Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fear Me (Broken Love, #1) written by B.B. Reid (384 pgs) – finished reading 5/17/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

So loved this one! The passion, the intensity, and the darkness just totally consumed me! Can’t wait to start book two!! Two damaged people find themselves so dominated by each other. Even though they swear to stay away, they both keep coming back for more. Both individuals’ stories are so heartbreaking. Kieran being so cold and calculating by bullying Lake since they’ve been young children. And, Lake swearing to not let Kieran in, just can’t help by being so attracted and obsessed with him. Kieran has so many secrets that he is keeping, and he just won’t let Lake get a glimpse of the man he deeply wants to be but knows he’s incapable of since the “darkness” has totally overtaken his soul. When the truth is finally revealed about Kieran’s past and how vile and damaging it really is, I couldn’t help but feel tearfully sorrowful for him. It’s beyond me how young children can be pushed to such lengths as adults damage their young minds and pure essence. Just so horrifying that these things can actually happen!!

This book totally exhausted me for two days! It was draining and bleak! I didn’t know what to expect to happen in the end. Not really a cliffhanger so to speak, but more of a “now I have to get into book two to see how their story ends.” So many secrets revealed, but there’s so much more the reader has to know in order to understand everything that Kieran has gone through. And, what about Lake? How does her life tie into Keiran’s as their connection is finally revealed? Ms. Reid created a brilliant gem of a novel! The supporting characters just brought more realism to the story. And, the villains? Well let’s just say they were evil with a capital “E”! No regret to their despicableness! Greed was practically the only thing that drove these people – whether it be for money or power! Family meant NOTHING!! It was all about them. So, the villains were perfectly portrayed. Yeah, it was hard to put this one down to do anything purposeful during the day. I just couldn’t stop reading it! Riveting and clever are words that I would use to describe Keiran and Lake’s story. They were both strong and confident characters with a mission – to consume each other totally while trying to get the other to break!! This author is definitely one that I am a fan of! Her writing was impeccable and exciting. Going right into book two, Fear You,  now!!

Review Written, 5/21/15

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