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Three, Two, One (321) written by J.A. Huss (288 pgs) – finished reading 1/29/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

I just finished reading this a few hours ago. What did I just read?? It was one big hurricane of emotions. One heartstopping lustful romance. And, twists and turns and tragedy that I never saw coming. This was my first J.A. Huss read, and if all her books are like this, then I’m a huge fan. After turning the last page, I just sat there – too overcome by the ending. The climax was riveting and painful. All that chaos between the truth and what was really going down. I just knew that Ark was hiding something big. What it was, I had no idea. He was brooding and dark. Always in control. And, Blue? Wow, she was broken to the core as she tries to hide from pain of her abuse. Always reaching out just not to be alone. While the third member of this trio, JD, really was a mystery. He was your typical happy-go-lucky guy. Always smiling. Joking around. But, there was something deep below the surface that was just not right. He was drowning in guilt and loss. All this destruction and torment finally explodes in minutes as lives are lost, truths come out, and the pain of it all destroys their threesome.

I flew right through this novel. I only put it down to cook dinner, and even that was in a flurry. It kept my attention until the bitter end. Two best friends who encounter a damaged young woman on a rainy night. The three begin a relationship like none other. It’s passionate. It’s lustful. It’s erotic as well as tender. FIERY HOT, HOT HOT, AND THEN SOME!!! Nothing like any of them have ever experienced before. And, when lines get crossed a few months down the road, everything goes to shit. This was one hell of a ride! I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m not going to say anymore about the story, but I will say that I was deeply moved by the connection that these three people had. It was written intricately with suspenseful fascination. Sure the language was graphic and the intimacy was dangerously erotic, but I thought it was perfectly portrayed with realism. It was written in dual POV’s by Ark and Blue. What I thought was interesting is that the author chose not to include JD’s POV. I wonder why??? Did I miss something??

No truer story could have been interpreted with more intensity and anguish as what this author brought to the table while writing such an emotional drama. So, don’t pass this one up! It’s intricately woven together with three soulmates that are bound by eternal desire.

“Three soulmates. Two broken hearts. One last chance to set it right” ~ Blue (Chap. 51)

“One lost girl. Two best friends. Three eternal soulmates.” ~ Jake (Ark) (Chap. 52)

Review Written, 1/29/15

High Strung (Power Station, #1) written by T. Gephart (260 pgs) – finished reading 1/22/15 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance

When Ashlyn Murphy meets Dan Evans for the first time, she can’t stand him. He’s so full of himself and such an arrogant jerk. They’re just too opposite. She’s a college educated young woman waiting for her dream job, and he’s a bass player for a rock band that trots around the globe. What will happen if this unlikely pair get together as a couple? Will they have a chance of making it work?

This was a fun read that had me laughing out loud during some of this couple’s comical bantering moments. Ashlyn could definitely give it as good as she got it, and Dan with his potty mouth, said some of the most outrageous stuff. He was one entertaining dude!

“What’s wrong with muffins?” Troy scoffed. Poor f**ker had no clue. “It’s like a poor man’s cupcake. No frosting. So f**king dry. I’m putting something cake like in my mouth then I want it to be sweet and f**king tasty. Not some lame-ass muffin that has all the promise of goodness and then leaves you unsatisfied. It’s like a girl who stuffs her bra to make her tits look bigger and then you get her home and boom, no big tits. I hate false advertising man, makes me angry.” ~ Dan (Chap. 8)

Dan Evans is just one of those types of characters that you can’t help but love. He’s funny and cocky, and of course, gorgeous with dark hair and dark eyes while displaying colorful tattoos. He’s a badass sexy rocker. and he knows it too. Now Ashlyn, she’s one tough cookie. Smart, beautiful, and determined. She takes no shit from anyone. She doesn’t know whether or not to let Dan into her life at the moment because she has an agenda right now. But, uggghhh, it’s just so like Dan to push himself in without being invited.

This was one rockin’ book! I really enjoyed it! And, the hotness, well let’s just say it was off-the-charts sizzling!!! Dan and Ashlyn together was intensely erotic. Dan was oftentimes tenderly kind towards Ashlyn too. He was just so damn cute!! This one hooked me right in from page one and didn’t let up until I turned the last page. It was my first read written by T. Gephart, and it won’t be my last. I highly recommend reading it!!!

“Life isn’t about the perfect plan. It’s about the perfect storm that engulfs you when you’re busy living it.” ~ Ashlyn (Chap. 28)

Review Written, 1/29/15 

Winter (Four Seasons, #1) written by Frankie Rose (301 pgs) – finished reading 1/18/15 – 5 stars - New Adult (Romantic Suspense)

1/18/15 – Great start to a new series written by Frankie Rose! I was so hooked from the beginning. So many storylines that had some bombshell secrets exposed. Couldn’t have guessed that ending if I tried! Didn’t see that coming at all! Compelling main characters along with engaging supporting characters that were so beneficial to the story’s intense drama. And, the couple’s romance was passionate and steamy. One hardcore mindf**k this was! Don’t doubt me when I say that this book shouldn’t be missed! Can’t wait for the next installment to the series to be released!!

1/29/15 - One of my favorite series that I read last year was the Blood & Roses series by Callie Hart! So imagine my surprise when I heard that Callie Hart is actually Frankie Rose and she has a new book out – Winter!!! Yay!!!

This was romantic suspense at its finest! From one chapter to the next the intensity builds with several burning questions and more shocking secrets revealed. Ups and downs and all sorts of twists and turns. A rollercoaster type of enigma. And, characters that were locked in with emotionally challenging moments. OMG!! And, the unpredictable essence of what was going to happen next was high-drama personified. This totally rocked my world with excitement and surprise! Cops, college kids, and musicians along with family drama and unexpected predators just add to the mix while bringing about one hell of suspenseful climax. Didn’t see that coming! No way! Totally unpredictable was how I saw that going down. On the edge of your seat thrilling. This was an excellent introduction to a new series! It included one hot couple that was compelling and passionate. Their romance was touch and go at times, but that spark was there keeping them together as one irrevocable couple. Both characters experienced different horrifying tragedies in their lives, which left them broken and disgraced. It’s so painful to witness two young people jumping over obstacles at a time when life is supposed to be fun and exciting. Now I’m not going to delve into the story because I’m afraid I’ll give away a spoiler, but I will say how deep into the story I felt myself disappearing. I was swept away into the nitty-gritty of the scheme of things.

I can’t say enough positive things about the multiple storylines and character development that was explored. One of my favorite reads so far this year! Magnificent! Endures a somewhat sad but hopeful ending. It doesn’t involve so much as a cliffhanger per se, but it’s more like a “see ya later” type of ending. Book 2 can’t come quick enough!!!!

