Monday, July 13, 2015

Not You It’s Me written by Julie Johnson (377 pgs) – finished reading 7/9/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

7/9/15 - 4.5 star rating – only because I need a little more erotic smut in my books, and it would have been nice to have an epilogue. What are Chase and Gemma up to now that they finally declared their love for each other?

7/13/15 - This was my second Julie Johnson read, and it did not disappoint! Her characters are strong, independent, and vibrant individuals with a resilient sense of confidence and vitality. Two individuals meet under humiliating circumstances that push them together awkwardly. So what do they do? They act on it as good sports. Gemma’s friends are either married or in serious relationships, but she’s not ready for that yet. While Chase’s past history with love has been nothing but lies and deceit. Both main characters are hugely attracted to each other. They’ve both been hurt in the past, and are they willing to take another chance at possibly being hurt again from the one person that means the most? We shall see. There’s some ugly secrets too hanging around waiting to come out. Some pretty conniving and underhanded truths that could possibly put their relationship in jeopardy. And, given the despicable deeds that were construed to carry out these cruel actions, this couple will have to believe in each other to test their relationship’s strength.

Gemma had some pretty solid friends. Friends that would stick their neck out for one another. They just didn’t want her to be alone, and they didn’t hesitate to let her know it – pretty comically I might add. The suspense of the novel was very surprising. I really didn’t think that her former boyfriend had it in him to stoop so low. He just didn’t seem the type. So, that was very surprising to me, which I enjoyed! Chase’s cousin, Brett, was just as evil as they came. Only fitting that he was knocked down a few pegs! And, Chase’s parentage, I was floored with that also.  Another detail that had me thrown! My favorite scene, though, is the one at the basketball game. So outrageously funny, but romantically epic! And, it really showed me just what both Gemma and Chase were all about.

Ms. Johnson created a love story that was both intriguing and poignant from page one. Loved both main characters! They were fun and energetic! Sarcastic with humor. Protective and loyal, and their love for each other was passionate and exquisite! Another Julie Johnson gem to delight in, which is a standalone-no-cliffhanger-series-type book. Just that fact alone I can’t help but gush about!

Props to that cover also!!!

Review Written, 7/13/15

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