Thursday, August 27, 2015

Freeing Him (Hart Brothers, #2) written by A.M. Hargrove (299 pgs) – finished reading 8/17/15 - Contemporary/Dark Romance (Erotica)

As book two begins in this thrilling series, Kolson is faced with the aftermath of a choice he made regarding Gabby’s safety. He made a deal with “the dragon” and now it’s time to pay up. What Kolson does has devastating effects on Gabby, and she’s struggling to keep it together. When she no longer can deal with the downhill spiral that her life is in, she takes matters into her own hands and tries to eliminate the problem by digging up incriminating evidence to finally put the permanent nail in “the dragon’s” coffin. Gabby is one smart and strong woman. She loves Kolson with everything she is and would do anything for him. So, this was a no-brainer decision as to what she must do to free Kolson from the monster that is now controlling his life.

This was one sad and unfortunate story, which is told in alternating POV’s from both Kolson and Gabby. Kolson’s life as a young boy was both heartbreaking and tragic. How can a young boy survive such trauma when he’s supposed to trust the one person in the world – his father? Langston Hart was one f**cked up dude! His brutal abuse of both his wife and three sons was mind-munipulating and cruel. The results of his years of torture were damaging for all. Will this monster get what he so deserves? Payback is a bitch!!!

Kolson and Gabby’s feelings for each other are still romantically touching – a little mushy at times – but still swoon-worthy. And, Ms. Hargrove definitely writes some panty-melting love scenes. Fiery and explosive with heat is my take on this couple’s ability to scorch the pages of this book!!

This book, as well as the first one in the series, couldn’t be more enticing! I tremendously loved how the author showed extensive growth in both main characters with their ability to love and trust in each other after having lived through some horrifying and painful times. As they are supported by trusting and honest friends and family members, their ability to move and live life is just that much more meaningful. This installment was my second favorite in this intriguing series!

Review Written, 8/25/15

Freeing Her (Hart Brothers, #1) written by A.M. Hargrove (332 pgs) – finished reading 8/15/15 – 4 stars - Contempoary/Dark Romance (Erotica)

So, I finished this book, but decided to write its review after I’ve read all four books in the series. With that being said, I can honestly say that this book was my third favorite of the four. The book kind of started off a little weird to me. I know that’s hard to understand what I mean. But, the writing seemed a little immature. Sure there was graphic language and elicit situations, but the writing just didn’t jive with the adult maturity level. I decided to stick with the book, though, and I’m totally glad that I did because the story and writing just got better and better; so much so that it improved tremendously by the end. But, then when it came to that shocking climax, it just sealed the deal for me to continue the series since it improved the story overall.

So onto the story...

This was a sadly gripping story that had my heart in my throat as two damaged people so desperately needed saving. They don’t actually realize it, however, until they meet each other and begin to understand just what is missing in their lives. This story is told mostly about Gabby and her current situation, a young woman unmercilessly abused both sexually and physically for years by her deranged cousin. A cousin who has her whole family thinking that Gabby is making the whole thing up. She is a smart caring person that totally puts herself out there to help others. What could she possibly have to gain to lie about what her cousin has done to her over and over? When she meets wealthy Kolson Hart all he wants to do is help her. But, how can she trust him with her secrets? He’s a stranger. A man. And, when her psychiatrist’s intuition kicks in, she knows he’s hiding a deeply disturbing past as well.

This was one scorching book. Wow!! Erotically scintillating was the intimacy level between these two. And, Kolson’s hidden piercings, which are beyond sensuous, justs added to the sexy times that this couple engaged in. Off-the-chart smokin’ HOT!!!

With secrets regarding Kolson’s past finally somewhat emerging, it’s with love and understanding that Gabby touches his soul. There’s so much more to come with this amazing couple as Kolson’s story is told in more depth just as to how scarred this beautiful man is when his past is revealed detail by detail in book two of this riveting series.

“Somehow this man had managed to take her perfectly constructed fortress of protection and tear it down, stone by stone, until she stood fully exposed and naked before him. Not only that, he had achieved the unachievable. He had wriggled the truth out of her. Every secret she’d ever had, every mystery had been revealed and exposed to him. She’d dragged the last skeleton out of her closet, dressed it up in all its finery, and willingly displayed it for him to see.

