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Post Breakup Sex (Copperline, #1) written by Sibylla Matilde (276 pgs) – finished reading 1/23/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

I started this book 8pm last night and finished it at 3am this morning! I couldn’t put it down! I just had to know how everything worked out! It was that entertaining! I love a book that once you finish one chapter you say “okay, I’ll just read one more and put it down” and then it’s onto one more chapter after that and so on. And, then before you know it, you’ve read the whole entire book. This was and is that type of book! I was just so wrapped up in the story and the characters. And, what a bunch of “characters” they were! Now, my favorite Sibylla Matilde character has always been Ronin from Little Conversations. From the first time that I read about him, my heart soared!!! He was that magnificent! Just such a beautiful desirous male! But, now that I’ve read her newest release, Brannon sure gives Ronin a run for his money!!! That badboy image is just so friggin’ attractive to a good girl!!!

Brannon Forrester is without a doubt a manwhore. He’s not a bad guy. He owns his own business. He’s a great friend. He’s a good brother. But, when it comes to women, he’s not shy about making it known that he’s not that commitment-type of guy. He’s sole purpose is to bag them and move on.  At least that was his normal way of thinking until cute little Sophie Buchanan barrels into his life. He’s seen her from a distance, and she’s always turned his head. But, she’s out of his reach. She’s comes from money. Rich as all hell! But, he is a mechanic. A blue-collar worker. They’re not even in the vicinity of the same food-chain. So, he secretly watches and waits until one night she unexpectantly comes to him. Sophie is tired of always being perfect. Not a hair out of place. The flawless daughter who is always doing the right thing. Never one to rebel from her parents controlling ways. But, when her current boyfriend does something so despicable, she can’t help but to end their relationship and try to change her “perfect” nature. And, that’s where Brannon comes in. She’s on the prowl at a party to ramp up her naughty-girl image, and he’s the answer. Do something out of character. Something so dangerous and thrilling. Something that would definitely shock and embarrass  her parents. Sophie appropriately picks Brannon. He’s lethel and wild. He would never say no to her offer for sexual favors. He’s so friggin’ turned on by her. She’s beautiful and innocent.  And just the thrill of her being off-limits is enough to entice him even more.

Oh, my God!!! This was one hot romance! Brannon was one sexy dude!!! And, Sophie couldn’t get enough of him. Her bucket list of new and exciting experiences was indeed enticing. And, she was determined to engage in every single one of them – with Brannon’s help, of course. I laughed and grinned and smiled throughout the entire book. And, when Brannon’s real feelings came out, I was so happy for him. He really and truly had changed. Sophie crept into his soul and lit it on fire. She was a hard person not to like. She was a sweetheart of a girl that had been missing out on life. She needed to be free from her parents’ domineering embrace and be able to make her own decisions. And, to just walk away from the only thing that she has ever known, would be quite the challenge. These two afflicted individuals needed each other. They understood each other. They consumed each other. They adored each other.  But, when all is said and done, will they be together as a couple???

Ms. Matilde couldn’t have captured my attention more with this story of hope and desire. The story is told solely in Brannon’s POV, which was gratifying. He was just such a typical guy’s guy – the crude language, the dirty sex talk, and the drinking. The author wrote some laugh-out-loud funny stuff that had me grinning from ear to ear. The two main characters were knockouts and their friends were a blast! Denny, Justin, Drew, and Cody. Loved the banter between the guys along with Denny’s Irish tone! Cody was always being fired by Brannon – loved that little tidbit! And, oh my God, the intimacy...DAMN, Hot Hot Hot!!! Definitely panty-melting material!! Scorching! This was one highly erotic read!!! That’s why I say with a Sibylla Matilde book you get everything you could possibly crave as a reader – intense drama, endless humor, loyal friendship, and  blazing desire. I wasn’t all that crazy about the title of the book, but what was written within the pages was well worth my time. This was one impressive read! So, when is the next one in the series coming out, Sibylla??? Not soon enough:)

“Do or die? It’s a reminder to live every day like it’s my last.” ~ Brannon (Chap. 5)

And, no, Sibylla this book didn’t suck... It was awesome!!!

Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for an honest review...

Review Written, 1/23/15

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