Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To all the people who follow my reviews, I apologize for not posting any lately. I've been reading so much that there just has not been enough time to write the reviews. I will post, though, the books that I have read this month and how I rate them. Hopefully, in August I will have some time to write how I feel about each book.

Bone Deep written by Bonnie Dee - 4 stars

All of Me (All of Me, #1) written by Gina Sorelle - 5 stars

Not You It's Me written by Julie Johnson - 4.5 stars

Make Me Believe (Believe, #1) written by Karen Ferry - 4 stars

Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men, #1) written by Linda Kage - 5 stars

To Professor, with Love (Forbidden Men, #2) written by Linda Kage - 4 stars

Be My Hero (Forbidden Men, #3) written by Linda Kage - 3.5 stars

Easy Silence written by Beth Rinyu - 5 stars

Color Me Crazy (Rock 'n' Spin, #1) written by Carol Pavliska - 5 stars

Mr. Wright Now (Wild Card, #1) written by Alannah Carbonneau - 3.5 stars

Mr. Wright Forever (Wild Card, #2) written by Alannah Carbonneau - 4.5 stars

Slade (Walk of Shame, #1) written by Victoria Ashley - 4 stars

The Deal (Off-Campus, #1) written by Elle Kennedy - 5 stars

The Mistake (Off-Campus, #2) written by Elle Kennedy - 4 stars

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