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Stanton Adore (Stanton, #1) written by T.L. Swan (375 pgs) – finished reading 3/12/15 – 5 stars - Contempoary Romance


Where to begin? Well, I can honestly say that I was totally blown away by this novel. It really had me chomping at the bit from the very first chapter. The two main characters hit the sheets from the very first page, and it’s HOT!!! Smokin’ dirty talk from two teenagers that definitely set the stage for their intimate encounters. And, that whopper of a secret divulged from that first chapter leads me to believe that this is going to be one heck of a ride. I was so totally into the story and no way in hell was I ever bored. Man, it was just so heavy on the hurt and pain that these two caused each other. Back and forth, “let’s break up” , “this will never work”, “what are we thinking”. They just couldn’t seem to get it together as a couple until they both decided “f**k it, it’s our life”. Damn, what a dilemma that could have devastating consequences for all.

Natasha and Joshua have been in love since they were teenagers, but on that fateful day when Natasha broke Josh’s heart, they have not seen each other since. Josh just can’t forgive her for doing the unspeakable, but what he doesn’t realize is that Natasha was trying to save him. After seven years of no contact whatsoever, the two have no choice but to encounter each other again at a family wedding. Of course there’s friction and tense moments, but neither can forget that extreme feeling of love and infatuation that they felt for one another. What will happen in the coming weeks as both question their real feelings and ultimate choices?

This book was amazing! The characters were confident and compelling. Both main characters seemed to really want everything their own way, though, but when push came to shove they absolutely were in love with each other. Natasha really hasn’t been able to move on with anyone else. Sure she’s had other relationships, but nothing and no one can even come close to the intimacy and feelings that she had for Josh. And, Josh, just seemed to be trying to replace Natasha with every woman possible, but no one ever measured up to “presh”. Now there’s all kinds of things that go on here...jealousy, fighting, partying, drugs, alcohol, and sex. And, wow the sex was explosive!!! HOT and STEAMY! So, scorching between the two!!! These two definitely set the sheets on fire!!!

As the story moves along, the reader knows that something is going to either bring these two together permanently or pull them apart indefinitely. It’s drama and intrigue at it’s very best. Why does Josh have all these bodyguards around? Will their love be strong enough to keep them together? What happens when a distressing secret told to Natasha in desperation has her questioning the ability to destroy lives? The supporting characters has the reader entranced in some fun and entertaining dialogue as well. With some loyal and honest family members and friends, the story takes on a very protective balance. Both main characters know that they will be protected physically as well as emotionally by loved ones. It’s the secrets and lies that has everyone unsteady and questioning the two lovers' real connection. Wow! And, that ending!!! God, that was epic!!! Damn, that was shocking!!! Magnificent story telling! Carnal and passionate intimacy!!! Mind-blowing drama!! And, a profuse amount of secrets and lies!! Who’s to say what will happen next. Well, book two is out now, so it’s onto that I go!!! You will not be disappointed with this intriguing find!!!

Beautiful engaging cover as well!! 

Review Written, 3/17/15

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Love Anthony written by Lisa Genova (320 pgs) – finished reading 9/29/12 – 5 stars - Contemporary Fiction

This is an older review that I had written in September, 2012. It has a very special meaning to me as you will learn if you read it. So, if you enjoy the review and it intrigues you, please read the book and have a compelling emotional experience...it will totally captivate and entertain you. Lisa Genova is one engaging author!!

First, I just want to say ”thank you” to Ms. Genova for writing a book about autism. Regardless if this is a book of fiction, I found myself re-living daily episodes from the past years 19 years with my own son. The author really did her research well. It just gave me a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. I could relate to the main character, Olivia who constantly questions - “Why my son?”, “Why my family?”, “Was it something I did wrong while I was pregnant?”, and “Will we ever find out the true answer?”. Every day in this world we are faced with destruction, chaos, and tragedy – just trying to pick up the pieces for a life gone wrong. But autism does not come from life’s hard-knock choices. It comes from the unknown - a force yet to be reckoned with. So how do we live through the challenges of not knowing what’s in store with our innocent trusting children? Day by day, that’s how – knowing and hoping that you’re making the right choices for them because that is all they have in their corner – you!  

