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Trusting Gibson (Last Score, #2) written by K.L. Shandwick (457 pgs) – finished reading 5/13/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

4.5 rockin’ stars

Gibson and Chloe’s story continues on in this next installment of the Last Score series, and of course, is nothing less than stellar!! The connection between this couple is magnetic, and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. But, as Gibson’s desperation to protect Chloe increases, so does his need to hold onto her and never let her go. He’s a tad bit obsessive, but that’s only because he realizes she means everything to him and he’s scared for her. The whole rock scene does not disappoint when the guys are touring together with their entourage and the constant barrage of groupies hanging around. They’re definitely your typical rockband! But, it’s music they want to produce and when something big goes down with Chloe, the band has to rally together to support their bandmember, Gibson. Some are on board, but others are selfish and just care about themselves.

Again, Chloe and Gibson have to learn to trust each other, but it seems it’s more from Chloe that she has to learn to give Gibson the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he’s always had that manwhore reputation, but that was also before he got together with Chloe. She’s it for him now, and nothing is going to get in the way of them being together. Boy, some s**t went down that was pretty heavy. I thought that there would have been more explained about it. And, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t some big-time action that went down amongst the characters. It was just a little ordinary for something so paramount to the story. So, I just couldn’t give more than 4.5 stars even though Gibson is it for me. He just protects and loves Chloe with everything that he is. This man just evokes sexiness and confidence to the extreme. He’s one sensual crooner!! And, Chloe needs to accept him as he is and trust him explicitly.

Loved their story and all its exciting drama! Ms. Shandwick entices the reader with two fascinating characters that are captivating even though their pasts are tainted.It’s a love like no other as the two build a relationship on love, hope and faith. Will this amazing couple get heir “happily ever after” as they so deserve? With a climax building as the novel nears its end, my anticipation for redemption and survival is picted. An excellent conclusion to an impressive rockstar romance!!

Review Written, 5/21/15

Center Mass (Code 11 – KPD Swat, #1) written by Lani Lynn Vale (353 pgs) – finished reading 5/15/15 – 3.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

As usual Lani Lynn Vale does not disappoint! She brings to the table strong alpha-male men with brave confident women. And, this one is no different! From the way the two meet, I thought it would be a little while before these two got together, but it’s full steam ahead with their attraction from the very beginning. He sees her. He wants her. She sees him. She’s attracted to him, And, bam! They’re together. It just seemed awfully quick to me. But, I did like both main characters. Both were caring for their young daughters by themselves. Both had a career oriented job that they took seriously. And, both were burned by their ex’s when it came to settling down and being responsible. So, they did seem like the perfect fit. I was entirely entertained and interested in their story. But, there was something missing. Or, maybe it was the quickness of them getting together. I'm more of a sexual tension for a while type of gal. Of course, the intimacy between the two was HOTTER than HOT! And, I was fanning myself left and right!! And, of course there’s the loyalness and protectiveness of both family and friends portrayed, which makes it warm and personal. There is the suspense of the backstory just waiting to be decided and dealt with under some dire conditions. And, when all is said and done, will these two incredible individuals make it as a couple? Well, you’re just going to have to read it and see. I definitely can see myself reading the next installment when it’s released. I do enjoy Ms. Vale’s books! She always seems to bring something positive and courageous out within the characters that she creates. These are people that I could actually see myself being friends with. And, that’s clearly a decisive perspective of her writing skills that I can identify with...

And, another ab-ilcious cover illustrated!! WOW!!!

Review Written, 5/21/15

Fear You (Broken Love, #2) written by B.B. Reid (366 pgs) – finished reading 5/20/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Just as fantastic as the first book in this series! So many secrets revealed. And, the drama? WOW!! Not one bit disappointing. Of course Kieran still is plagued by his dark past and obsession with Lake. While Lake grows more confident of herself and shows Kieran that she’s no longer afraid of him. The ending was perfect, but the reader knows that this couple has a long way to go towards 100% trust and redemption. I’m sure there will be just as much push and pull between these two as their relationship becomes more permanent and tested time and time again. Ms. Reid writes about a couple so full of duress and emotional pain that I couldn’t help but feel sadness towards them. But, they are both survivors and they prove that they are worthy of each other when they finally begin to trust one another. There’s more to their connection than just hook-up sex. It’s a more powerful exchange of soul bearing promises not spoken outloud. With a cast of loyal and supportive family members and friends, this series just keeps getting more thrilling as each new installment is introduced. So looking forward to Keenan’s story! That young man has so much going on at the moment. His relationships with John, Kieran, and Sheldon are now under so much pressure. How will they all be tested as his story is told?

