Friday, March 6, 2015

The Summer Remains written by Seth King (334 pgs) – finished reading 3/5/15 – 5 stars - New Adult


3/5/15 - Wow! This was a heartbreaker. A sob-fest. A powerfully compassionate novel that was inspiring. I have to give myself a breather to think of my review. This is just one that I have to get right to show off this author’s amazing talent...

3/6/15 – Okay, now that the dust has settled, and I have a little more composure after just being dragged through such heartbreak, I can let myself go to review this awesome novel. Well, I’m really not going to go into so much of the story because I’m just so afraid to give away spoilers, but I will talk about the writing and how this author did such a great job of pulling me into the story and making me feel such overwhelming compassion for a girl, a guy, and a love story that one could only dream of. Damn! The writing was just so exquisite. Every thought, every emotion, every touch between the two was beautiful. It really reached into my soul and gripped my will for life. Seth King was a master at telling such a deeply riveting novel that had me having to take breaks after certain chapters when the emotion was just so overpowering. This was a story about a girl so courageous. So funny. So honest. She totally spoke her mind. I can’t say enough positive thoughts that really depict how this compassionate and loyal young woman was portrayed who lived with such a debilitating condition. And, the guy that had her heart, he was in one word – EVERYTHING! And, jeez, I mean he was f**cking everything!! He was such a sweetheart. Gorgeous. And, talented. Smart and supportive. And, it’s not like his life was without suffering either. But, it was more in a helpless and hopeless way. Summer was it for Cooper and Cooper was it for Summer! Two awesome young adults that were totally swept away with love for each other...

I just read and read and read this novel until Part 2’s title was revealed. Man, I knew that it wouldn’t be good, and I cried liked a freaking baby when I realized what was going to happen. And, even now after turning the last page just about 15 hours ago, it still gets to me. That’s how I know that Seth King is a wonderful storyteller. I still feel that pain and heartbreak. The love and the passion. The novel shows just how vulnerable people can be when not knowing if something so precious can be taken away from you in an instant. Each and every character depicted within this book was not without repentance; possibly feeling like they should have done things differently or in a much more gratifying way. But, what they didn’t realize is that Summer was such an amazing and thoughtful young woman that she would forgive them no matter what the circumstances. She was just that confident and believing in fate. She knew what was going to eventually happen, and she put on a brave front while accepting the inevitable.

“Life is a game of odds. I knew that much by now. It is Scrabble on steriods. There is no order, symmetry, or destiny. We are on our own. Sometimes you win dazzlingly and sometimes you fail spectacularly. That’s just how it is. I learned all that from someone I loved a lot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find order in the numbers; miracles in the odds; magic in the madness. Summer was the miracle I found in the random chaos of the world, a spirit in the dark. I don’t have to wonder about God anymore, because I found my own religion on the streets of Jacksonville Beach this summer. And now it was time to send her off in style.” - Cooper (Chap. 28)

“There is no ‘but,’ Summer. You created one perfect little summer for me, and I’m grateful, and I’m gonna take it with me, no matter what happens. This summer will remain, I promise.” – Cooper (Chap. 20)

The Summer Remains

Ankles in the emerald waves
Hand in hand, hip to hip, try and be brave
But what we can’t say, we both know
Our love won’t make it past this horror show

Looking for heaven under these palms, finding hell instead
Getting closer to the fire with every fight, every sip, every breath
Got lost in your glow, thought it was a halo
Turns out that elixir was poison, and those devils, they gotcha on the
down low

Now we’re side by side as the day breaks, ‘bout to face the sun
Golden hair, golden skin, the golden ones
Angels headed straight to hell and we both know it, here in these waves
‘Least I got you beside me while we face the flames

But hold up, babe, take my hand
Diamonds, platinum, wedding bands
What we had, it’s gonna stay
Even though this world, it’s headed for the grave

The summer remains  - (Chap. 27)

And, to Seth about that dedication and note that you wrote in the back of your book regarding your brother – Elegantly Spoken...

Looking forward to reading more from this author, but if all of his books are written in this manner, I’m going to have to stock up on tons of boxes of tissues!!

I love this mesmerizing and relaxing. Just makes you wish for summer and the beach!!!

Review Written, 3/6/15

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