Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bone Deep written by Bonnie Dee (218 pgs) – finished reading 7/5/15 – 4 stars - Historical Romance

Lately I’ve been hitting all the sad stories, but this one is one of triumph and newfound happiness. What starts out as an unwanted visit to the traveling carnival has widow Sarah Cassidy questioning how unfair life is after she had gained entrance to the tent showcasing the freaks. Her eyes land on the beautifully decorative man covered in brilliantly colored ink that adorns his entire body. She is as intrigued as she is aroused with desire. The man, paying no attention to Sarah, seemed lost. Disconnected. But, it’s what happens later, when she finds herself face to face with this obscure man, that she begins to find strength to live again.

This was a beautiful story that took place in the 1940s with two courageous characters. The author portrayed people at their worst as judgment and harsh criticism came into play. But, with a strong woman willing to take a stand for what she believes in her heart to be love, she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind for another chance at happiness. And, Tom, the beautifully tattooed man that wiggles a place into her broken heart, he was just so broken and torn as to what to do that’s right for himself and Sarah. She was so willing to put herself out there to take a stand for him and their relationship. But, was it right for her to be shunned from the townspeople just so he could be part of her life? Or did the choice to leave her so that she could live in peace from ridicule and contempt come at a price for his happiness also?

Two lost individuals who fall in love just when all hope is lost to find acceptance and love. This was a wonderful portrayal of the old saying “that there’s someone out there for everyone”. I adored this book! I just wish that it was a little longer to include how their lives turned out after that unexpected surprise has finally arrived. My second Bonnie Dee book read, and it was excellent!!

What a glorious cover captured!! One where the cover depicts the male described within the pages as I envisioned...

Review Written, 7/20/15

Easy Silence written by Beth Rinyu (254 pgs) – finished reading 7/20/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

So this one was easily going to be a 4-star read for me until that ending! Holy crap! Was I dreaming too??? Or did I just read that ending?? Now I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I’ll just leave you with the thought of “I was so not prepared for that at all”!!! What are the odds of that occurring? It totally gutted me. And, I’ve read over the last two chapters a few times. And, man the tears! Total sobfest for me!! Does it have a “happily ever after”? That depends on what your definition is on “happily ever afters”.

“Most people want the people they love to live forever, no matter how much pain and suffering they’re in, just because they’re not prepared to let them go. I get it...I mean, you think once this person is gone, then you’ll never see them again. But in reality, isn’t quality of life better than quantity? Let’s face it, we are all gonna die someday. That’s the whole reason we are born, so why prolong it?” – Jaxson (Chap. 6)

So the story begins with Samantha spending the summer to visit her grandmother, and as she’s in the water at the beach the tide is bringing her out further and further into the ocean. She thinks “yup” this is her life’s demise when she is lifted out from the water by a mysterious stranger. Jaxson is everything that Sam should stay away from. Dark and silent. But, goregous to look at. Standoffish. Keeping mostly to himself. But, he is hiding a past full of painful memories that has broken him far beyond fixing. He doesn’t want Sam to get a glimpse inside his troubled soul. But, she sees him as so much more than other people. He’s kind and caring. Passionate. Intelligent and speaks his mind. And, he totally gets her too. Their connection is undescribable. Kismet!

“No one knows him like I do, Jewel. He’s just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. And, I know it may sound crazy, I have to admit it does even to me, because it’s only been a couple of months...but I really do love him.” – Sam (Chap. 16)

But, when old secrets are divulged that involve Sam’s father, Jaxson’s father, Sam, and Jaxson surface, it’s just too hard for Jaxson to face them. So he abandons Sam and all their promises. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe that he would do that to her! I was kind of mad at him for just leaving like that, but I can sort of understand why. He was just hurting so much, and decided that he had to get his s**t together before he brought Sam down anymore into his horrible f**ked-up life.

This was just one of those books that I was totally surprised with. There was no way that I would have thought that this book would have been such an emotional ride from the way it started out. Bad boy meets good girl. One changes the other. How does it usually end? With a “happily ever after” – right? Well, this one did end, but with a HEA? That’s definitely debatable!!

Check out Ms. Rinyu’s newest release! It will blow your mind and seriously have you thinking after that mind-blowing ending. You will not be disappointed with this amazing book!! Stellar writing. Emotional storyline. Character driven plot. And, unpredictable ending that I no way saw coming!!! Magnificent!!!

Review Written, 7/24/15

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To all the people who follow my reviews, I apologize for not posting any lately. I've been reading so much that there just has not been enough time to write the reviews. I will post, though, the books that I have read this month and how I rate them. Hopefully, in August I will have some time to write how I feel about each book.