And, that cover? So obscure!! Just as dark and secretive as Kieran...

Review Written, 5/20/15

Fear Me (Broken Love, #1) written by B.B. Reid (384 pgs) – finished reading 5/17/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

So loved this one! The passion, the intensity, and the darkness just totally consumed me! Can’t wait to start book two!! Two damaged people find themselves so dominated by each other. Even though they swear to stay away, they both keep coming back for more. Both individuals’ stories are so heartbreaking. Kieran being so cold and calculating by bullying Lake since they’ve been young children. And, Lake swearing to not let Kieran in, just can’t help by being so attracted and obsessed with him. Kieran has so many secrets that he is keeping, and he just won’t let Lake get a glimpse of the man he deeply wants to be but knows he’s incapable of since the “darkness” has totally overtaken his soul. When the truth is finally revealed about Kieran’s past and how vile and damaging it really is, I couldn’t help but feel tearfully sorrowful for him. It’s beyond me how young children can be pushed to such lengths as adults damage their young minds and pure essence. Just so horrifying that these things can actually happen!!

This book totally exhausted me for two days! It was draining and bleak! I didn’t know what to expect to happen in the end. Not really a cliffhanger so to speak, but more of a “now I have to get into book two to see how their story ends.” So many secrets revealed, but there’s so much more the reader has to know in order to understand everything that Kieran has gone through. And, what about Lake? How does her life tie into Keiran’s as their connection is finally revealed? Ms. Reid created a brilliant gem of a novel! The supporting characters just brought more realism to the story. And, the villains? Well let’s just say they were evil with a capital “E”! No regret to their despicableness! Greed was practically the only thing that drove these people – whether it be for money or power! Family meant NOTHING!! It was all about them. So, the villains were perfectly portrayed. Yeah, it was hard to put this one down to do anything purposeful during the day. I just couldn’t stop reading it! Riveting and clever are words that I would use to describe Keiran and Lake’s story. They were both strong and confident characters with a mission – to consume each other totally while trying to get the other to break!! This author is definitely one that I am a fan of! Her writing was impeccable and exciting. Going right into book two, Fear You,  now!!

Review Written, 5/21/15

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rush (White Lace, #1) written by Gina Gordon (292 pgs) – finished reading 5/13/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Read this in one sitting...couldn’t put it down!!!  

I couldn’t read this one fast enough! Totally into from page one! This novel took on so much more than I thought it would. When I first began, I thought it was just going to be some erotic nonsense about a young man working as a vice president for some porn entertainment company. But, it was definitely more than that. Max Levin has grown up in the adult entertainment industry. His mother was a porn star and his father owned the company. But, there’s something missing in his life. What it is, he’s not really sure until he meets young and beautiful Everly Parker, roommate to two escorts that he’s considering hiring. He’s very taken with her, and when he volunteers to help her with a personal project, it’s the beginning of a new outlook on life for him. Everly has almost finished her law degree, something that both her parents have stressed is very important. But, what they don’t understand is that she doesn’t even know if she really wants to be a lawyer. It’s pretty much what’s expected of her. She’s worked hard her entire life with school and has not really had much time for pleasure. So, when she meets Max, this is a chance to break out of the boring work-infested mold and have some fun.

