Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rush (White Lace, #1) written by Gina Gordon (292 pgs) – finished reading 5/13/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Read this in one sitting...couldn’t put it down!!!  

I couldn’t read this one fast enough! Totally into from page one! This novel took on so much more than I thought it would. When I first began, I thought it was just going to be some erotic nonsense about a young man working as a vice president for some porn entertainment company. But, it was definitely more than that. Max Levin has grown up in the adult entertainment industry. His mother was a porn star and his father owned the company. But, there’s something missing in his life. What it is, he’s not really sure until he meets young and beautiful Everly Parker, roommate to two escorts that he’s considering hiring. He’s very taken with her, and when he volunteers to help her with a personal project, it’s the beginning of a new outlook on life for him. Everly has almost finished her law degree, something that both her parents have stressed is very important. But, what they don’t understand is that she doesn’t even know if she really wants to be a lawyer. It’s pretty much what’s expected of her. She’s worked hard her entire life with school and has not really had much time for pleasure. So, when she meets Max, this is a chance to break out of the boring work-infested mold and have some fun.

Both Max and Everly were awesome characters! He was just so fun and exciting. Always willing to push the envelope, but something was different with him when he was with Everly. He wanted to take his time. Not “rush” into anything. He saw himself falling for her as they spent more time together, and he really was so afraid of getting his heart broken. And, with her that could be a real possibility. Everly was definitely taking more chances while being with Max. She spent more time with him instead of studying all the time. She really was having fun. Pushing the limits. The intimacy between the two was sensual and sweet. Everly knew that she was out of her element with a man like Max. Why would someone so experienced like him want someone like her so vanilla? She constantly questioned his desire for her. She was pretty insecure at times when it came to their relationship. In fact, what kind of relationship was it? He never referred to her as his girlfriend, just “friend” when he introduced her to co-workers, friends, or family. She just knew that when their little project was over that there would be no reason for him to stick around.

I loved this book! It was funny, and heartbreaking, and romantic! The banter between the two was comical. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And, it was hot hot hot!!! The love scenes between Max and Everly. The filming of the movies. The auditions between the actors. Everything was just so smokin’! Jeez!!! (fanning myself constantly) And, that climax...holy crap, didn’t see that coming!!! If you like a little drama, some fun and exciting characters, and hot sex then this is the book for you! Can’t say that I was the least bit disappointed with this one!!!

Holy freakin’ all I have to say about that cover!!!!

Review Written, 5/14/15

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