Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dead Serious (Hard Rock Roots, #6) written by S.M. Stunich (187 pgs) – finished reading 10/25/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

WOW!! Turner and Naomi do not disappoint in this new addition to this awesome rockstar series!!! EPIC AND RAW WITH DRAMA AND SEXUAL HEAT!!

And, so it’s the end of another gritty and thrilling addition to this rockstar saga that is clearly epic. S.M. Stunich does not disappoint with yet another blood-tingling cliffhanger! Truly sensational! Both groups are hard-pressed for answers to all the havoc that has been happening during their tour. Some of the answers are clicking into place, but it’s not enough for Naomi and Turner to be happy with. They just want this whole nonsense to be over with so that they can make music and live out their dreams – and if Turner has anything to say about it...together! Turner, of course,  is just as arrogant and crazy as ever, being such an ass and thinking he can control Naomi. While Naomi keeps up her normal hardcore exterior as more feelings for Turner seep through that tough persona she clings to. Naomi’s manager, America, just keeps on getting nuttier while slowly losing her hard dominating edge. It’s no surprise that more heartache finds the groups, which unfortunatelyaffects certain individuals personally. Ms. Stunich writes her two main characters, Naomi and Turner, with grit and rawness that leaves them so vulnerable emotionally. They both think more alike than Naomi is actually willing to admit. And, this is possibly why I think they have more than half a chance of sticking together when the bitter end to this rock n’ roll drama comes knocking on their door. The whole background in the rock-scene is just so real. The language is graphic, the sex explicit, and the drinking and drugs are numerous. I was totally interested and just waiting for the next shoe to drop. Definitely is unpredictable, which just makes it more exciting to say the least! So looking forward to the next installment!!!

“To those who look our way, these broken pieces STAY. Can’t bring me”  ~ Naomi & Turner’s lyrics (Chap. 9)

“There’s nothing like listening to real music, letting it touch your soul through your ears.” ~ Turner (Chap. 10)

“Music. It’s transformative like nothing else. It knows how to grab your soul and shake it. It can put you to sleep. It can shut your eyes. It can f**king open them.” ~ Naomi (Chap. 11)

Review Written, 1/6/15

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