Bone Deep written by Bonnie Dee - 4 stars

All of Me (All of Me, #1) written by Gina Sorelle - 5 stars

Not You It's Me written by Julie Johnson - 4.5 stars

Make Me Believe (Believe, #1) written by Karen Ferry - 4 stars

Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men, #1) written by Linda Kage - 5 stars

To Professor, with Love (Forbidden Men, #2) written by Linda Kage - 4 stars

Be My Hero (Forbidden Men, #3) written by Linda Kage - 3.5 stars

Easy Silence written by Beth Rinyu - 5 stars

Color Me Crazy (Rock 'n' Spin, #1) written by Carol Pavliska - 5 stars

Mr. Wright Now (Wild Card, #1) written by Alannah Carbonneau - 3.5 stars

Mr. Wright Forever (Wild Card, #2) written by Alannah Carbonneau - 4.5 stars

Slade (Walk of Shame, #1) written by Victoria Ashley - 4 stars

The Deal (Off-Campus, #1) written by Elle Kennedy - 5 stars

The Mistake (Off-Campus, #2) written by Elle Kennedy - 4 stars

Monday, July 13, 2015

All of Me (All of Me, #1) written by Gina Sorelle (271 pgs) – finished reading 7/7/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

7/7/15 – Jeez, I love this story! Beautiful! Stella and Nathan were meant to be. Have to think about what to write for this review, but I loved both main characters!!! This one hit me real hard...


7/13/15 - This book undoubtedly stole my heart! So phenomenal were this author’s characters that I was blown away by their strength and charisma as they survived life’s hard knocks. One, feisty as all hell Italian woman, lives to protect her friends and family as her health could be in jeopardy once again. While the other, tough as nails Polish male just hanging on by a thread, fights to forget the past and punishes himself relentlessly for being weak and not protecting his family from darkness when they needed him the most. Both main characters picted my interest as the author told their stories. Slowly as she let the reader into their lives bit by bit, heartache is definitely apparent. This is not a book to be read lightly. Yes, there are some humorous moments, but darkness comes to light as the reader is devulged some horrifying truths. It’s sad and painful to read at times. And, the tears did come. Oh, did they come! And, that climax? Wow! It was heartbreaking! I cried a river, and boy was I mad at him!! But, did everything work out in the end you might ask? Just read it! You will love this novel just as much as I did! The feisty ER nurse who meets the one man who can tame her as she proves to this stubborn brooding ex-military/cop that he is worthy of love and forever. They were perfect together! They really needed each other, and Ms. Sorelle made it happen. It was writing at it’s best! I had no idea what was going to happen coming into this book, but what did happen made me smile!!! It was a feel-good book when all was said and done...

“Stella, you saved me. Seriously, I was dead inside before I met you and I know I would have stayed that way. You never gave up on me even when you should have. You love me unconditionally and help me see the good in myself. You are my best friend, and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” – Nathan (Chap. 34)

“You saved me too. You made me feel beautiful when I thought that was impossible. You put up with all of my BS and antics and dramatics and love me anyway. And, you are my best friend and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” – Stella (Chap. 34)

Review Written, 7/13/15

Not You It’s Me written by Julie Johnson (377 pgs) – finished reading 7/9/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

7/9/15 - 4.5 star rating – only because I need a little more erotic smut in my books, and it would have been nice to have an epilogue. What are Chase and Gemma up to now that they finally declared their love for each other?

7/13/15 - This was my second Julie Johnson read, and it did not disappoint! Her characters are strong, independent, and vibrant individuals with a resilient sense of confidence and vitality. Two individuals meet under humiliating circumstances that push them together awkwardly. So what do they do? They act on it as good sports. Gemma’s friends are either married or in serious relationships, but she’s not ready for that yet. While Chase’s past history with love has been nothing but lies and deceit. Both main characters are hugely attracted to each other. They’ve both been hurt in the past, and are they willing to take another chance at possibly being hurt again from the one person that means the most? We shall see. There’s some ugly secrets too hanging around waiting to come out. Some pretty conniving and underhanded truths that could possibly put their relationship in jeopardy. And, given the despicable deeds that were construed to carry out these cruel actions, this couple will have to believe in each other to test their relationship’s strength.