And the greatest part? The burden that had weighed her down all these years lifted, freeing her from its gruesome memory. The air she inhaled was cleaner, fresher, and her lungs expanded more because of it. The vertebrae in her back separated incrementally, allowing her spine to life higher. She reached a fuller height, all due to Kolson. One man and his persistence and his promise to believe her.” – (Chap. 17)

Review Written, 8/25/15

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Awakened written by Shey Stahl (278 pgs) – finished reading 8/24/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Wow! So different than what I’ve ever read from Shey Stahl. But, in a good way! I had no idea exactly what I was getting into by purchasing this book. No way could I put it down! This was one f**cked up ride. And, Logan really has her hands full. I don’t even think she has any idea to what extreme this could and would affect her life. Two different men. Josh and Brevin. A different lifestyle. Beyond HOT!! Whew!! And, who will ultimately claim her heart??

There’s not much more that I can say about this book without giving away spoilers other than I saw the author in a totally different light with her writing this book. Absolutely kept me on my game by intriguing me from start to finish. Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It’s definitely an emotionally charged ride that had me guessing as to what the final outcome would be. HOT DAMN!!

Review Written, 8/24/15

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Emancipation of Love (Monster, #2) written by Mary E. Palmerin (177 pgs) – finished reading 8/13/15 – 4 stars - Dark Romance

***Warning – this book is sexually graphic with highly emotional abusive practices***

As Gwendolyn and Welch’s story continues, this installment is told in mostly Welch’s POV. His narration is one of sadness and heartbreak for a man that is damaged beyond all control. I couldn’t help to feel for this man that pretty much had his entire childhood stolen from him at the hands of horrific individuals that a young child is supposed to trust. His story is graphic in nature, and was hard to read, but it just solidified the fact that the abuse continued to rule his life explicitly. Violation and pain was all that he knew, and he proceeded to find ways to thwart any type of way to feel peace and happiness. He just thought himself not worthy of such contentment. He’s still “Worthless William Welch” and now at twenty-eight years old, the extent as far as how extreme he will inflict pain on himself is barbaric.

“She is gone and the situation that happened before angers me further as I think back to why I am even still alive. What for? Everyone apparently has a purpose, but what is mine? I am a monster. A sexual deviant. A gorger for pain. I am Worthless William Welch. I manipulate. I hurt. There is no goodness left in me. I am nothing more than a shell of a man who pretends to be someone he is not. Pretending is becoming too much. I let my monster go. Fate brought us back together and I screwed that up.” – Welch (Chap. 7)

Such a sad and heartbreaking account of witnessing a man so broken beyond repair that was clearly not his choice. I really thought that this couple would have a chance once and for all to be happy, but the ending just wrecked my soul. What the hell just happened?? That was one twisted head-banger! I thought that the author cleverly got into the thought process of Welch with intrigue and darkness.  To be such a tortured character, but also to be a hero to one damsel in distress is ironic. I will definitely be keeping this author in the back of my mind when choosing to read the dark side of romance. But, after reading this immoral duet, I need something light and easy on the emotions.

My word! What a glorious cover!!!

Review Written, 8/14/15

Gwendolyn vs. the Band of Barren Hearts (Monster, #1) written by Mary E. Palmerin (242 pgs) – finished reading 8/13/15 – 4 stars - Dark Romance

***Warning – this book is sexually graphic and highly abusive in nature***

I really have to think about my review for this book...

In truth, I was deeply affected by Gwendolyn and Welch’s story. There were times when I felt I just couldn’t read on. But, I had to know how their story ended. My God, it was brutally horrifying! My heart went out to them so painfully so. This was a terrifying account of abuse that brought tears to my eyes. Ms. Palmerin holds nothing back when exploring their numerous ordeals of violation. There’s not much more to say other than I was not expecting that ending. Abuse, whether verbal or physical, triggers the mind to play tricks and alter your thinking, which was shown here from the abhorrent level of defilement. This is one harrowing tale of survival! Masterfully written! Honestly told! All portrayed without pacifying the reader.

Now onto Part 2... 

Review Written, 8/13/15

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

From Dust written by Freya Barker (308 pgs) – finished reading 8/12/15 – 4.5 stars - Contempoary Romance

4.5 star rating only because of the seemingly rushed ending. Otherwise this was one emotional journey riddled with family, heartache, and a beautiful romance. Syd’s story will pull you in and claim your heart when you hear and feel what she has been through. With the love of a beautiful man, his two children, and a new found friend, Syd makes it her mission to be strong and resilient in her quest to live. She is one remarkable character as is the gruff hugely passionate man, Gunnar, that strengths her will to trust again. Told in alternating POV’s between Syd and Gunnar, it is the story of one woman taking back her life and finding a love so sensual and consuming. It was difficult to see the two main characters, while being in their late 30’s and early 40’s, experience some of life’s hardest obstacles. I really don’t want to say much more about this book because it would give away spoilers, but I will say that Syd’s story was first one of sorrow and then eventually one of triumph. I was totally blown away by the author’s brilliant writing and her ability to make me feel such passion and emotion. One powerful book not to be missed!