Review Written, 1/29/15

Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) written by Penelope Douglas (368 pgs) – finished reading 1/14/15 – 4 stars - New Adult

So many people have read this book. It’s ranking is totally way up there. There’s just something about Penelope Douglas’ writing that keeps the reader entertained. Her characters are raw and intense while her story is gripping with reality and intrigue. This particular addition to her Falling Away series is told from a male’s POV. It’s actually the first book re-told from Jared’s side. The reader really hears just how destructive and painful his life is. Now that’s no excuse to treat his once best friend, Tate, so horribly, but it does at least let the reader see where he’s coming from. He seems to think that he’s entitled to his anger and bitterness, and time after time after time, it’s directed towards Tate, and she has no idea why. They had once been best friends. It really makes no sense to her.

I did find this quite similiar to the first book, Bully, but then I noticed that there were extra scenes added to this installment to actually relate it more towards Jared’s life. I thought possibly it would have been better if both Jared’s and Tate’s POV’s were together in the same book. I always have issues with the same book being written twice only from two different POV’s. It tends to turn me off and not keep me interested. I did read this, though, giving the author a chance to entertain me. Believe it or not, I was impressed. I did like Bully better, however, but this was not far behind. Jared did redeem himself somewhat, but I still find it hard to read anything about a “bully”. I always think to myself, that being the “bully” is just the coward’s way out. I know this is a fictional account of one, but this is more common and widespread than you think. It’s happening every day, which is just so sad. I thought that the author portrayed the characters’ vulnerabilities spot-on. She explored their feelings with disappointment and bitterness. Tate, obviously being the disappointed one, somewhere along the line takes back her life and embraces the will to fight for herself. While Jared is filled with bitterness and contempt as he knows that what he’s doing is wrong and really believes that Tate is his. The truth comes out eventually, but will Tate forgive Jared and give him another chance?

With a superb supporting cast of characters along with two dynamic main characters, this was one hell of a bumpy ride. One not to be overlooked as it promises to bring this moving love story to tears.

“Yesterday lasts forever. Tomorrow comes never. Until you.” ~ Jared (Chap. 30)

That’s some eye-popping cover!!! Just draws the reader in...

Review Written, 1/29/15

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


1.The Tristan & Danika Series written by R.K. Lilley (includes books – Bad Things, Rock Bottom, & Lovely Trigger)

2. The Holding You Series written by Jewel E. Ann (includes books – Holding You & Releasing Me)

3. The Carnage Series written by Lesley Jones (includes books – The Story of Us & The Story of Me)

4. The Exquisite Series written by Ella Frank (includes books – Exquisite, Entice, & Edible)

5.The Blood & Roses Series written by Callie Hart (includes books – Deviant, Fracture, Burn, Fallen, Twisted, & Collateral)


   1. Stinger written by Mia Sheridan
  2. Asher (Inked Brotherhood, #1) written by Jo Raven

  3. Making Faces written by Amy Harmon
  4. Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1) written by Olivia                          Cunning
  5. Lead (Stage Dive, #3) written by Kylie Scott
  6. Zane (Inked Brotherhood, #3) written by Jo Raven
  7. Beck (Corps Security, #3) written by Sloan Harper

  8. Archer’s Voice written by Mia Sheridan
  9. Ash to Steele written by Karen-Anne Stewart

10. With This Heart written by R.S. Grey

Monday, January 26, 2015

50+ BOOKS THAT ARE BEING RELEASED IN FEBRUARY, 2015 (Mostly Contemporary Romance and New Adult with a touch of Erotica)


Keela (Slater Brothers, #2.5) – L.A. Casey – 2/1/15

Confessions (The Battling McGuire, #1) – Cynthia Eden – 2/1/15

Black Hills Secrets (Black Hills, #4) – A.C. Wilson – 2/1/15

Get Off on the Pain (Pain, #1) – Victoria Ashley – 2/2/15

Verum (The Nocte Trilogy, #2) – Courtney Cole – 2/2/15

The First Kiss (Sweetest Kisses, #2) - Grace Burrowes - 2/3/15

Quarterback Draw (Play by Play, #9) - Jaci Burton - 2/3/15

Better When He’s Bold (Welcome to the Point, #2) – Jay Crownover – 2/3/15

I’ll Meet You There – Heather Demetrios – 2/3/15

Crash & Burn (Tessa Leoni, #3) – Lisa Gardner – 2/3/15

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah – 2/3/15

The Raven (The Florentine, #1) – Sylvain Reynard – 2/3/15

Agent’s Code – Alessandra Thomas – 2/3/15

Hero – Samantha Young – 2/3/15

Keys to My Cuffs (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, #4) – Lani Lynn Vale – 2/4/15

The Hooker and the Hermit – L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid – 2/5/15

Every Heart (Every Soul, #2) – L.K. Collins – 2/6/15

Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day, #1.5) - T.M. Frazier - 2/9/15

Monster Stepbrother - Harlow Grace - 2/9/15

Rebel (Blood & Roses, #7) – Callie Hart – 2/9/15

Saving Jay (Breaking Free, #3) – E.M. Abel – 2/10/15

When Reason Breaks – Cindy L. Rodriguez – 2/10/15

Undersold (City’s Secrets, #1) – B.B. Hamel – 2/12/15

Somewhere Only We Know – Barbara Freethy – 2/12/15

Maybe – Amber L. Johnson – 2/12/15

Obligation (Underground Kings, #2) – Aurora Rose Reynolds – 2/12/15

Completion (The Kane Trilogy, #3.5) – Stylo Fantome – 2/13/15

Bender – M. Stratton – 2/13/15

Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella (On Dublin Street, #5.5) – Samantha Young - 2/14/15

A Pirate’s Life for Me (Governess Brides, #10) – Christina Dodd – 2/15/15

Becoming the Whiskey Princess (Taking Risks, #2) – Toni Aleo – 2/16/15

Dirty Deeds (Dirty Angels, #2) – Karina Halle – 2/16/15

The Hurricane – R.J. Prescott – 2/16/15

Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) – Sawyer Bennett – 2/17/15

Matched – S.E. Hall & Angela Graham – 2/17/15

Unexpected Fate – Harper Sloan – 2/17/15

Crash Ride (Power Station, #2) – T. Gephart – 2/19/15

The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1) – Cassia Leo – 2/20/15

Amplify (Rockstar, #3) – Anne Mercier – 2/22/15

Island Born (The Island, #1) – Viv Daniels – 2/23/15

A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars, #1) – A.L. Jackson – 2/23/15