This book didn’t just deal so much with the medical and scholastic aspects of autism. It dealt a lot with the feelings that come with having a child diagnosed with this life-long tragedy. It was beautiful, heartfelt, and meaningful. Now some people have criticized the author’s novel for having too many unnecessary details that were not needed to enrich the story. Well I, for one, thought that the details were important and necessary. It made the story more believable...because, after all, we all have a life to live. I have three other children, and life couldn’t be more hectic. I had to learn to spread myself pretty thin when they were young, and my husband held a job that was very demanding and time-consuming. Now, life is a little easier because my kids are 21, 19, 17, and 16. Without those extra details present in the book, it wouldn’t have shown how autism can have a huge impact on anyone who comes in contact with the disability, not just family members. For example in my experience, I have had people not be able to talk to me or look me in the eye when they first found out about what my son was dealing with, and other times, people wanted to know everything – they were just so interested and supportive. People’s reactions were weird at times. Some people treated my son like any other child, not drawing unwanted critical attention to him, and other people looked like they were scared to death, and didn’t know how to treat him. You never knew what people were going to think or blame you for when they didn’t really know what was really going on. I had people scream at me to take him home when he was having a episode in public, and other people offering their help. I was always surprised one way or the other. And, that’s exactly how Olivia is portrayed in the book when faced with awkward situations from her son, Anthony.

I absolutely loved the book-within-a-book idea. The other main character, Beth, writes a novella told by Anthony, while also living through her own more intimate family crisis. It’s written from his point-of-view. It was simply magical! After reading numerous books and looking up things on the internet for years, it just gave me a different incite as to how these children think and learn. What’s in their head is such a mystery. One minute you think you know what they are thinking because of a past episode, and the next minute, you’re scratching your head saying, “How can that be? It wasn’t like that the last time.” It definitely always keeps you on your toes and constantly keeping your brain in working order. There’s never a dull moment. It’s not all about the tough times, though. It’s also about the happy ones – seeing progress right before your very eyes when looking back through the years. The first word spoken – years later than a normal child, but spoken none the less. The first time they actually look in your eyes – not very often, but when it does happen, you’re so excited that just maybe you’re getting through that barrier built from the inside out. And, of course, the first hug – perhaps they will feel, just a smidge, how much they’re loved.

On that note, I just want to acknowledge to Ms. Genova how much I enjoyed her novel. It was inspiring and moving. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. But most of all, for me it was home.This is the life that my son lives each and every day. Every morning he gets up and takes on the same routine – something that feels comfortable and calming to him. You never know what that particular day will be like – good or bad. But I do know this, whatever it takes, he can count on us to do our finest; whatever he needs, we will provide it the most superb way we can; and, whatever makes him happy, we will always have his best interests at heart.

As the reader, you will probably need a few tissues to get you through the sad parts, but hopefully it will give you a better understanding of just what a child and a family goes through when autism is present in their every day lives. It’s not easy, but you do it because you’re all your child has. I do believe that someday there will be a cure to unlock the mysteries surrounding this spectrum disorder that affects 1 in 88 children – autism. Until then, we just have to practice patience and understanding for these children who are just simply extraordinary in every way possible.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Boy Toy Chronicles (Boy Toy Chronicles, #1) written by Jay McLean (152 pgs) – finished reading 3/7/15 – 3.5 stars - New Adult

This was a short read that had me laughing out loud. What happens when a college fraternity loses their funding? Well they create a male escort service that’s what! This novella packs a punch full of humor and their wacky sexual hook-ups that promise to totally entertain the reader. It wasn’t the most impressive book that I’ve read this year, but all the silliness of it all took me away from the book hangover that I had from just reading an overly emotional heartache. It was told in Tyler’s POV, who happens to be the president of the fraternity, and he really didn’t hold anything back. Funny as hell he is!!! And, the guys that live in the frat house? Well, they’re just as comical. We’re also introduced to Tyler’s friend, Allie, who really is hung up on him secretly. But, what she doesn’t realize is that Tyler is attracted to her and it’s not in a friendship-type manner either. What will happen between these two best friends should they act on their attraction?  Hmmm...it can only get more interesting from here!!!

