Sunday, March 1, 2015

Embrace (The Greyson-Slade Series, #3) written Kristin Kitchen (550 pgs) – finished reading 2/19/15 – 5 stars - Romantic Suspense

Damn!!! If I could give this book 10 stars, I would! And, not just because the Hero was amazing, I mean he was okay, but the Heroine was off-the-charts fearless. Joss Brockton was one of the strongest most courageous women ever. It was totally her story, and she shined!! Every woman should be like Joss – kind, loyal, smart, beautiful. But, it’s integrity that makes everyone love her. When Chris Greyson meets Joss, he’s totally taken with her beauty and fearlessness. Even though he doesn’t know Joss’ story, he knows that there’s something that keeps her from getting too involved. She’s hiding something. Something so painful and devastating that she’s scared to really let anybody into her life. She does, though, tell Chris’ brother John her story, and it’s not a pretty one. It’s one heartbreaking loss that claimed two innocent lives that is forever branded into her mind. And, Chris is not without damage either. He’s an ex-Army Ranger that was a prisoner of war that is suffering from PSTD. His life is now totally different now that he is at home as he is plagued with agonizing nightmares from time to time. Joss lives near him, and wants to help him through his anxiety and grief from the pain of his anguish. But, he is also stubborn, so she’s going to have to be more creative when trying to comfort him.

I thought that the novel would deal more with Chris’ story, but was surprised when it took on more of Joss’ traumatic past. And, a traumatic past is what she totally has. It was so sad and painful to read the agony of what she had to live with. I just couldn’t imagine such a devastating loss. The author writes her story with passion and intensity. And, as she also terrorized by an individual who is completely obsessed with her, the reader learns just how strong and brave a person she really is. She is one determined and fierce young woman!! This was totally her story, and it was remarkable! The Greyson-Slade guys still are hanging around with their women by their sides as weddings, births, and other events are celebrated. So, the reader gets caught up-to-date as to changes within all the characters lives. I just loved how the author keeps the action moving with the intrigue and intensity building as the climax is heading to the forefront. You know something big is going to drop, and drop it does with depth and emotion that affects the energy of the story. It’s to the extreme that everything comes together as the reader is catapulted into high emotional oblivion. WOW!! Did I just all that? I just got a little carried away I guess. But, take my word for it, Joss’ story is powerful! You will no way in hell be disappointed!!! Waiting now to see what Ms. Kitchen has next up her sleeve!!!

Review Written, 3/1/15

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