaning. Treating her with venomous aggression as he punishes her repeatedly while stealing her lust for life. My heart really broke for these two damaged individuals - bringing tears to my eyes quite a number of times.

The author created such a moving story that included passion and heartache. It was emotionally challenging to read as walls were broken down from past trauma and trust was established wholeheartedly. I enjoyed Gabe and Rhys’ story immensely. The only problem I had was there seemed to be words missing throughout the book. The spelling is more of the English version with the occurence of “ou” instead of just “o” and “z” instead of “s” leaving me to realize that this author is not American, which I have no problem with. It just bothered me a bit that words were missing, and this book was edited. I don’t know maybe it’s just me. I wonder if other readers felt the same way. So, anyway, I still would suggest reading this book because the story was engaging, the characters were amazing, and my oh my, the intimacy was steamy and HOT! Sizzling! On fire! Totally panty-melting!

And, BTW, there is a cliffhanger...

Review Written, 5/18/16

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sex Addict written by Blaire Blaine & Ella Frank (297 pgs) – finished reading 4/28/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

This book was so much more than I expected it to be! I had no idea where the authors would really take this book since the blurb was not full of information. We know the hero’s name and that he’s a sex addict, but that’s about it. The book starts off pretty scorching. Two people definitely into each other. But, both of their rules are that they’re with the person only once. No repeats!! But, they find themselves lusting after one another long after they’ve said goodbye. There has to be something stronger here.

Evan James had a great job. He’s smart, attractive, and such a lady killer. But, he gets involved with the wrong woman and loses everything. When he gets an interview for a job so he can start putting his life back in order, he just can’t say no. And, low and behold, he’s hired on the spot. It’s a set-up, though, from people in his past who want nothing more from him than just to help. His new boss, however, is one huge blast from the past. Evan eventually realizes it as these two find it harder and harder to refrain from getting involved once again.

Holy s**t Batman!! I didn’t see that coming!! Like I always say, it’s the unpredictability that keeps this reader so invested in the story. When I don’t see a reveal coming, it just makes me further intrigued. And, this was absolutely one interesting book. Of course, you have a cast of great characters, some engaging storylines, and a romance that is passionate and erotic. The whole sexual addiction theme was not just brushed over. The authors describe to what extent Evan suffers from and what therapy he decides to partake in along with how his healing progresses throughout the book. So, it’s not dealt with lightly. We also get more acquainted with his boss, Reagan, as their relationship takes on a whole new meaning.

This was such an eye-opening story as I’m sure that the authors did their research to make Evan’s addiction believable. Both main characters suffered with confidence I felt. They both needed reassurance that they meant something. And, when they came together time after time, their chemistry was amazing! It was just the lies and the deceit that would keep them apart. Will they ever figure out that they were meant to be together and it was just misunderstandings that kept getting in the way?

This was just one thrilling ride! So much heartache that lead to difficult situations. The banter between the two was exciting! The coffee cup notations were cute! And, when it came down to it, Evan was just a man needing reassurance that he was worth something and Reagan was just the woman to make him feel that. So, much more to this book than just sex. It was really a more moving story as I got deeper into the book. And, I was happy to give it a shot because I really enjoyed it!!

Review Written, 4/30/16

The Slam written by Haleigh Lovell (280 pgs) – finished reading 4/23/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

You will love this one! One of my favorites of the year! Both main characters were fabulous! And, their close relationship was just perfect! Hope to see more of this pair in the future! There were a few things that I just felt were left unanswered for me. So, I hope the author visits with them once again. That’s why I rated this 4.5 stars.  I thought the book ended a little too abruptly, and I was left scratching my head.That’s it? That’s how it ended??

But anyway, the writing was just brilliant. Ms. Lovell portrayed an individual on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome spot-on. The character of Adelaide Vikander was quirky and funny while she took everything so literal. She just spoke her mind trying to fit in. That was her biggest fear. She didn’t want to be the strange one. The different one. And, when she comes to the U.S. from Australia to attend college and live with two old friends from the past, she’s introduced to the college life.