Both Max and Everly were awesome characters! He was just so fun and exciting. Always willing to push the envelope, but something was different with him when he was with Everly. He wanted to take his time. Not “rush” into anything. He saw himself falling for her as they spent more time together, and he really was so afraid of getting his heart broken. And, with her that could be a real possibility. Everly was definitely taking more chances while being with Max. She spent more time with him instead of studying all the time. She really was having fun. Pushing the limits. The intimacy between the two was sensual and sweet. Everly knew that she was out of her element with a man like Max. Why would someone so experienced like him want someone like her so vanilla? She constantly questioned his desire for her. She was pretty insecure at times when it came to their relationship. In fact, what kind of relationship was it? He never referred to her as his girlfriend, just “friend” when he introduced her to co-workers, friends, or family. She just knew that when their little project was over that there would be no reason for him to stick around.

I loved this book! It was funny, and heartbreaking, and romantic! The banter between the two was comical. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And, it was hot hot hot!!! The love scenes between Max and Everly. The filming of the movies. The auditions between the actors. Everything was just so smokin’! Jeez!!! (fanning myself constantly) And, that climax...holy crap, didn’t see that coming!!! If you like a little drama, some fun and exciting characters, and hot sex then this is the book for you! Can’t say that I was the least bit disappointed with this one!!!

Holy freakin’ all I have to say about that cover!!!!

Review Written, 5/14/15

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Storm (Ashes & Embers, #1) written by Carian Cole (244 pgs) – finished reading 4/19/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

4.5 rockin’ stars

Now that was one hot read! The sexual tension was definitely in the air between these two remarkable characters. Storm and Evelyn's love story pulled me in from the very first page and didn't let up until the end. So passionate and tender...

And who wouldn't mind being stranded in a blizzard with a delicious specimen like Storm? All those tattoos, long hair and muscles on display...WOW!!!

Evie was one fiery chick.  But, she was also so afraid of getting hurt. I think everyone is leery about taking that leap of commitment when you're uncertain what the future could bring. Evie just had to trust her heart, and most importantly, Storm. He never really tells her who he really is for awhile, but what she does know is that he’s a sweet guy. And, as they spend more time together, she can’t help but fall for the man. He’s passionate, caring and full of life. When she does find out that he’s a bandmember of the group Ashes & Embers she’s reluctant to take a chance on him. Will Storm be able to convince her that their relationship is worth taking a chance on?

Ms. Cole writes a sensual story with passion and excitement as a man and a woman come together during dire circumstances. As they spend more and more time together, they each find their heart entering unchartered territory. Jeez! I wish their story was longer. I couldn’t get enough of Storm. He had a great sense of humor and was so confident. Evelyn was a little more difficult to relate to. She was afraid to come out of her comfort zone and just live in the moment. But, their story did prove to be captivating in the end. I’m so looking forward to continuing on with this series with the next book, Vandal!!!

Review Written, 5/12/15 

Rowdy (Marked Men, #5) written by Jay Crownover (332 pgs) – finished reading 3/20/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Ms. Crownover does not disappoint with Rowdy’s story. The group just seemed to grow as a wonderful gang of friends – both the guys and their babes. And, each story was told with heart and soul. Rowdy’s story is clouded with sadness and hardship. When a person from his past re-enters his life, he questions his previous decisions. Salem knew him once-upon-a-time. They were neighbors way back when, and she’s never forgotten the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes that always made her smile. But, she doesn’t get the whole truth, and she thinks that she would never have a chance with him. To her, his heart belongs elsewhere. When she does finally understand what went down, will she take a chance on him?

Their’s was a sweet and tender love story. I couldn’t get enough of their romance. Once everything was brought out into the open, they finally had a chance to make a go of it. Salem was a pretty much a loner. Traveling from place to place in search of freedom from a life of a disciplined childhood. She finally would get the chance to let it all out. When she decides  to return home to really voice her opinion to a father that was such a controlling and hostile man, she finds she has an unlikely supporter in her camp. There was some abuse portrayed involving a loved one, which was a tearful event. It finally gave Salem the courage to speak her mind and take back her life. Rowdy was a great supporter, and even though there was an age difference between the two, he finally felt like he came home. He also gains the respect and acknowledgement of a relative he never knew that he had. He finally did belong!