Living in Secret (Living In..., #3) - Jackie Ashenden - 2/24/15

Slow Burn (Driven, #5) - K. Bromberg - 2/24/15

Running Blind (One-Eyed Jacks, #3) - Cindy Gerard - 2/24/15

Once and Always - Julia Harper (Elizabeth Hoyt) - 2/24/15

Unleashed (Uninvited, #2) – Sophie Jordan – 2/24/15

The Girls of Mischief Bay (Mischief Bay, #1) – Susan Mallery – 2/24/15

Killian (On the Line, #1) – Brenda Rothert – 2/24/15

Prodigal Son – Danielle Steel – 2/24/15

Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5) – S.C. Stephens – 2/24/15

Good Girl Gone (The Reed Brothers, #7) – Tammy Falkner – 2/25/15

The Perfect Match – Debbie Macomber – 2/26/15

The Object of His Desire – S.R. Watson – 2/26/15

My Captain (Neil & Elaina, #2) – Raine Miller – 2/27/15

Fire Down Below (Gynazule, #1) – Debra Anastasia – 2/28/15

Strike (Sphere of Agony, #2) – Heather Leigh – 2/28/15

First – Theresa Rite – 2/28/15

Undersold (City’s Secrets, #1) written by B.B. Hamel (151 pgs) – finished reading 1/25/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

The story pulled me in right from the beginning. There’s just something so powerfully erotic about a mysterious man, and Shane Green was just that man. Shane is confident and strong. Not just in body, but in attitude and spirit too! He’s rather the controlling type, making rules as he goes along, but there’s a disturbing reason that has to do with his family that pretty much dictates as to how and why he lives his life so privately. Oh, and here comes little nerdy and plain Amy Woodall. To herself she’s just your normal hard-working young woman. But, to Shane, she’s much more than that. When they finally come face-to-face under unusual circumstances, they’re both shocked by the familiarity with each other. They’ve been secretly in contact through an on-line dating service while neither realizes who the other is. What will happen as Shane’s need for privacy and rules regarding their relationship comes into play? Will Amy go along with Shane’s need for secrecy?

This novel sucked me in from the very first page. It was a short quick read that packed a punch with family, friends, and lovers. I wasn’t always the happiest with Shane and Amy. I thought that Shane was just a little too controlling with Amy. His feelings seemed to come first and foremost. But, when I found out Shane’s reasoning for all the privacy and his need to safeguard the ones he loved, I felt that he was more than justified when it came to his actions. I couldn’t help but feel what a protective and loyal man he actually was. And, Amy at times came off a little desperate when it involved Shane’s will to dominate her. It just seemed like whatever Shane wanted her to do, she did. She was somewhat of a doormat. Sometimes I didn’t think that Shane realized just how much he was hurting her.  But, in reality, Amy seemed like she would do just about anything for the people she loved.

This was an enjoyable first novel from new author B.B. Hamel. She writes her characters with devotion and integrity. Their love story was erotically passionate with a strong emotional connection. I did like the take on how the handsome billionaire was attracted to the nerdy tech employee. The idea totally swept me away. As the story is written in Amy’s POV, I couldn’t help but feel her pain when a death claims one of her family members.  It was very sad and touching when she realizes that they are no longer suffering. The author brought me into the story with interest and emotion from the very first page until the warmhearted ending brought closure to their story. So looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

**Thanks to the author for providing me a copy for an honest review**

Review Written, 1/26/15

Friday, January 23, 2015

Post Breakup Sex (Copperline, #1) written by Sibylla Matilde (276 pgs) – finished reading 1/23/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

I started this book 8pm last night and finished it at 3am this morning! I couldn’t put it down! I just had to know how everything worked out! It was that entertaining! I love a book that once you finish one chapter you say “okay, I’ll just read one more and put it down” and then it’s onto one more chapter after that and so on. And, then before you know it, you’ve read the whole entire book. This was and is that type of book! I was just so wrapped up in the story and the characters. And, what a bunch of “characters” they were! Now, my favorite Sibylla Matilde character has always been Ronin from Little Conversations. From the first time that I read about him, my heart soared!!! He was that magnificent! Just such a beautiful desirous male! But, now that I’ve read her newest release, Brannon sure gives Ronin a run for his money!!! That badboy image is just so friggin’ attractive to a good girl!!!

Brannon Forrester is without a doubt a manwhore. He’s not a bad guy. He owns his own business. He’s a great friend. He’s a good brother. But, when it comes to women, he’s not shy about making it known that he’s not that commitment-type of guy. He’s sole purpose is to bag them and move on.  At least that was his normal way of thinking until cute little Sophie Buchanan barrels into his life. He’s seen her from a distance, and she’s always turned his head. But, she’s out of his reach. She’s comes from money. Rich as all hell! But, he is a mechanic. A blue-collar worker. They’re not even in the vicinity of the same food-chain. So, he secretly watches and waits until one night she unexpectantly comes to him. Sophie is tired of always being perfect. Not a hair out of place. The flawless daughter who is always doing the right thing. Never one to rebel from her parents controlling ways. But, when her current boyfriend does something so despicable, she can’t help but to end their relationship and try to change her “perfect” nature. And, that’s where Brannon comes in. She’s on the prowl at a party to ramp up her naughty-girl image, and he’s the answer. Do something out of character. Something so dangerous and thrilling. Something that would definitely shock and embarrass  her parents. Sophie appropriately picks Brannon. He’s lethel and wild. He would never say no to her offer for sexual favors. He’s so friggin’ turned on by her. She’s beautiful and innocent.  And just the thrill of her being off-limits is enough to entice him even more.

Oh, my God!!! This was one hot romance! Brannon was one sexy dude!!! And, Sophie couldn’t get enough of him. Her bucket list of new and exciting experiences was indeed enticing. And, she was determined to engage in every single one of them – with Brannon’s help, of course. I laughed and grinned and smiled throughout the entire book. And, when Brannon’s real feelings came out, I was so happy for him. He really and truly had changed. Sophie crept into his soul and lit it on fire. She was a hard person not to like. She was a sweetheart of a girl that had been missing out on life. She needed to be free from her parents’ domineering embrace and be able to make her own decisions. And, to just walk away from the only thing that she has ever known, would be quite the challenge. These two afflicted individuals needed each other. They understood each other. They consumed each other. They adored each other.  But, when all is said and done, will they be together as a couple???

Ms. Matilde couldn’t have captured my attention more with this story of hope and desire. The story is told solely in Brannon’s POV, which was gratifying. He was just such a typical guy’s guy – the crude language, the dirty sex talk, and the drinking. The author wrote some laugh-out-loud funny stuff that had me grinning from ear to ear. The two main characters were knockouts and their friends were a blast! Denny, Justin, Drew, and Cody. Loved the banter between the guys along with Denny’s Irish tone! Cody was always being fired by Brannon – loved that little tidbit! And, oh my God, the intimacy...DAMN, Hot Hot Hot!!! Definitely panty-melting material!! Scorching! This was one highly erotic read!!! That’s why I say with a Sibylla Matilde book you get everything you could possibly crave as a reader – intense drama, endless humor, loyal friendship, and  blazing desire. I wasn’t all that crazy about the title of the book, but what was written within the pages was well worth my time. This was one impressive read! So, when is the next one in the series coming out, Sibylla??? Not soon enough:)

“Do or die? It’s a reminder to live every day like it’s my last.” ~ Brannon (Chap. 5)

And, no, Sibylla this book didn’t suck... It was awesome!!!

Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for an honest review...

Review Written, 1/23/15

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dead Serious (Hard Rock Roots, #6) written by S.M. Stunich (187 pgs) – finished reading 10/25/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

WOW!! Turner and Naomi do not disappoint in this new addition to this awesome rockstar series!!! EPIC AND RAW WITH DRAMA AND SEXUAL HEAT!!

And, so it’s the end of another gritty and thrilling addition to this rockstar saga that is clearly epic. S.M. Stunich does not disappoint with yet another blood-tingling cliffhanger! Truly sensational! Both groups are hard-pressed for answers to all the havoc that has been happening during their tour. Some of the answers are clicking into place, but it’s not enough for Naomi and Turner to be happy with. They just want this whole nonsense to be over with so that they can make music and live out their dreams – and if Turner has anything to say about it...together! Turner, of course,  is just as arrogant and crazy as ever, being such an ass and thinking he can control Naomi. While Naomi keeps up her normal hardcore exterior as more feelings for Turner seep through that tough persona she clings to. Naomi’s manager, America, just keeps on getting nuttier while slowly losing her hard dominating edge. It’s no surprise that more heartache finds the groups, which unfortunatelyaffects certain individuals personally. Ms. Stunich writes her two main characters, Naomi and Turner, with grit and rawness that leaves them so vulnerable emotionally. They both think more alike than Naomi is actually willing to admit. And, this is possibly why I think they have more than half a chance of sticking together when the bitter end to this rock n’ roll drama comes knocking on their door. The whole background in the rock-scene is just so real. The language is graphic, the sex explicit, and the drinking and drugs are numerous. I was totally interested and just waiting for the next shoe to drop. Definitely is unpredictable, which just makes it more exciting to say the least! So looking forward to the next installment!!!

“To those who look our way, these broken pieces STAY. Can’t bring me”  ~ Naomi & Turner’s lyrics (Chap. 9)

“There’s nothing like listening to real music, letting it touch your soul through your ears.” ~ Turner (Chap. 10)

“Music. It’s transformative like nothing else. It knows how to grab your soul and shake it. It can put you to sleep. It can shut your eyes. It can f**king open them.” ~ Naomi (Chap. 11)

Review Written, 1/6/15

Born Wrong (Hard Rock Roots #5) written by C.M. Stunich (257 pgs) – finished reading 10/9/14 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another fabulous read by C.M. Stunich. But, I couldn’t help to rate it only 4 stars. It just seemed too short. I wanted more of Dax and Sydney together as a couple. They really didn’t get together until about the middle of the book. They just seemed to be lusting after each other with no go-to-and-get. I’m glad, though, that Dax was attracted to someone other than Naomi! Sydney knew that there was some sort of story between the two; what it was, she was not exactly certain. Could Dax and Sydney possibly end up together is the ultimate question? And, when it comes to Naomi, how many times must Dax get rejected from the same girl time and time again? Let’s face it, Turner is “it” for Naomi! I so much liked how I got to see Dax portrayed in this installment. He was cute! Not just an “emo bitch”. He was kind and caring and given a bad rap by his family. When he finally comes face-to-face with his parents after a long time coming, the truth as to what really went down finally comes out. How does Dax deal with this? And, does Sydney help him along the way?

“I don’t like stories; I like endings. Endings tell you what happen, sum up the drama, finish the pain. Stories, well stories just keep on keepin’ on. I don’t want a chapter in a partially written book.” ~ Sydney (Chap. 4)

And, it wouldn’t be a C.M. Stunich hot rocker book without Turner “f**king” Campbell mixed in. As usual he’s cocky and arrogant with that vulgar potty mouth that makes me histerically laugh-out-loud. The guy’s got some colorful antics that just adds some crazy shit to the story. Still the rockband is in danger of some heavy-duty sludge going down with its members. Hopefully, now as they work with Brayden Ryker, their newest bodyguard, he will be able to keep them safe. This series just keeps getting better and better. More explosive! More drama! More lovin’! I get so excited when a secret has been revealed that I wasn’t expecting! Keeps me totally entertained...

The sexual heat is, of course, off-the-charts and Dax and Sydney’s romps do not disappoint. One thing I can say about Ms. Stunich’s written sexual trysts, is that no two are the same. Nothing is boring or redundant. Her writing is very authentic and imaginative, which has me wondering just how much more can she further captivate her readers as the series gets closer to the end.

All I can say is that I will further await another “Hard Rock Roots” book and download it like gangbusters when it’s available! Awesome series!!!

Review Written, 1/6/15

Bad Day (Hard Rock Roots #4) written by C.M. Stunich (271 pgs) – finished reading 10/7/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

So here we are back again with the “Indecency” guys and their rocker chicks from “Amatory Riot” and “Ice and Glass”. Turner has just learned that his friend might not make it, and Naomi is reeling from some pivotal secrets that her manager has been keeping from the group since all of this insaneness has gone down.

“Secrets. They will f**k you everytime, right up the ass, no reach around, no thank you, and sure as shit, no lube. No f**king lube. If ever there was a plague on humanity, this is it. Worse than the black plague, this shit is epidemic. I f**king hate secrets.”  ~ Turner (Chap. 6)

Narrated by dual POV’s of Turner and Naomi, we learn that Turner is 100% serious about his feelings towards Naomi. She’s still unwilling to forgive him, but as they spend more time together, he’s starting to crack her outer shell.

“Turner’s like an M&M or some shit; it’s impossible to eat just one. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want all the colors. I kind of hate myself for it.”  ~ Naomi (Chap. 3)

With another member of “Indecency” coming clean with a bombshell of a secret, it just adds to the list of more hidden truths to become public knowledge. And, of course, there’s still “Amatory Riot’s” lead singer, Hayden, who hasn’t divulged much of her hidden agenda in the conquest to eliminate the members of “Indecency”.

This installment to the series promises to, without a doubt, excite it’s readers. Ms. Stunich, of course, again leaves us with a climatic cliffhanger! WTH does this mean for book 5? Will anyone lose their life? And, how does this chaos get resolved? Fantastic series with amazing characters that grace the pages of each new addition. On to book 5, Born Wrong...

Review Written, 10/25/14

Tough Luck (Hard Rock Roots #3) written C.M. Stunich (289 pgs) – finished reading 10/5/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another winning addition to the Hard Rock Roots series! Just as raw, wild, and crazy as the first two books, but way sadder. Ronnie McGuire is a druggie, a dead-beat dad, and one sad individual. I couldn’t help but feel his pain. He loses the love of his life in a car accident several years ago, and he just can’t seem to go on. The drugs, the drinking, the sex they all just seem to numb the pain for at least the time being.