Ender Hemsworth is the big man on campus. Frat house president, tennis genius, and all the chicks flock to him. When Adelaide comes to live with him, she weaves herself into his life with her ability to speak honestly and openly. He’s amazed by her and how she handles being different. Her innocence makes her special, and Ender sees this. Adelaide is a natural athlete, and when she offers to train him on the weekends, Ender is impresed with her ability to strive for excellence. These two are just so cute and charming together. Ender becomes very protective of Adelaide, and when she decides she wants to date, Ender is not the happiest about it. This is where I think their relationship starts to change. Ender just doesn’t see her as the family friend anymore. There is definitely a different type of feeling there.

This was abolutely one of those stories that is uplifting in a unique sort of a way. It gives hope to the “different” that some way they can fit in as they struggle to find needed confidence and loyalty. It was truly a comical, sexy, and most entertaining story. And, oh, I love pizza too!!

What is it like? To be you.” ~ Ender

“Gosh, it’s not easy to put into words. It’s almost like trying to explain red to a blind person.” ~ Adelaide

Try me.” ~ Ender

“Do you mind if I use an analogy?” ~ Adelaide

“Use whatever you want.” ~ Ender

“Thank you. When you look at a painting, you probably see the whole picture. You see the finished product. When I look at a painting, I see the stages from start to finish. And I see every detail...the lines and forms, the lights and shadows, the tiny brush strokes, the different layers. I see the contrast of colors, the saturation, and I see the work invested in it and I want to know more. I want to ask the artist how she got the concept for the painting. I want to know more about the artist herself so I can understand what she’s trying to convey with each brush stroke. I want to know the mindset she was in when she was working on her art piece. Above all, I want to know the story behind the painting.”  ~ Adelaide (Conversation comes from Chap. 17)

Review Written, 4/30/16


The Best I Could written by R.K. Ryals – 4 stars

Stripped written by Allie Juliette Mousseau – 5 stars

Intent written by A.D. Justice – 3.5 stars

Awaken Me (The Jaded, #4) written by Alex Grayson – 5 stars

Bang (Black Lotus, #1) written by E.K. Blair – 5 stars

Echo (Black Lotus, #2) written by E.K. Blair – 5 stars

Hush (Black Lotus, #3) written by E.K. Blair – 3 stars

Teach Me To Live written by Alannah Carbonneau – 5 stars

Counting Stars (Donnelley Brothers, #1) written by Alannah Carbonneau – 4 stars

Beautiful Distraction written by J.C. Reed – 4.5 stars

A Safe Surrender (Donnelley Brothers, #2) written by Alannah Carbonneau – 4 stars

Never Sweeter (Dark Obsession, #2) written by Charlotte Stein – 5 stars

Taking Chances (Donnelley Brothers, #3) written by Alannah Carbonneau – 4.5 stars

Caught Up In You (Caught Up, #1) written by Colee Firman – 4.5 stars

The Slam – Haleigh Lovell – 4.5 stars

Crazy Stupid Love (Crazy Stupid, #1) written by Melissa Toppen – 5 stars

Magnificent Bastard written by Lili Valente – 4 stars

Sex Addict written by Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank – 4 stars

A Dare With Consequences (Dare To Love Series) written by Wendy S. Marcus – 5 stars

Bring Me Back written by Macalea Smeltzer – 4 stars

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ocean (Damage Control, #5) written by Jo Raven (250 pgs) – finished reading 5/1/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Another amazing book written by Jo Raven! I couldn’t put it down! Her characters, though flawed they may be, are lovable and so strong. Each male has had a difficult up-bringing. All they want to do is have a family and fit in. And, each female is brave and true. They want everything for their man. And, they’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that they realize how much they are wanted and loved. Ocean and Kayla’s story is no different than the rest. Both wanting that special love but not thinking that they deserve it. I loved both Ocean and Kayla! Ocean just trying to be the helpful one. Always putting others before himself. And, Kayla, wanting to find that special person. That forever sort of love. And, she thinks that Ocean can be that for her. He’s just such a good person, and she needs for him to feel that. She wants to be the one to take care of him for a change. And, he’s over-the-top fascinated by her. Her feisty and playful personality makes her a treasure to him. And, when they finally get together, will the sparks fly? Will Ocean see fireworks from all that feeling that Kay has built up inside her just for him? Will he get it that he is worthy of her love??