Looking forward to reading the next installment of this humorous series...

Review Written, 3/9/15

Goodreads...a website to find books that interest you

So, if you’re in the mood to read a book, and have no idea what’s actually out there for the genre’ that interests you or if you’re just looking for something new and fresh, look no more because do I have a website for you. It’s called Goodreads.com. It’s a place where not only can you find books, but you can make friends and join bookclubs to discuss the books that you are reading. It’s almost like a “facebook” for bookreaders. I have been a member for six years, and I can’t tell you how many hours a day I spend on there in addition to actually reading my books. If you are a bookaholic, you are definitely missing out on this website if you are not already a member. I have made quite a few friends and have interacted with a number of authors. It’s a place that makes you feel right at home with booklovers like yourself. Now this is not a website to buy books, but it does contain links to actual on-line bookstores where you can buy your books – whether hardcopy or e-books. In addition to reading the synopis regarding a book, you also get numerous reviews and updates when fellow bookreaders update their accounts. It’s a place to really connect with others if a book is an excellent read.  And, if you’re like me, and can never get enough of a good book, you can always get other readers' recommendations and opinions as to what is the most popular or most notable book recently released. I just can't gush more about how awesome this website really is...

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The Summer Remains written by Seth King (334 pgs) – finished reading 3/5/15 – 5 stars - New Adult


3/5/15 - Wow! This was a heartbreaker. A sob-fest. A powerfully compassionate novel that was inspiring. I have to give myself a breather to think of my review. This is just one that I have to get right to show off this author’s amazing talent...

3/6/15 – Okay, now that the dust has settled, and I have a little more composure after just being dragged through such heartbreak, I can let myself go to review this awesome novel. Well, I’m really not going to go into so much of the story because I’m just so afraid to give away spoilers, but I will talk about the writing and how this author did such a great job of pulling me into the story and making me feel such overwhelming compassion for a girl, a guy, and a love story that one could only dream of. Damn! The writing was just so exquisite. Every thought, every emotion, every touch between the two was beautiful. It really reached into my soul and gripped my will for life. Seth King was a master at telling such a deeply riveting novel that had me having to take breaks after certain chapters when the emotion was just so overpowering. This was a story about a girl so courageous. So funny. So honest. She totally spoke her mind. I can’t say enough positive thoughts that really depict how this compassionate and loyal young woman was portrayed who lived with such a debilitating condition. And, the guy that had her heart, he was in one word – EVERYTHING! And, jeez, I mean he was f**cking everything!! He was such a sweetheart. Gorgeous. And, talented. Smart and supportive. And, it’s not like his life was without suffering either. But, it was more in a helpless and hopeless way. Summer was it for Cooper and Cooper was it for Summer! Two awesome young adults that were totally swept away with love for each other...

I just read and read and read this novel until Part 2’s title was revealed. Man, I knew that it wouldn’t be good, and I cried liked a freaking baby when I realized what was going to happen. And, even now after turning the last page just about 15 hours ago, it still gets to me. That’s how I know that Seth King is a wonderful storyteller. I still feel that pain and heartbreak. The love and the passion. The novel shows just how vulnerable people can be when not knowing if something so precious can be taken away from you in an instant. Each and every character depicted within this book was not without repentance; possibly feeling like they should have done things differently or in a much more gratifying way. But, what they didn’t realize is that Summer was such an amazing and thoughtful young woman that she would forgive them no matter what the circumstances. She was just that confident and believing in fate. She knew what was going to eventually happen, and she put on a brave front while accepting the inevitable.