“We do our best, my love. You do your best every day. In the way you care for and protect your kids, and me. Everyone around, actually. You just have to come to terms with the fact you can’t tuck us away, wrapped in tissue paper to ensure nothing bad happens to us. It doesn’t work that way. Took me a long time to figure out that to stop breathing for fear of choking kills you anyway. Breathing is the better option. Trust me on that one. Can’t close the doors and shut the windows to stop bad things from happening. Locking yourself away will only turn you to dust. This I know for a fact because I came from dust.” – Syd (Chap. 25)

Review Written, 8/12/15

Monday, August 10, 2015

Easy Little Lick (Copperline, #3) written by Sibylla Matilde (245 pgs) – finished reading 8/9/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult - Erotica)

This book is scheduled to be released on August, 14th...

My word, that was one awesome read! Can I have a “Cody”?? Damn! He was hot!!! And, sweet. And, massively ripped! And, just too good to be true!! I loved him! He is probably my most favorite Sibylla Matilde “book boyfriend” to date! Sorry, Ronin, I think you have to move over! There’s a new kid in!!! And, Ilsa, was just so endearing. She had it rough, and she just didn’t want to get Cody involved in her mess of a life. As soon as she gets a taste of Cody and just what he’s all about, though, she caves and let’s him into her f**ked up horror. Of course, the reader knows that the s**t will hit the fan eventually, and when it does, where does it leave this couple? I was so rooting for them to stick it out together. I know that Cody thinks that they’re meant to be, but will Ilsa have it in her to believe him and stay?

This was one heart-stopping love story! The sex was off-the-charts HOT!! Had to fan myself more than a dozen times. Gosh, I really don’t remember how many times. I lost! It was that erotic! And, of course, there was that ever-present humor that Ms. Matilde writes so well. The guys are there too – Justin, Drew, Denny, and Brannon along with their women – and they’re freakin’ funny as all hell! Couldn’t help but laugh at their humorous antics a number of times. That Justin! He just had me rollin’ with his potty mouth and his ability to create chaos! I can’t wait until his book is written! And, oh, little Max was such a cutey! There’s just so much heart and soul in this book! I couldn’t put it down until I read the last page. Well, maybe I put it down once to eat some dinner. Oh, and another time to get some shut-eye. But, I was totally enthralled within the pages from start to finish. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which is Drew’s story!

“So once again, life was like an easy little lick, a signature flourish of my drumsticks to make a song my own. Something I could do in my sleep. Effortless and smooth. No drama...because I had her.” – Cody (Epilogue)

***Thanks to the author for gifting me a copy for an honest review***

Review Written, 8/10/15

Friday, August 7, 2015

Shine Not Burn (Shine Not Burn, #1) written by Elle Casey (360 pgs) – finished reading 8/7/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

***Book received as a result of Goodreads First Reads***

This was one amazing find! Sexy cowboys! A lifeplan that’s already figured out. And, a marriage that was not even in the cards. Where does Andie Marks go from here? How can that hot cowboy Gavin MacKenzie think he loves her??? Laugh-out-loud funny in Vegas with two best friends and a whole lot of heat from one smokin’ cowboy has Andie totally questioning her choices for that “lifeplan”. What will she decide when her and Mack come face to face two years later???

Loved this book! Couldn’t put it down! Andie was one confident woman, but with Mack around she was all butterflies and nerves. He was special and honorable, and definitely a man’s man. Gorgeous with confidence. And, oh, those muscles! He was just perfection!! They were meant for each other, and as soon As Andie figures that out, Mack will just be lingering around in her mind and within reach of her fingertips. Romance and intimacy at it’s finest is what Ms. Casey portrays between this couple. Looking forward to the sequel that follows this stunning read!!

Luceo non uro means I shine, not burn. To me, though, it means that I have a choice. I need to balance the bad with the good, make sure to avoid the things that could burn or scar me but get close enough to the heat that I feel life and really experience it.” – Mack (Chap. 34)

Review Written, 8/7/15

Summer Temptation (Hot in the Hamptons, #2) written by Wendy S. Marcus (108 pgs) – finished reading 8/6/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

This was a short little novella that promises to keep the reader hooked from page 1! Two people that start off on the wrong foot, but soon find that they are smitten with each other as time goes by. Leigh was a strong and vibrant woman, while Nick was a confident and caring male. I read this in record time because I was so caught up in their story and had to know how it ended. Endearing supporting characters just make this romance more of a feel-good story. Looking forward to reading about Leigh’s two best friends, Storme and Kelsey, who were briefly introduced with intrigue within Ms. Marcus’ superb novella...

Review Written, 8/6/15