“I haven’t been right for ten years. Yeah, okay, so some people will tell me to get over it, but real grief doesn’t disappear. You can hide from it, but it’ll aways be there. How am I supposed to get over the love of my life? The person who touched my soul and made me realize what it was like to truly live? They say move on, but that’s only because they don’t understand. They can’t possibly.”  ~ Ronnie (Chap. 3)

When he meets Lola Saints, a fellow drummer for an up-and-coming rockband, he feels something that he never thought he would ever have a glimmer-of-a-chance to possibly find again - love. Lola, she has problems of her own. And, she’s in deep. She’s hiding something. And, it’s big. Friggin’ SECRETS! Oh man, they’re detrimental to all present. Lola brings out the best in Ronnie, though. What will happen to this couple when the truth is finally unleashed? How will Ronnie deal with the truth? And, will he re-treat back into his familiar darkness? Or will Lola pull him back into the light so he has a chance to live his stellar rockstar life? I had my bet on Lola, but this series is so unpredictable that you never know what the author has planned to go down.

“Love. We’re a hell of a long ways off from that, but I can see the flicker of something in the distance. The question is: do I chase after it? And if I do, would I even live long enough to get there?” ~ Ronnie (Chap. 8)

The reader will still, of course,  see glimpses of Turner in this book with his cocky and terse attitude while Naomi, still the badass chick that she is with those mad guitar skills, leads him around by his b**ls. His dialogue is still graphically comical, which makes some of the heartache easier to handle, but it just pisses Naomi the hell off. I had to chuckle at some of his crude and assinine remarks. Always the “potty mouth” Turner is! Ha ha! And, without surprise it ends in a doozie of a cliffhanger! Sad big tears fell from my eyes! But, that’s not for me to elaborate on...

Ms. Stunich still creates such wild and passionate sexual heat between her characters. And, Ronnie and Lola do not disappoint in the bedroom, or on top of a car, or in the bathroom, and even on the stage. MIND-BLOWING RAW PASSION IS TOTALLY EXPOSED! So HAPPY that I found this series! Freakin’ awesome! And, now onto Book 4 – BAD DAY...

“A drummer’s a drummer, man. We have to do our thing. There’s something about the steady beat of the instrument that soothes the soul, helps keep life in check. It’s like, if you play to that rhythm, then the world will march to it, too, and everything will just fall together.” ~ Ronnie (Chap. 15)

Review Written, 10/25/14

Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots, #2) written by C.M. Stunich (325 pgs) – finished reading 9/29/14 - 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another intense read by C.M. Stunich! Naomi and Turner are still the lead, and answers to questions as to who is harassing Naomi go unexplained til' the bitter end. And, even then, everything is not totally clear as to what actually went down and who was involved. Turner still has his heart wrapped around Naomi, but Naomi is so friggin' scared to take a chance on him. Just so afraid that he'll shatter her into pieces yet again. And, the bandmates? Well, who's to say who they can really trust... 

They all have their own stories to tell, and they're pretty raw!

This book portrays violence, sex and drugs to the extreme. So, if it's not your thing, beware that there's plenty of graphic situations and drug use within. Myself, I think it just adds to the story's realism. There were some beautiful lines that accompained Turner's free-spirited thinking. He's a cocky bastard, but he's learning real fast as far as what love is all about. And, Naomi, hot damn, she's so strong and majestic. She's a "take no shit" type of gal. Together as a couple, they're unstoppable. I can't wait to see where the author leads me next! Fantastic series with grit and passion thrown in!

"Falling in love is like catching an incurable disease. Yeah, maybe that doesn't sound so romantic, but it's true. It changes you, inside and out, alters the way you see and feel things, how you perceive the world. It's incurable and it's contagious as shit. It makes you want to have babies and raise kittens, pet butterfly wings and sleep with your head on somebody else's chest., it f**cks with everything you are and everything you want to be. I like it and hate it." ~ Turner Campbell (Chap. 17)

And, that's some freakin' fantastic cover! HOT DAMN!

Review Written, 9/29/14

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) written by C.M. Stunich (289 pgs) – finished reading 9/28/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

This was freakin’ fantastic! Kept me on my toes the whole time! And, what a cliffhanger...

Real Ugly” is just how it sounds, REAL friggin’ UGLY! It’s filled with intensity and grit. Hardcore mind-blowing emotion! And, it packs a punch full of fire. I read it in a day. That’s how intoxicating it was! The characters’ personalities were raw and explicit. I’ve never read a book with such extremely eccentric individuals. Pretty much the whole cast is broken with pasts that were immensely painful. But, for the most part, they rallied around each other and tried to support each other – with just an exception of a few.

The two main characters, Naomi Knox and Turner Campbell (definite rockstar names), have a past. One of them knows exactly who the other is, while the other is clueless as to them ever meeting before. When they do meet again as Naomi’s band is on tour with Turner’s, he just can’t understand how she can hate him so much. The truth finally does come out, but he doesn’t have a clue as how to fix this. And, Naomi will never get over the hurt that he had left her with. As the days of the tour go by, they are thrown together numerous times. Naomi is one courageous chick. She can more than take care of herself, but I think she’s lonely. All she really has is her music. And, she’s one kickass guitarist and songwriter. Her music is her soul. She knows that she can lose herself among the notes that she pens, which that alone just intensifies her will to survive. But, will she be able to survive Turner being so close day after day? And, Turner? Damn he’s hot for Naomi. He can’t freakin’ get her out of his mind. He’s going to have to work damn hard for her to change that opinion of him. But, he hasn’t ever given up on a challenge so far. If coming from a family that was disfunctional didn’t ever keep him from wanting to live his dream of becoming a rockstar, then nothing would keep him from claiming Naomi as his own if he truly wanted her.

This book was so HOT!!! Turner, damn he’s explosive! Not a care in the world! He’s epically breathtaking! And, Naomi was intense! Biting! Nothing was ever soft with her. She was one headstrong woman! Their relationship together was provocative and reckless. And, when it came down to if they really could trust each other when it was absolutely vital, they knew without a doubt they could.

Naomi and Turner’s story does end in a cliffhanger. But, the next book, “Get Bent”, picks up exactly where Book 1 leaves off. There is definite talk of major sexual situations, drug use and violence within the pages, which may not be appropriate for all readers. But, I felt it was entirely helpful to the realistic telling of the story. Ms. Stunich’s book really kept me enthralled during my entire first-time experience of reading one of her novels. I can definitely say, that I won’t be hesitating to pick up the next part of this couple’s exciting story!  