“Life is a game of odds. I knew that much by now. It is Scrabble on steriods. There is no order, symmetry, or destiny. We are on our own. Sometimes you win dazzlingly and sometimes you fail spectacularly. That’s just how it is. I learned all that from someone I loved a lot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find order in the numbers; miracles in the odds; magic in the madness. Summer was the miracle I found in the random chaos of the world, a spirit in the dark. I don’t have to wonder about God anymore, because I found my own religion on the streets of Jacksonville Beach this summer. And now it was time to send her off in style.” - Cooper (Chap. 28)

“There is no ‘but,’ Summer. You created one perfect little summer for me, and I’m grateful, and I’m gonna take it with me, no matter what happens. This summer will remain, I promise.” – Cooper (Chap. 20)

The Summer Remains

Ankles in the emerald waves
Hand in hand, hip to hip, try and be brave
But what we can’t say, we both know
Our love won’t make it past this horror show

Looking for heaven under these palms, finding hell instead
Getting closer to the fire with every fight, every sip, every breath
Got lost in your glow, thought it was a halo
Turns out that elixir was poison, and those devils, they gotcha on the
down low

Now we’re side by side as the day breaks, ‘bout to face the sun
Golden hair, golden skin, the golden ones
Angels headed straight to hell and we both know it, here in these waves
‘Least I got you beside me while we face the flames

But hold up, babe, take my hand
Diamonds, platinum, wedding bands
What we had, it’s gonna stay
Even though this world, it’s headed for the grave

The summer remains  - (Chap. 27)

And, to Seth about that dedication and note that you wrote in the back of your book regarding your brother – Elegantly Spoken...

Looking forward to reading more from this author, but if all of his books are written in this manner, I’m going to have to stock up on tons of boxes of tissues!!

I love this cover...so mesmerizing and relaxing. Just makes you wish for summer and the beach!!!

Review Written, 3/6/15

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You and I, Alone (You and I, #1) written by Melissa Toppen (321 pgs) – finished reading 2/10/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

2/10/15 - Fantastic! Two strong and passionate main characters who were afraid of commitment, but seemed to find something so powerful and endearing in each other. So looking forward to continuing their story in the next installment to this trilogy...

3/4/15 – This one gets off the blocks running and it doesn’t let up with the drama, intrigue, and intimacy until the final page is turned. Two people so in control of their lives while both are dealing with ramifications in the past with career ending injuries. Bentley is rich, gorgeous, and smart. He’s the owner of several exclusive nightclubs that cater to the rich and famous. Anna/Logan is an exotic dancer in one of his nightclubs that is also a hard-working college student. She’s basically always done her own thing. When these two meet, however, their chemistry and attraction is off-the-charts. Can two strong and confident individuals let down their guard enough to let another see them for who they really are? Bentley, though, wants Logan any way he can have her. He’s not willing to stand by and let someone else come between them. He wines and dines her with meaningful gifts in order to show her that he’s more than capable of making her happy.

Wow! Both Logan and Bentley (not too crazy about a gorgeous guy with a name like that, though) were amazing! When they are together intimately it’s scorching and just plain HOT!!! Way to write those sex scenes Ms. Toppen!!! They were just so erotically charged with heat and intensity!  As their relationship deepens, however, Logan does seem to let Bentley in more and more each time they are together. The book does end in a cliffhanger, and it’s a shame that I have to wait until April to see how their relationship evolves some more. It’s such a great story, though, I’m willing to wait it out. Ms. Toppen pulls the reader into the story with two explosive characters and their seductive lives. Both Logan and Bentley were totally likable as they learn how much that they are willing to sacrifice to find love. I’m sure that there will be much more drama, and I’m hoping that there are some juicy secrets as well, when the other two parts of this trilogy are released. I had no idea what I was going to encounter within this book because I had never read a Melissa Toppen book before, but I was definitely entertained and enjoyed every word of it. This is one thrilling read!