Gemma had some pretty solid friends. Friends that would stick their neck out for one another. They just didn’t want her to be alone, and they didn’t hesitate to let her know it – pretty comically I might add. The suspense of the novel was very surprising. I really didn’t think that her former boyfriend had it in him to stoop so low. He just didn’t seem the type. So, that was very surprising to me, which I enjoyed! Chase’s cousin, Brett, was just as evil as they came. Only fitting that he was knocked down a few pegs! And, Chase’s parentage, I was floored with that also.  Another detail that had me thrown! My favorite scene, though, is the one at the basketball game. So outrageously funny, but romantically epic! And, it really showed me just what both Gemma and Chase were all about.

Ms. Johnson created a love story that was both intriguing and poignant from page one. Loved both main characters! They were fun and energetic! Sarcastic with humor. Protective and loyal, and their love for each other was passionate and exquisite! Another Julie Johnson gem to delight in, which is a standalone-no-cliffhanger-series-type book. Just that fact alone I can’t help but gush about!

Props to that cover also!!!

Review Written, 7/13/15

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sloth (Sinful Secrets, #1) – written by Ella James (336 pgs) – finished reading 6/27/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

My God, that was one intense read! I’m totally wiped out after reading this one. Best book that I’ve read so far this year! I need some time to collect my thoughts before I write my review! S**t, the last time I think I cried so much was when I read Me Before You written by Jojo Moyes. This was a bit more sexually graphic with some drug use depicted, though. But, it was outrageously riveting! So many questions. So many secrets. And, the way it was written was simply brilliant! Can’t gush about this anymore than the effort and imagination the author put into it. Crazy amazing read!!! Still sitting here stunned...

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even as I read the epilogue, until I turn the final page, I’m totally wrecked. So unpredictable, which I absolutely love!!!! Loved both main characters, Kellan and Cleo. Both are strong, vibrant, confident young adults. Their love story is epic!!! Heartbreaking. Mind-blowing. Withstanding sadness. Agonizing sadness. I’m just going to go with utter devastation. So many coincidences just pushing these two together. They’re meant to “be”, but does it last? When all is said and done, is their future together a “forever”? You will not be disappointed by this exceptional story narrated by both Kellan and Cleo painting their destiny. It’s cataclysmic! Dynamic! Soul-rendering and off-the-charts passionate!

“Unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense.” – E.E. Cummings

Review Written, 6/28/15

Raze (Scarred Souls, #1) written by Tille Cole (256 pgs) – finished reading 6/21/15 – 5 stars - Contempoary Romance (Dark)

Wow! That was one totally dark romance. I loved it, and I loved Raze/Luka! He was such an amazing character! Damaged. Broken. Lost in so much pain. Trying to find where he belonged while holding on to the debilitating act of REVENGE. The revenge that kept his heart beating. The revenge that he knew fueled his fire. Why? He really wasn’t sure until meeting that woman. The one he feels he has to possess. The one that triggers so many memories. For some reason he has a connection to her. But, when all the secrets finally come out, does he have the courage to seek his revenge? This one was a real heart-stopper. It was exciting and thrilling. So many secrets having been kept until the truth is finally revealed. So many broken hearts are healed. And, a lost love between two people is finally rekindled as was first supposed to happen from the time they were children. One of my favorites so far this year! Ms. Cole really sucks the reader in from start to finish! One not to be missed...

“You’re a part of me remember? God put a piece of you within me so when we were born, everyone would know we matched.” – Luka (Chap. 6)

Review Written, 6/21/15

Killer (Prequel to the Dark Romance Standalone Stalker) written by Clarissa Wild (126 pgs) – finished reading 6/18/15 – 3 stars - Contemporary Romance

Boy, I’m definitely in the minority with this one. Everyone that read it gave either 4 stars or 5 stars. I just can’t put my finger on why I wasn’t so thrilled with it. There just seemed to be something missing. Now I know that this is only a prequel and it’s a short little ditty, but I was somewhat confused by this set up to the standalone Stalker. With the alternating POV’s and the timelines switching from past to present, I just seemed to be distracted. Maybe I just have to give Stalker the chance to “wow” me.

So, with that being said, the premise to this prequel definitely sounded interesting. It sets up the story of a woman getting framed for her husband’s murder, but said woman turns the tables on the real killer. And, damn is he ever pissed!! She bested him, and he doesn’t like it. And, that’s where this prequel basically leaves off. I’m sure there’s more backstory to their history together, which probably will give me answers to the details I felt were missing. The story has suspense, drama, mystery, and sex that promises to be both steamy and arousing. With one HOT male that is intense and sexy and a beautifully sensual woman, the author portrays these two lead characters as smart and confident. There is no limit as to what these two are capable of the reader will soon find out, and the twists and turns that accompany their story are littered with deception and lies that could spell trouble for either. Looking forward to pursuing where their story next takes me with Stalker...

Review Written, 6/18/15