“Life is real, and it’s ugly, and it hurts. I’ve only ever loved three things in my life, and none of them worked out for me.” ~ Naomi Knox (Chap. 26)

Review Written, 9/29/15

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Locke (Corps Security #5) written by Harper Sloan (239 pgs) – finished reading 10/1/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Wow! What a way to end a fantastic series! I sure will miss those Corps Security guys and their lovely ladies! Now I could say that Ms. Sloan left the best of the lot for last, but that would be lying because each and everyone of those guys stole my heart! Axel, Greg, Beck, Coop, Asher and now Maddox had a story to tell that was both gripping and passionate. Whether it was sad, happy or full of drama, Ms. Sloan just deeply embedded their lives and the women that they loved into my heart. And, Maddox and Emmy’s story was no different.

Maddox, the silent and observant one always standing off to the side with no over-powering presence, has no idea how to get his s**t together until Emmy sees him for what he is – a broken suffering shell-of-a-man. For four long years she tries to get through to him just how much she wants to help, but he’s just so stubborn and blind as to what kind of man he truly is. So, she’s done! Gone! Adios! See ya!!! He can rot in hell as far as she’s concerned!! And, this comes after a devastating loss takes the life of a true friend. As time goes by, Maddox knows it’s time to go after her, and what he finds, he no way in hell likes. Will they ever get together? Can Maddox let her in to unlock his “black soul” so that he can finally find peace and love?

Talk about high intensity! Knowing that you’re tainted and can ruin everything you touch can be a hard burden to bear. But, that was what was told to him constantly his whole young life. So after a while, you tend to believe it. He just needed someone who was willing to take a chance on him no matter what to cut through the tough-guy exterior and show him what he really had to offer.

Emmy was one tough chick! She appeared timid and soft, but inside she was tough and sassy. She was a strong woman that was consumed with her man, and if he would let her, she would show him just how much he meant to her.

“I know exactly what I’m talking about. I know because my soul recognizes its mate. Its kindred spirit. We both have our pain, Maddox. We both have the shame of our past and the fear it holds on the future. The only difference is you let that pain and fear rule your heart. And the difference in me is that I am willing to risk it all day in and day out for just a second of your love.” ~ Emmy (Chap. 12)

Their story had their ups and downs but in the end it was triumphant. The couple was a powerhouse! They just fed off of each other’s wants and needs – trying wholely to support and protect each other. And, the heat that they had for each other was fierce and scorching. Mad passionate intimacy is what they shared – while piercings and tattoos just added to the potency among the two.

All I can say is this was supreme romance at its best! Ms. Sloan really sends her boys out with a bang! Loved the epilogue too!! It shows somewhat of an idea of where her next book might be going, which totally arouses my curiosity. And, of course it goes without saying, the bookcover was so incredible! Can’t get enough of the Corps Security crew!!!

Review Written, 1/21/15

The Story of Me (Carnage #2) written by Lesley Jones (372 pgs) – finished reading 9/14/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

9/14/15 – Holy crap, I love this book! Another winner by author, Lesley Jones! I feel such a loss now that Georgia’s story has come to an end...

Such great characters! An amazing story! And, a heroine that has lived it all!!!

1/21/15 - Okay, where do I start? Do I start with the sadness? The agony? The heartbreak? Or, do I begin with the recovery? The “you’re alive, you must live your life” promise? Or, the most important, the support of your family? And, the great love that promises to be the future and ultimate savior of you life? Well now, when the novel begins, I’m still shaking my head with sadness and total surprise. Holy hell, I couldn’t be more shocked as to the unexpected ending to the first part of Georgia’s story. So, I was hoping for Georgia to be in a much better place as she deals quite painfully with the tragedy and heartbreak that is pulling her under and claiming her soul. But, that is at the moment not meant to be. The hopelessness was just too powerful and exhausting. And, I felt for her wholeheartedly...

Now, I could go on and discuss the story and what happens next in her life, but that would be giving away huge spoilers. And, I just can’t do that. So instead I’m just going to explain the impact that Ms. Jones’ story had on me. It was one of those books that when you read the last page you really shed some tears because you were going to truly miss the characters and all that they have gone through to finally get their “happily ever after”. It came full circle with love, compassion, and survival. The characters were so realistic and the author made me feel their pain. I didn’t just read about it, I totally was consumed with it. Ms. Jones’ ability to pull the reader into her books is stellar. She knows just how to intrigue the reader, and tell it like it is. No BS about it and no taking it lightly. It’s direct and to the point. Her characters’ stories are raw and epic with their hearts being laid out there for all to witness. When you pick up a Lesley Jones book, be prepared to be “WOWed”!

So looking forward to reading another one of her books when it’s released. Ms. Jones is one of my favorite newly found authors of the year! Such powerful characters portrayed with some incredible stories told!

Review Written, 1/21/15

The Story of Us (Carnage #1) written by Lesley Jones (406 pgs) – finished reading 9/12/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

9/12/14 - Damn! Now I have to figure out what to say about this book! I'm beyond speechless...

1/21/15 - This novel just blew me away! One of the best I’ve read in 2014! I just couldn’t put it down because it totally kept my attention until the very last page was turned! And, the ending, s**t, that was unexpectantly epic!  2014 has been a year of shedding quite a few tears when it comes to reading books, and this novel did not deviate from that. With the background story of a newly formed rock group with teenage boys to when the group hits the “big time” and all their ups and downs personally and professionally, the author creates a story narrated by the main character, Georgia Layton, that sucks the reader into her wildly intense elite life. At first I couldn’t make up my mind if I liked her very much, but as the story moves along, she grew on me. She meets the love of her life, Sean McCarthy, at the young age of eleven and is swept away by his boyish good-looks and vibrant personality. He’s it for her, and he’s pretty smitten by her also. But, what happens to these two as the years go by, has repercussions beyond repair. The rockstar life is a difficult one – the touring, the paparazzi, and the fans – all get in the way of a normal life, And, the results can be cruel and devastating. Do they really stand a chance as a couple?

The pair were joined by a great supporting cast – George’s family, her best friend Jimmie, and former lover Cam. You just have to read the book to find out Cam’s connection to George. So sweet!! I’m not going to give anymore of the story away. You just have to read every page to get the true feel for just how wonderful this novel really is. But, I will say this, your fingers will be singed from the hotness that ignites the pages when reading about the intimacy. It’s so erotic and passionate! Sweet and tender! It will set your blood on fire!

I just can’t say enough good things about Georgia and Sean’s story! I enjoyed it tremendously! And, now onto Part 2... 

