Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still Surviving (Forever Still, #3) written by A.M. Johnson (253 pgs) – finished reading 2/15/16 – 5 stars - Contempoary Romance

So, I started with the third book in the series not knowing if that would make a huge difference to me with prior characters and their stories. But, it really didn’t matter at all. Sure I had to get to know some of the characters, but everything was pretty much explained as to who they were and what they meant to each other. Seth Montgomery and Tiffany Webster are best friends. They hangout together and do friend things. But, Tiffany’s feelings go deeper than that. She will settle for any kind of relationship that Seth offers because she knows that Seth is only a one-night stand sort of guy. Seth deals with woman issues because of his mom’s abandonment years ago. He’s got it bad that all woman are the same and after only two things – MONEY and PRESTIGE (the family name means a huge bonus). He constantly abuses woman. Not physically, but emotionally by using sex as a tool. Only now that he spends more time with Tiffany, he feels that maybe he was wrong. She changes his way of thinking. She doesn’t care about the money or the family name. She accepts Seth for who he is, and slowly the hard wall that he has put up around his heart begins to crack. Maybe he can have a real relationship with her. But, what Seth doesn’t know is that Tiff has a secret of her own. One that she has been keeping from her friends. And, it’s a really sad one. One that brought tears to my eyes. When it’s revealed, it brings Seth just a little closer to letting down his guard and giving Tiff more of a piece of him. What will happen, though, when Tiffany experiences a horrifying act that no woman should ever have to go through? I think that it just brought them even closer together. But, what will it do to Seth?

This was definitely an emotional ride. So many ups and downs to their relationship. I was so rooting for Seth to let down his guard and finally let Tiffany in. He had such potential to be a really excellent hero. He was a great friend and talented musician, but it was his past and his father’s influence that kept getting in the way of his thinking. He was smart with that brooding intense stare. Not one to smile much, but when he did it was infectious. And, the whole kissing thing was an added swoon towards Seth. Tiffany was such a likable young woman. She, too, was a great friend and one hard-working chick. But, what was in her past was tragic and so not totally her fault. She paid the price for it each and every day. It was not fair for such a beautiful and talented person to live with such pain.

I loved their story and was impressed with the author’s talent to write such a moving and passionate novel! I guess I should go back and read the previous two books in the series to see how each one really came to be a couple. Looking forward to reading more from this author!!

“My heart is your heart.” ~ Tiffany (Chap. 37)

Review Written, 2/18/16