Jo Raven pulls you right into the story from the amazing cover to the first words read off page one right through to the amazing finale. The reader gets a glimpse into a family of friends’ lives that are special and loyal. The guys and their babes are honest and are there for each other through thick and thin. It always gets to me how this bunch of friends support each other. They laugh together. They curse together – pretty dirty with humor I might add...chuckle. And, they believe in each other. And, Ocean and Kayla’s story is filled with humor but also sadness. Especially when Ocean is really taken for a ride by people that he should have no problem trusting. He is beyond destroyed when these two people really snow him. But, the truth is the truth and the sooner that he accepts it then he will be able to move on. With a brother who finally comes around, to Kayla that is always waiting in the wings, and his group of friends that just prove over and over that they got his back, he just knows that this is where he’s meant to be. Can’t wait for more Jo Raven books. This is one author that when her books are released I get my nose embedded in the pages ASAP! Never one to be disappointed with a Jo Raven book...

“Because love was broken” I whisper. “I was trying to put it back together and failing every single time. But I’d draw you, Kay. The whole of you. You put love back together. You put me back together so I could love you.” ~ Ocean (Chap. 24)

And, her book covers are always fine to look at...

Review Written, 5/3/16

Never Sweeter (Dark Obsession, #2) written by Charlotte Stein (262 pgs) – finished reading 4/20/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

So, you go away to college, and who do you see, but the person you despise most. The person who used to bully you all the time in high school. How can this possibly happen? Letty was never the popular one. Never the prettiest one. She was nerdy with curves, and Tate the star wrestling champ, just knew how to make her feel worthless. With every negative comment and all his taunting and tormenting, he took away her confidence. Now that they are in college, Tate wants to put that in the past. So, he apologizes to Letty and wants her to trust him. How can she do that when he was partly to blame for an accident that could have cost Letty her life? Is he really sincere about his motive or is he sucking her into a sick game?? As she gives Tate that chance to redeem himself that he so desperately wants, she can’t help but be leery of his true intent.

This was my first Charlotte Stein book, and a lot of it seemed over-the-top. But, that’s okay because I read for the entertainment of it all. It doesn’t always have to make sense or be believable. I could deal with the Pringles can. It was funny!! I could deal with the V-card, which I was surprised at.  And, I could deal with him being 6’5” and big all over. Who wouldn’t want a guy big and powerful? That’s the glory of reading! The fact that you find yourself so immersed in a book that you just can’t put it down is enjoyment at its best. The hero appears to redeem himself in a sort of stunning way as Letty turns the tables and becomes the deceitful one.  In order for their relationship to move on, she needed closure from the past. She needed to know the truth. Letty ended up to be a more stronger person in the end than she gave herself credit for.

The author writes some pretty HOT scenes. Whew! Things were a bit naughty here for two college kids. And, as they are paired up for a class project on sex in the cinema, it only makes their sexual intimacy more intense and experimental. And, holy crap, more erotic!!

Tate just really had a lot to convince Letty of as she tries to believe that he has changed. Will he ever be able to prove that he is a better person? Will the once insecure Letty fall for the guy who was in the past her most hateful enemy? The person who relentlessly bullied her in high school? As everything is finally brought out into the open when the novel gets closer towards the end, Letty just might be surprised as to just how sorry and remorseful from guilt Tate really is...

And, the guy on the front cover, holy freakin’ cow!!!

Review Written, 4/30/16