Review Written, 1/21/15

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crazy Good written by Rachel Robinson (447 pgs) – finished reading 1/20/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

So if you want a story that is going to shatter your heart into tiny little pieces, stop and pick up this gem of a book. Two broken people who can’t even begin to find that “happily ever after”. Windsor Forbes is totally afraid to find that trusting partner after her fiance’ left her standing at the altar. How can she ever trust again so deeply? She hasn’t had a relationship since then, and she’s still not looking for one now. And, here comes Thomas “Maverick” Hart, and well he’s a player. Bag them and leave them is his game. He has a strained relationship with his family all because he wanted to be a Navy SEAL with best friend, Stone, and not do what his family thought was proper for a “Hart”. When these two meet, he’s smitten and she’s colder than ice. Windsor knows his type – cocky and cavalier. She knows that he’s a one-nighter, and quite frankly, she’s just not in the mood.There’s no way that he is long-term, in-it-for-the-long-haul material. But, he’s persistant, and when he bit by bit breaks down her wall of doubt, she can’t help but give him a chance. Oh, God, and when he smiles, those dimples!!! Holy s**t, he’s just too gorgeous!!! And, nothing is hotter and more sexy than a Navy SEAL!!! Maverick, however, has demons in his past, which he can’t change. If Windsor will just accept him the way that he is then just maybe they will have half a chance of surviving as a couple.

This book tore me apart! Three-quarters of the way into the book, something so heartbreaking happens. Something so big, it devastates all. Totally cried some big-ass blubbering tears!! And, will anybody be able to recover from such trauma? This novel was a long one, but everything was told just right to make the story complete. Man, it was freakin’ sad! But, it was something so beneficial that just had to happen to prove that these real-life situations occur and it is possible to come back from destruction and tragedy. Both main characters were likable and dynamic. I did get mad at times with Windsor for her idea of holding off telling Maverick her true feelings for him. I did, however,  understand her fear to just put herself out there and let go of the past relationship that had damaged her.

The story was told in dual POV’s by both Windsor and Maverick, which was written perfectly. Maverick was such an incredible guy and he was experiencing new feelings for the first time regarding a woman. I thought he was cute by being the first one to initiate how he really felt. It was intense and frightening for him to admit to something so intimate. It scared him, but he thought Windsor was so worth it. Windsor, however, was so afraid to let go of the past and voice her feelings out loud to Maverick. Unfortunately, that’s when his head was not into his work, which never ever happens. It’s so important to have his head 100% in the game. And, because of that,a horrifying tragedy occurs. It was beyond sad and painful to read about! And, no way was I expecting it. Totally blind-sided by that huge bombshell!

I loved this book! Romance, heartbreak, drama, sadness, secrets, a little darkness, and a lot of erotic intimacy – this novel had it all! Like I said, it was long, but well worth every single word that I read! And, I cherished the fact that this was not a series. I didn’t have to worry about a cliffhanger or if all the books were released yet. So this was refreshing to read! Not one to be missed!!!

“You get a tattoo when you want something on your body when you’re old and wrinkly. When you want to look at it and remember a certain moment.” ~ Windsor (Chap. 16)

“I knew I was in love with you when I wanted you more than I wanted anything else. I don’t need you to live my life. I want you in my life to make it worth living.” ~ Maverick (Chap. 22)

“I won’t break rules and say goodbye. I’ll say live like goodbyes don’t even exist.” ~ Maverick (T.H.) (Chap. 29)

“Love doesn’t die. No matter how many bullets you put it in. It breathes on its own without oxygen, without need for anything else. It exists, swirling in its own form of gravity, ready whenever you are, to be consumed by it.” ~ Maverick (Chap. 30) the man is just so friggin’ swoon-worthy...(sigh)

“You didn’t have to do all of this Maverick. You had me at I’m a stupid man, Windsor Forbes. It’s a version of I’m sorry I haven’t heard yet. You get beaucoup points for creativity.” ~ Windsor (Chap. 30)

“Life is about taking what you want and giving even more. Not because you think you should. Because you want to. Love isn’t easy because life isn’t easy. You have to fight for the things you want. Sometimes you win and sometimes you wish you’d lost instead. Other times it feels like you’re already dead and gone. That’s always when the best part comes, like some avenging angel who evens all the scores no matter who you are or what you do. I won’t lie, it does help to be a little bit of a badass. Charles Bukowski once said, ‘find what you love and let it kill you.’ I say, ‘Rise from the ashes and take it back.’” ~ Maverick (Chap. 32)

So many profound thoughts that had me thinking quite deeply about life’s choices and the end results. Ms. Robinson has me solidly as a new and entertained fan!

And, the guy on the bookcover in all his ab-glory, looks amazing!!! The cover just begs you to read the book!!!

Review Written, 1/20/15

Starless Nights (Hale Brothers, #2) written by Kathryn Andrews (355 pgs) – finished reading 1/10/15 – 5 stars - New Adult

Perfect book cover! Magnificent characters! Beautiful love story! Ms. Andrews writes with heart and soul. My heart ached for the trauma and sorrow that Beau endured. No young person should ever have to go through such abuse. And, Leila was such a kind and caring person. She was just so mislead by circumstances beyond her control. At such a young age, she never really understood the depth of Beau’s loyalty and love towards her until it was apparently too late. I was so happy that these two strong individuals had their story told;)

Leila and Beau were such great friends when they were young. The stars were their saving grace when such destruction and chaos were present in their lives. As long as they had the stars, they would have each other. But, somewhere along the way their friendship disintegrated when their worst fears were assumed and not actually confirmed. Each were living in different locations. But, time passes by, and Leila returns to the island only to be stunningly shunned by her best friend. She has no idea why Beau hates her so much. That’s in the past, though, and in the present Leila now lives in New York City near her best friend, Ali. I was happy to get a glimpse now and then of Drew and Ali and kept up-to-date with their present lives.  I really enjoyed their story! Now Beau too has moved to NYC to play tennis for Columbia. His first encounter with Leila is uncomfortable and awkward. As time goes by, though, it becomes somewhat easier to deal with when they see each other. Will they ever find themselves able to possess the relationship that they once had? And, when the truth finally comes out as to why Leila just abandoned Beau without saying goodbye, will Beau be able to ever forgive her? Beau is one stubborn guy. He just won’t give Leila a fighting chance to redeem herself. He honestly feels that she never believed in them or their friendship if she just walked away so easily. How can he ever trust her again? Leila is heartbroken. She has been in love with Beau for so long. Will he ever see see it in his heart to give her another chance?

Oh my word!!! So much drama and destruction! Hearts broken. Trust stripped away. And, all due to other people. Secrets finally revealed. There was so much distress in this novel between family, friends, and lovers. It was a painful one to read. Ms. Andrews writes this novel with intensity and brillance. The characters were strong but yet emotionally sensitive. I can’t wait to read younger brother, Matt’s story! That will be the finale to this deeply moving series portraying three courageous and scarred brothers finding the love of their lives.