With only one more book to go in the series, Asa’s story, I’m sure going to miss these rockin’ guys! Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, and Rowdy made me laugh, cry, and swoon. All five guys found the woman that would give them the hope and love that they deserved to finally live their lives without conflict and heartache.  I still think that Nash is my favorite, but all five guys with their tattoos, piercings, and stellar good looks were so exciting and fun to read about! So, onto Asa’s story I go...

Review Written, 5/12/15 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gibson’s Legacy (Last Score, #1) written by K.L Shandwick (469 pgs) – finished reading 5/10/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

5/10/15 – This novel was amazing! I loved Gibson and Chloe!!! One emotionally charged book! Can’t wait for their story to continue!!!

5/11/15 - I’m somewhat of a rockstar romance junkie and this one is just out of this world! OMG!!! The heartbreak and affliction is mindblowing! I was so not prepared for things that happened in this novel. In fact, I was shocked when one character totally turned the tables on me. This was one powerful book! People changed and redeemed themselves. Trust was tested time and time again. Abuse was painstakingly discussed. And, the hotness between the couple was explosively charged. Wow! So many feelings questioned. So much agony and drama explored. And, this was a long book, but I read eagerly. Not missing a single thought, feeling or caress. Two people connecting after five years in an unlikely situation, realize that there is so much more to their relationship than either of them ever thought possible. The attraction is there, and the passion could be there, but can they trust each other?

This is Part One of a duet told in alternative POV’s from Gibson (the manwhore rockstar) and Chloe (the plain old normal chick, so she thinks). But, there’s way more to both of them when they decide to give their romance a chance. There are so many things that I just loved about this book...Gibson, Chloe, their friends, the villain, the sluts, the bandmembers, and the security staff. But, most of all, I loved their romance. Holy s**t! It was friggin’ SIZZLING! And, when there was nothing held back from their hotter than hot sexual excapades, I just had to keep reading until well into the night!!! And, of course, Gibson sporting those tattoos and that piercing just made it even more sensual. Oh, and let’s not forget the phone sex...another panty-melting moment that had me craving for more from this scintillating book couple!!!

You will not want to pass this one up. As soon as I finished this installment, I went right into the next one. I just couldn’t hold back finding out what happens to this passionate couple and where their lives are headed. Together or apart? Will Chloe give Gibson a chance to prove his trust or will she bail when the going gets tough and she can’t deal with the ramifications? Chloe was such a complicated character. She just was lacking that trust issue from a relationship gone bad. And, Gibson had his past manwhore reputation that kept haunting him. Chloe just didn’t know if she had it in her to take a chance on love again and possibly get hurt in the process. It’s interesting to see where their relationship ends up after some things go down that are out of their control. This was such a moving story that had me rooting for Chloe to find her way. Gibson made her feel comfortable and gave her the confidence to take a chance. Looking forward to reading the next installment to this series! Some pretty powerful stuff!!!

Review Written, 5/11/15

Wild Irish Envy (Copperline, #2) written by Sibylla Matilde (300 pgs) – finished reading 5/7/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Sibylla Matilde hits it out of the park with her new addition to the Copperline series while telling the love story of Denny and Felicity. These two were just right for each other, but Denny had huge guilt issues regarding his past relationship with his friend, Trent, when it came to Felicity. And, until he gets over those issues, his relationship with “Fliss” will never move forward. She’s all he’s ever thought about, though, and when they’re brought together during an unexpected plane ride bound for Dublin, those feelings are more pronounced than ever.

