Monday, July 13, 2015

All of Me (All of Me, #1) written by Gina Sorelle (271 pgs) – finished reading 7/7/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

7/7/15 – Jeez, I love this story! Beautiful! Stella and Nathan were meant to be. Have to think about what to write for this review, but I loved both main characters!!! This one hit me real hard...


7/13/15 - This book undoubtedly stole my heart! So phenomenal were this author’s characters that I was blown away by their strength and charisma as they survived life’s hard knocks. One, feisty as all hell Italian woman, lives to protect her friends and family as her health could be in jeopardy once again. While the other, tough as nails Polish male just hanging on by a thread, fights to forget the past and punishes himself relentlessly for being weak and not protecting his family from darkness when they needed him the most. Both main characters picted my interest as the author told their stories. Slowly as she let the reader into their lives bit by bit, heartache is definitely apparent. This is not a book to be read lightly. Yes, there are some humorous moments, but darkness comes to light as the reader is devulged some horrifying truths. It’s sad and painful to read at times. And, the tears did come. Oh, did they come! And, that climax? Wow! It was heartbreaking! I cried a river, and boy was I mad at him!! But, did everything work out in the end you might ask? Just read it! You will love this novel just as much as I did! The feisty ER nurse who meets the one man who can tame her as she proves to this stubborn brooding ex-military/cop that he is worthy of love and forever. They were perfect together! They really needed each other, and Ms. Sorelle made it happen. It was writing at it’s best! I had no idea what was going to happen coming into this book, but what did happen made me smile!!! It was a feel-good book when all was said and done...

“Stella, you saved me. Seriously, I was dead inside before I met you and I know I would have stayed that way. You never gave up on me even when you should have. You love me unconditionally and help me see the good in myself. You are my best friend, and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” – Nathan (Chap. 34)

“You saved me too. You made me feel beautiful when I thought that was impossible. You put up with all of my BS and antics and dramatics and love me anyway. And, you are my best friend and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” – Stella (Chap. 34)

Review Written, 7/13/15

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