“But what I am most thankful for and the thing that I’m most certain about is with you by my side, no matter what life throws at us, or where we end up...I will never again have another starless night.” ~ Beau (Epilogue)

Review Written, 1/20/15

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dylan (Inked Brotherhood, #4) written by Jo Raven (254 pgs) – finished reading 1/16/15 – 4 stars - New Adult

This is just another fantastic addition to the Inked Brotherhood series by Jo Raven. It’s filled with love and tenderness, but lots of push and pull of conflicting emotion. The book centers on two people that have loved each other since those young teenage years. Now at the age of nineteen, they look at each other with the longingness of “what could possibly be”. Neither one, though, is willing to take the chance of getting hurt once again. But, when they’re thrown together because of circumstances surrounding family, they can’t help but feel that pull of intimacy. Could this just be an attraction with benefits arrangement or is there more going on here?

Tessa has loved Dylan forever, but he broke up with her and she was devastated. She looks at him with that want to be with him. But, he doesn’t even look her way. Why? What did she ever do to him? Her life is just plain horrible. With a father who is nothing but condescending and not willing to even listen to what she wants to do with her life along with a mother who is nothing but a doormat and never willing to speak up, she just can’t stomach her parents anymore along with their controlling ways. She just wanted to live her own life. Make her own decisions. She wanted to have fun with her friends. Not go to charity events with stuck-up snobs. That life just wasn’t for her. She was meant to have a career.  Everytime she thought of how her father treated her mother, she cringed. There was no way that that life was for her.

And, Dylan, he thinks of Tessa often, even going as far as staring at a picture of her on the wall of his room every day to remind him of what he’s lost. He has two younger brothers that need him. He’s all they’ve got. So, it’s his first priority to take care of them. He really is the best older brother ever. Such love and dedication he shows to his brothers, Miles and Teo. But, unfortunately, it’s wearing him down. He’s tired. He would do anything for those boys, though. I couldn’t help but feel my heart squeeze quite a bit for a young man that thinks of his younger brothers before himself. He might as well have been their dad. He sure acted like it. He was dependable and hard-working. Caring and considerate. One amazing man!

Will these two individuals find their way back to each other? Are they willing to take a chance on something so wonderful that they could possibly have? Ms. Raven writes a beautiful romantic story with good friends supporting them along the way. The reader will get glimpses of characters’ from past books’ present lives as they attempt to protect their friends. The two main characters were both strong and resilient people. Willing to do what it took to find some sort of peace and happiness. They were both pretty stubborn, though,  but they’ve been hurt, and it takes a lot to trust again. Whenever these two were near each other, you could just feel the heat in their stares and in their actions. And, when they got together, it was sizzling. It was way beyond hot! The author created such a swoon-worthy character in Dylan when she portrayed him as such a protective and dedicated young male. He really was such a nice guy. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him when all the responbility was left on him to raise his two young brothers. And, Tessa was all heart and spirit. She also loved those two little boys. And, if Dylan would just let her in, she would prove to him just how much she was willing to stick around and show him what he meant to her. Loved this couple! And, I was cheering for them to get their “happily ever after”. This was a quick read for me, and I can’t help but enjoy this series of books so much! Every book just sucks the reader in with awe and enjoyment. Each new story is painful but yet uplifting. Protection and honesty is key. And, love is in the background just waiting to be let free. Another winner by author, Jo Raven! Can’t wait for Rafe’s story to be told...

And, DAMN, another glorious cover!!! Where does Ms. Raven get these guys??? MUY CALIENTE!!!

Review Written, 1/16/15

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drops of Rain (Hale Brothers, #1) written by Kathryn Andrews (377 pgs) – finished reading 1/10/15 – 4.5 stars - Young Adult

Another angsty read for me. I just can’t seem to avoid distressing novels. The sadness. The love story that is built on heartache. But, this one was special. It was beautiful. It was fresh. It had me sighing and smiling. Why? Because both main characters were strong. They were brave. And, the life that they were dealt, was just not fair. Allyson Rain loses her mom to cancer, and with that her father picks up and moves them both clear across the country to Florida. He changes jobs to accommodate their new move. But, he deserts his daughter. While he’s off residing in a condo further away from his daughter trying to jump-start his new life, she’s trying to just breath every day. Ali is just so sad over the loss of her mother and her father can’t see what his absence is doing to her. Naturally with the new move comes a new school. New classmates. New teachers. And, of course, a new love interest. And, that’s when Drew Hale shows up. Quiet and gorgeous Drew. Taking everything in and not really having too much to say. He’s a sweetheart. A really nice guy. But, his life is less than perfect. What he and is family are hiding is a disturbing and heartbreaking secret. It affects the whole family both physically and emotionally. Drew and Ali accidentally meet at the beach one morning, and they’re both smitten with each other. But, it’s Drew’s terrifying secret that threatens to keep them apart. He can’t bear for Ali to know his embarrassing and painful secret. Aly is just so understanding, though. What could it possibly hurt to tell her his tormenting truth? It gets all messed up, however, and will Ali ever forgive Drew for hurting her so miserably?

So many poignant moments to this story. The words were beautiful and meaningful. A few times I just stopped, took a breath, and smiled. It was a feel-good book even though there were parts that were agonizing. It was a hopeful book. The main characters together were cute and sweet. Caring so much for each other. It was a little bit low on the heat factor, however. But, that was okay because it fit the dynamic of the novel. There were some tender moments, and then some of the intimacy was implied while the reader could get a feel for what was actually going on. Incredible prose that was beautifully depicted amongst the pages of an emotionally heartfelt story. So many intimate thoughts expressed privately among the two main characters. It was almost like they read each other’s minds. Loved this book so much!!! Just can’t express how I enjoyed these characters and their story. Looking forward to reading Beau’s story next. He’s the middle Hale brother. And, he seems to be quite a charmer...

“But besides the things that everyone can see, it’s the things that can’t be seen at all that I love the most about him. Over the last year, I’ve heard people call him arrogant, proud, and self-entitled, but he isn’t any of those things. Drew is quiet, private, and a little shy. He’s sweet, thoughtful, and kind. He’s overprotective and he always knows the things that I need, even before I do. He’s easygoing and he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He finishes the things he says he’s going to and he always stands by his word. Drew has provided me with a sense of of home. He’s made me realize that I have more strength and determination in me than I thought possible. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for the love and confidence he’s given me.”  ~ Ali (Chap. 22)

“Someone once said, we all learn everything we need in kindergarten. Nope. I learned it from a brown eyed, gorgeous girl who grew up in the snow and never asks for anything of anyone because she’s always too busy giving. She’s taught me that it’s the simple things in life that are best. Life is only hard if you want it to be that way. And every day, you get to choose what you want to do, how you’re going to react, and how you’re going to treat people.”  ~ Drew (Chap. 22)

Review Written, 1/13/15