Wow! Denny was one back and forth conflicted dude! He wanted to get together with Fliss, but the guilt concerning his deceased friend just so much plagued his decision. And, Fliss she knew what she wanted. She wanted Denny, and nothing was going to change her mind once it was made up. This was one HOT book! I fanned myself quite often when these two were going at it and when other sexual situations presented themselves. I loved how a lot of the story took place in Ireland. Gotta love a guy with an Irish accent! It just made me melt into one huge puddle when the guy opened his freakin’ mouth to speak. Ms. Matilde just wrote the guy so damn sexy!! With his piercings, tattoos, and sculpted body he was one specimen of eye candy!! And, of course he’s a lead singer in a band, which is even more of a turn-on!!! Denny you’re such a wanker! And, Fliss was such a risk taker. The sacrifice that she made for him was an “ahhhh” moment! No matter what the consequence, she was his biggest supporter! She was strong and confident. And, she genuinely cared for the guy, even though he had a tough time accepting it. This was one passionate novel! From start to finish I was swept away by their story. And, Ms. Matilde’s ideas and writing just keeps getting better and better. Where do you come up with some of this stuff? Awesome to say the least! The only reason why I rated this book 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars was I just got a little tired of Denny questioning his loyalty to his friend. He was loyal as hell to him when he was alive because he didn’t act on his attraction to Fliss. But, Trent has passed a few years now, and it’s time to bury the hatchet so-to-speak. I’m sure Trent would want Felicity to be happy, and who better to have a part in that happiness then someone Trent could depend on. So looking forward to the next installment of this series when another band member, Cody, gets a chance to tell his story...

**Thank you to the author for gifting me a copy for an honest review**

Review Written, 5/11/15

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75+ BOOKS RELEASING IN MAY, 2015 (mostly Contemporary Romance and New Adult with some Paranormal & Historical Romance also a touch of Erotica)

(Listed in Chronological Date Order by Author)

Kane’s Hell – Elizabeth Finn – 5/1/15

inCapable – Sara Hubbard – 5/1/15

Leah (Carter, #2) – R.J. Lewis – 5/1/15

Hold Me (Fool’s Gold, #16) – Susan Mallery – 5/1/15

Beautiful Lies (Beautiful Lies, #1) – Sharlay – 5/1/15

Center Mass (Code 11 – KPD Swat, #1) – Lani Lynn Vale – 5/1/15

My Time in the Affair – Stylo Fantome – 5/2/15

Pucked – Helena Hunting – 5/3/15

The Art of Sin – Alexandrea Weis – 5/3/15

Mr. Blackwell: Part One – Emilia Winters – 5/3/15

A Perfect Love (Perfect, #2) – Becca Lee – 5/4/15

Worth the Trip (Fisher’s Light, #0.5) – Tara Sivec – 5/4/15

First Came You (Fate Series, #0.5) – Faith Andrews – 5/5/15

Make You Mine (Nine Circles, #2) – Jackie Ashenden – 5/5/15

The Friend Zone (Game On, #2) – Kristen Callihan – 5/5/15

Last Kiss (Hitman, #3) – Jessica Clare – 5/5/15

Desire Me Now (Desire Me, #1) – Tiffany Clare – 5/5/15

Saint Anything – Sarah Dessen – 5/5/15

Cat’s Lair (Leopard People, #7) – Christine Feehan – 5/5/15

Midnight’s Kiss (Elder Races, #8) – Thea Harrison – 5/5/15

Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #1) – Lisa Renee Jones – 5/5/15

Glimmer (Glimmer and Glow, #1) – Beth Kery – 5/5/15

A Shattered Moment (Fractured Lives, #1) – Tiffany King – 5/5/15

Crazy for the Cowboy (Sexy Texans, #1) – Vicki Lewis Thompson – 5/5/15

The Gentleman Mentor – Kendall Ryan – 5/5/15

Lawless in Leather (New York Saints, #3) – Melanie Scott – 5/5/15

Busted (Barnes Brothers, #3) – Shiloh Walker – 5/5/15

Cape Cod Kisses (Love on Rockwell Island, #4) – Bella Andre’ & Melissa Foster – 5/6/15

Luther’s Return (Scanguards Vampires, #10) – Tina Folsom – 5/6/15

Brendon (Alluring Indulgence, #8) – Nicole Edwards – 5/11/15

Echo (Black Lotus, #2) – E.K. Blair – 5/12/15

All Played Out (Rusk University, #3) – Cora Carmack – 5/12/15

Destroyed (Lost in Oblivion, #3) – Taryn Elliott – 5/12/15

Rush – Gina Gordon – 5/12/15

The Reluctant Hero – Lorraine Heath – 5/12/15

Born of Defiance (The League, #8) – Sherrilyn Kenyon – 5/12/15

A Taylor-Made Love (Taylor Made, #2) – Kary Rader – 5/12/15

Shadow of a Doubt (The Tangled Ivy Trilogy, #2) – Tiffany Snow – 5/12/15

The Guest Cottage – Nancy Thayer – 5/12/15

Black Rainbow – J.J. McAvoy – 5/15/15

Breathe In (Just Breathe, #1) – Martha Sweeney – 5/15/15

Never Never Part Two (Never Never, #2) – Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher – 5/17/15