Oh, and if you get a chance, check out the Book Trailer on YouTube...it’s pretty cool!!!!

Review Written, 3/4/15

Kyland (A Sign of Love) written by Mia Sheridan (264 pgs) – finished reading 3/2/15 – 5 stars - New Adult


3/2/15 – What an amazing story! I loved it! Finished reading it around 2:30 this morning. Just couldn’t put it down! I had to know how everything played out in the end! Mia Sheridan strikes again with one powerful couple...

3/4/15 - Wow! What did I just read? That was just Mia Sheridan putting beautiful words down on paper, sucking me into her story, and playing with my emotions magnificently. Again, the author just blows me away with her ability to create characters that are so brave and confident. Both main characters within this book were passionately honest about leaving their dirt-poor broken lives behind. Both Kyland Barrett and Tenleigh Falyn have lived their entire lives in a small mining town in the Appalachian Mountains. There’s not much within their town other than the mine that employs men from the surrounding area. So, when they become seniors in high school, their idea of winning the Tyton Coal Scholarship is their only hope to leave the desolent town behind.

Tenleigh pretty much keeps to herself walking six miles to and from school where her small trailer sits on the mountain. And, Kyland really has no friends to speak of as he resides in a meager house along that same mountain. They soon begin to strike up conversations as they encounter each other every now and then. Neither one wants to form any long-lasting attachment, but as their friendship deepens and they begin to form a more intimate relationship, what will happen when there can  only be one possible winner for the scholarship that will take them away from their painful and destitute life? Now, when I say that they were dirt-poor, I really mean these people didn’t know if they were going to be eating a meal from one day to the next. It was beyond sad. So heartbreaking that these people were that desperate just to survive. Kyland and Tenleigh were two caring and compassionate people that just wanted to make a better life for themselves and the ones they loved. They were a super warm-hearted couple that were so attracted to each other. When their intimacy progresses, Kyland is more than patient and tender with Tenleigh. He’s just such beautiful guy. Tenleigh knows what his ultimate plan for the future is, but she still falls head-over-heels for him entirely.  What transpires eventually, though, when one of them destroys the other with a betrayal so despicable that the other is devastated to the extreme, just can’t be denied or understood whatsoever. Oh, man, it was such a slap in the face. Just so deplorable! Damn, I cried!! I knew that something dire was going to happen, but I was not prepared for it to be so unbearably wretched. Will they ever get their “happily ever after” as a couple?? I just couldn’t say. Not every book has to end with a HEA – right?

My God, this book really did me in. It was so uplifting that two people could really put each other before themselves. To sacrifice their happiness to save one another was nothing less than commendable. Two unselfish and caring individuals that were each other’s half to their whole. Such a great couple that I kept rooting for them every step of the way towards getting out of their current reality of hell. Ms. Sheridan pulls the reader into the book as you meet the people and their existence of a meager Kentucky town. Her prose was beautifully written as she describes in detail the characters’ lives and their bitter task for survival. This was one emotional novel that had me thinking about it long after the last paged was turned. I finished this book two days ago, and I’m still thinking about those people and their bitter will to survive both mentally and physically. Just such an eye-opening type of story about a topic that I’m sure really does exist in today’s society. I’m so thrilled to see what this author will tackle next. Her stories are complex but yet so relatable. Her characters deal with some of the most desperate circumstances that life has to offer. But, they are survivors and their stories are moving beyond substance. Loved, loved this novel! I don’t think that I ever high-lighted so much of an author’s written words before. I hope that anyone who reads this story feels the same sort of compelling message as I did...

“What are your dreams? Tell me,” he whispered.

To fall in love with someone who stays. To stop wishing so hard it could be you.

