Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bad Day (Hard Rock Roots #4) written by C.M. Stunich (271 pgs) – finished reading 10/7/14 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

So here we are back again with the “Indecency” guys and their rocker chicks from “Amatory Riot” and “Ice and Glass”. Turner has just learned that his friend might not make it, and Naomi is reeling from some pivotal secrets that her manager has been keeping from the group since all of this insaneness has gone down.

“Secrets. They will f**k you everytime, right up the ass, no reach around, no thank you, and sure as shit, no lube. No f**king lube. If ever there was a plague on humanity, this is it. Worse than the black plague, this shit is epidemic. I f**king hate secrets.”  ~ Turner (Chap. 6)

Narrated by dual POV’s of Turner and Naomi, we learn that Turner is 100% serious about his feelings towards Naomi. She’s still unwilling to forgive him, but as they spend more time together, he’s starting to crack her outer shell.

“Turner’s like an M&M or some shit; it’s impossible to eat just one. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want all the colors. I kind of hate myself for it.”  ~ Naomi (Chap. 3)

With another member of “Indecency” coming clean with a bombshell of a secret, it just adds to the list of more hidden truths to become public knowledge. And, of course, there’s still “Amatory Riot’s” lead singer, Hayden, who hasn’t divulged much of her hidden agenda in the conquest to eliminate the members of “Indecency”.

This installment to the series promises to, without a doubt, excite it’s readers. Ms. Stunich, of course, again leaves us with a climatic cliffhanger! WTH does this mean for book 5? Will anyone lose their life? And, how does this chaos get resolved? Fantastic series with amazing characters that grace the pages of each new addition. On to book 5, Born Wrong...

Review Written, 10/25/14

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