Sloth (Sinful Secrets, #1 ) - Ella James - 5/18/15

Beach Town – Mary Kay Andrews – 5/19/15

The Perfect Letter – Chris Harrison – 5/19/15

Hot Alphas (Anthology) – Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker, & Kate Douglas - 5/19/15

The Summer’s End (Lowcountry Summer, #3) – Mary Alice Monroe – 5/19/15

Life After Perfect – Nancy Naigle – 5/19/15

Once Pure (Shattered Past, #3) – Cecy Robson – 5/19/15

Made You Up – Francesca Zappia – 5/19/15

ShutterGirl – C.D. Reiss – 5/20/15

Gus (Bright Side, #2) – Kim Holden – 5/22/15

Fighting Me (Shaft on Tour, #5) - Cat Mason - 5/22/15

Torque (Jack’Em Up, #2) – Shauna Allen – 5/25/15

Revelry (Taint, #1) – Carmen Jenner – 5/25/15

All of Me (Love Between the Bases, #1) – Jennifer Bernard – 5/26/15

Behind Your Back (Behind Your Back, #1) – Chelsea M. Cameron – 5/26/15

Texas Tough (The Tylers of Texas, #2) – Janet Dailey – 5/26/15

Falling Hard (Bad Boys Undercover, #2) – HelenKay Dimon – 5/26/15

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, #2) – Jenny Han – 5/26/15

Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8) – Elizabeth Hoyt – 5/26/15

Sea Glass Sunrise (The Brides of Blueberry Cove, #1) – Donna Kauffman – 5/26/15

The Marriage Season (Brides of Bliss County, #3) – Linda Lael Miller – 5/26/15

A Match for Marcus Cynster (Cynsters, #23) – Stephanie Laurens – 5/26/15

Against the Tide (The Brodies of Alaska, #3) – Kat Martin – 5/26/15

Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, #1) – Katie McGarry – 5/26/15

Searching for Beautiful (Searching For, #3) – Jennifer Probst – 5/26/15

The Illusion of Annabella – Jessica Sorenson – 5/26/15

Rules of the Game (Stardust Texas, #2) – Lori Wilde – 5/26/15

Brokedown Cowboy (Copper Ridge, #2) – Maisey Yates – 5/26/15

Mended (Lucian & Lia, #3) – Sydney Landon – 5/28/15

Getting Played (Jail Bait, #2) – Mia Storm – 5/28/15

Revue – K.M. Golland – 5/29/15

Beautiful Sacrifice (The Maddox Brothers, #3) – Jamie McGuire – 5/31/15

Fly with Me (Gully’s Fall, #4) – Angela Verdenius – 5/31/15

Only A Promise (The Survivors’ Club, #5) – Mary Balogh – May, 2015

His Haunted Heart – Lila Felix – May, 2015

Julian’s Pursuit – Haleigh Lovell – May, 2015


Bait (Wake, #1) written by M. Mabie

Abe: Four In Hand (Ties of Steel, #1) written by M.J. Fields

Changing Course (Wrecked and Ruined, #1) written by Aly Martinez

Empathy (Empathy, #1) written by Ker Dukey

Rafe (Inked Brotherhood, #5) written by Jo Raven

Storm (Ashes & Embers, #1) written by Carian Cole

Vandal (Ashes & Embers, #2) written by Carian Cole

Burn for You (Gully’s Fall, #1) written by Angela Verdenius

Hearts of Fire (Hearts, #2) written by L.H. Cosway

Beg (Songs of Submission, #1) written by C.D. Reiss

My Favorite Book of the Month...Drum Roll Please...Hearts of Fire written by L.H. Cosway!!!