“Hmm. To see the ocean. To dance in the surf. To go to dinner at a restaurant. To have more than one pair of shoes. To get one of those store-bought birthday cakes with the perfect pink roses in the corners. To get my mama a good doctor who knows how to heal her. To be a teacher-to inspire kids to love books as much as I do. To live in a house with a yard and a garden and my very own bed.”

He was quiet for a second. Finally, he said very quietly, “You should have all those things and more.”

“What are your dreams, Kyland? Other than leaving here...what things do you hope for?”

He was silent for several beats. “I want to be an engineer. I want to have a refrigerator that’s always stocked with food. I want to do something that matters-that really, really makes a difference. And I want to recognize that thing when it shows up.”

I smiled, grateful he had shared that part of his heart with me. “I bet you’ll do all those things, and even more,” I said, feeling just a tinge of sadness. I wanted him to achieve his dreams, but I wondered if, when he did, I would only be a small memory in his head. ~ Tenleigh (Chap. 14)

“I think that when enough time has passed, when you’ve survived that which you didn’t imagine you could, there’s a dignity in that. Something you can own. A pride in knowing the pain made you stronger. The pain made you fight to succeed. Someday, when I’m living my dreams, I’m going to think of all the things that broke my heart and I’m going to be thankful for them.” – TF

Even you, Kyland. ~ Tenleigh (Chap.15)

“We had everything we needed. None of it was big. Most of it was simple. But what I knew in that moment was that the size of your home, your car, your wallet, doesn’t have one single thing to do with the size of your life. And my life...my life felt big, filled with love and with meaning.” ~ Kyland (Epilogue)

Review Written, 3/4/15

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Books Read in February, 2015

Breaking Shaun (Breaking Free, #2) written by A.M. Abel

She Writes Loves written by Sandi Lynn

Country Heaven (Country Love Series, #1) written by Vicki Green

Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel, #1) written by Allie Juliette Mousseau

You and I, Alone (You and I, #1) written by Melissa Toppen

Endure (The Greyson-Slade Series, #1) written by Kristin Kitchen

Emerge (The Greyson-Slade Series, #2) written by Kristin Kitchen

Embrace (The Greyson-Slade Series, #3) written by Kristin Kitchen

Crash Ride (Power-Station, #2) written by T. Gephart

The Keys to Jericho written by Ren Alexander

Kinged (City’s Secrets, #2) written by B.B. Hamel

Beautiful Dangerous written by Penny Dee

MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE MONTH.....DRUM ROLE PLEASE... The Keys to Jericho written by Ren Alexander

Embrace (The Greyson-Slade Series, #3) written Kristin Kitchen (550 pgs) – finished reading 2/19/15 – 5 stars - Romantic Suspense

Damn!!! If I could give this book 10 stars, I would! And, not just because the Hero was amazing, I mean he was okay, but the Heroine was off-the-charts fearless. Joss Brockton was one of the strongest most courageous women ever. It was totally her story, and she shined!! Every woman should be like Joss – kind, loyal, smart, beautiful. But, it’s integrity that makes everyone love her. When Chris Greyson meets Joss, he’s totally taken with her beauty and fearlessness. Even though he doesn’t know Joss’ story, he knows that there’s something that keeps her from getting too involved. She’s hiding something. Something so painful and devastating that she’s scared to really let anybody into her life. She does, though, tell Chris’ brother John her story, and it’s not a pretty one. It’s one heartbreaking loss that claimed two innocent lives that is forever branded into her mind. And, Chris is not without damage either. He’s an ex-Army Ranger that was a prisoner of war that is suffering from PSTD. His life is now totally different now that he is at home as he is plagued with agonizing nightmares from time to time. Joss lives near him, and wants to help him through his anxiety and grief from the pain of his anguish. But, he is also stubborn, so she’s going to have to be more creative when trying to comfort him.

