Thursday, January 22, 2015

Born Wrong (Hard Rock Roots #5) written by C.M. Stunich (257 pgs) – finished reading 10/9/14 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another fabulous read by C.M. Stunich. But, I couldn’t help to rate it only 4 stars. It just seemed too short. I wanted more of Dax and Sydney together as a couple. They really didn’t get together until about the middle of the book. They just seemed to be lusting after each other with no go-to-and-get. I’m glad, though, that Dax was attracted to someone other than Naomi! Sydney knew that there was some sort of story between the two; what it was, she was not exactly certain. Could Dax and Sydney possibly end up together is the ultimate question? And, when it comes to Naomi, how many times must Dax get rejected from the same girl time and time again? Let’s face it, Turner is “it” for Naomi! I so much liked how I got to see Dax portrayed in this installment. He was cute! Not just an “emo bitch”. He was kind and caring and given a bad rap by his family. When he finally comes face-to-face with his parents after a long time coming, the truth as to what really went down finally comes out. How does Dax deal with this? And, does Sydney help him along the way?

“I don’t like stories; I like endings. Endings tell you what happen, sum up the drama, finish the pain. Stories, well stories just keep on keepin’ on. I don’t want a chapter in a partially written book.” ~ Sydney (Chap. 4)

And, it wouldn’t be a C.M. Stunich hot rocker book without Turner “f**king” Campbell mixed in. As usual he’s cocky and arrogant with that vulgar potty mouth that makes me histerically laugh-out-loud. The guy’s got some colorful antics that just adds some crazy shit to the story. Still the rockband is in danger of some heavy-duty sludge going down with its members. Hopefully, now as they work with Brayden Ryker, their newest bodyguard, he will be able to keep them safe. This series just keeps getting better and better. More explosive! More drama! More lovin’! I get so excited when a secret has been revealed that I wasn’t expecting! Keeps me totally entertained...

The sexual heat is, of course, off-the-charts and Dax and Sydney’s romps do not disappoint. One thing I can say about Ms. Stunich’s written sexual trysts, is that no two are the same. Nothing is boring or redundant. Her writing is very authentic and imaginative, which has me wondering just how much more can she further captivate her readers as the series gets closer to the end.

All I can say is that I will further await another “Hard Rock Roots” book and download it like gangbusters when it’s available! Awesome series!!!

Review Written, 1/6/15

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