Monday, March 9, 2015

Boy Toy Chronicles (Boy Toy Chronicles, #1) written by Jay McLean (152 pgs) – finished reading 3/7/15 – 3.5 stars - New Adult

This was a short read that had me laughing out loud. What happens when a college fraternity loses their funding? Well they create a male escort service that’s what! This novella packs a punch full of humor and their wacky sexual hook-ups that promise to totally entertain the reader. It wasn’t the most impressive book that I’ve read this year, but all the silliness of it all took me away from the book hangover that I had from just reading an overly emotional heartache. It was told in Tyler’s POV, who happens to be the president of the fraternity, and he really didn’t hold anything back. Funny as hell he is!!! And, the guys that live in the frat house? Well, they’re just as comical. We’re also introduced to Tyler’s friend, Allie, who really is hung up on him secretly. But, what she doesn’t realize is that Tyler is attracted to her and it’s not in a friendship-type manner either. What will happen between these two best friends should they act on their attraction? can only get more interesting from here!!!

Looking forward to reading the next installment of this humorous series...

Review Written, 3/9/15

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