I thought that the novel would deal more with Chris’ story, but was surprised when it took on more of Joss’ traumatic past. And, a traumatic past is what she totally has. It was so sad and painful to read the agony of what she had to live with. I just couldn’t imagine such a devastating loss. The author writes her story with passion and intensity. And, as she also terrorized by an individual who is completely obsessed with her, the reader learns just how strong and brave a person she really is. She is one determined and fierce young woman!! This was totally her story, and it was remarkable! The Greyson-Slade guys still are hanging around with their women by their sides as weddings, births, and other events are celebrated. So, the reader gets caught up-to-date as to changes within all the characters lives. I just loved how the author keeps the action moving with the intrigue and intensity building as the climax is heading to the forefront. You know something big is going to drop, and drop it does with depth and emotion that affects the energy of the story. It’s to the extreme that everything comes together as the reader is catapulted into high emotional oblivion. WOW!! Did I just all that? I just got a little carried away I guess. But, take my word for it, Joss’ story is powerful! You will no way in hell be disappointed!!! Waiting now to see what Ms. Kitchen has next up her sleeve!!!

Review Written, 3/1/15

Beautiful Dangerous written by Penny Dee (331 pgs) finished reading 2/28/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

This is another rockstar book that I really enjoyed! The characters were interesting and the story was fun and not so full of drama. Just an easy read! The book centers around two brothers who have become rockstar legends and two sisters who just happen to attract their attention. While at a concert for Ozstryker (which for the life of me I tried and tried to pronounce their name and just couldn’t get it...lol) two sisters Layla and Beth are having a grand old time rocking out to their music. Layla catches the attention of the younger brother, Jax, while Beth is totally smitten with the older brother, Jimmy. Layla’s not really into the whole rockstar thing, but goes along for the ride with Beth. And, when she meets Jax Ozstryker, she’s blown away with his beauty and sexy smile. He’s one intoxicating male with his green eyes and dark hair. Layla knows that she could lose herself in this guy. So, when Beth decides to go on tour with the band, what’s a loyal sister to do but become the band’s personal photographer. She someday wants to go to photographer school,  and what better way to get experience then to spend time photographing a rockband.

The story is written in Layla’s POV, who is just such a nice and genuine person. She’s beautiful, smart, and hard-working. Some years ago her mother passed away, and she just always felt that it was her responsibility to look after her family. So when her sister decides to tour with the band, how can she not go along and support Beth. The fact that she’s attracted to Jax Ozstryker is just another bonus in itself. As she tries to keep their relationship on a more employer/employee level, she finds herself spending time with him personally. But, Jax has a son and an ex-wife, who just happens to be a bitch. When the ex finds out about Layla, she tries to suck Jax back into her calculating web of guilt with tormenting grief. What is he to do? Does this couple stand a chance to keep their love intact when one from the past is so hellbent on playing with Jax’s conflicted emotions just to get what she wants?

This was an awesome book! There was some drama that definitely included that uncertainty of exactly how the novel would play out. Some unpredictable situations occurred, which I did not see coming. So, hats off to Ms. Dee for surprising me! The characters were definitely interesting. Jimmy was funny as hell! He was way out there!!! And Drew Paul and Nero were definitely pretty amusing too. And, Beth, well I couldn’t count how many times I laughed out loud at her hilarious outbursts! Both Jimmy and her were just to die for!!! But when it came to Layla and Jax, well they were just perfect!!! I loved them as a couple, and I was so hoping for them to get their “happily ever after”!!! Oh, and the ending with that epilogue - EXCELLENT!!!  Looking forward to reading more from this incredible author....

“His eyes were closed as he lost himself in his playing. His fingers danced over the strings. The crowd was enthralled. I was captivated. When he opened his eyes, they found mine and he smiled. It was that moment – that very moment – I fell in love with Jax Ozstryker. Head first, stupid, crazy in love with him.” ~ Layla (Chap. 17)

And DAMN, another mind-blowing cover!!! SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Review Written, 3/1/15