Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stanton Adore (Stanton, #1) written by T.L. Swan (375 pgs) – finished reading 3/12/15 – 5 stars - Contempoary Romance


Where to begin? Well, I can honestly say that I was totally blown away by this novel. It really had me chomping at the bit from the very first chapter. The two main characters hit the sheets from the very first page, and it’s HOT!!! Smokin’ dirty talk from two teenagers that definitely set the stage for their intimate encounters. And, that whopper of a secret divulged from that first chapter leads me to believe that this is going to be one heck of a ride. I was so totally into the story and no way in hell was I ever bored. Man, it was just so heavy on the hurt and pain that these two caused each other. Back and forth, “let’s break up” , “this will never work”, “what are we thinking”. They just couldn’t seem to get it together as a couple until they both decided “f**k it, it’s our life”. Damn, what a dilemma that could have devastating consequences for all.

Natasha and Joshua have been in love since they were teenagers, but on that fateful day when Natasha broke Josh’s heart, they have not seen each other since. Josh just can’t forgive her for doing the unspeakable, but what he doesn’t realize is that Natasha was trying to save him. After seven years of no contact whatsoever, the two have no choice but to encounter each other again at a family wedding. Of course there’s friction and tense moments, but neither can forget that extreme feeling of love and infatuation that they felt for one another. What will happen in the coming weeks as both question their real feelings and ultimate choices?

This book was amazing! The characters were confident and compelling. Both main characters seemed to really want everything their own way, though, but when push came to shove they absolutely were in love with each other. Natasha really hasn’t been able to move on with anyone else. Sure she’s had other relationships, but nothing and no one can even come close to the intimacy and feelings that she had for Josh. And, Josh, just seemed to be trying to replace Natasha with every woman possible, but no one ever measured up to “presh”. Now there’s all kinds of things that go on here...jealousy, fighting, partying, drugs, alcohol, and sex. And, wow the sex was explosive!!! HOT and STEAMY! So, scorching between the two!!! These two definitely set the sheets on fire!!!

As the story moves along, the reader knows that something is going to either bring these two together permanently or pull them apart indefinitely. It’s drama and intrigue at it’s very best. Why does Josh have all these bodyguards around? Will their love be strong enough to keep them together? What happens when a distressing secret told to Natasha in desperation has her questioning the ability to destroy lives? The supporting characters has the reader entranced in some fun and entertaining dialogue as well. With some loyal and honest family members and friends, the story takes on a very protective balance. Both main characters know that they will be protected physically as well as emotionally by loved ones. It’s the secrets and lies that has everyone unsteady and questioning the two lovers' real connection. Wow! And, that ending!!! God, that was epic!!! Damn, that was shocking!!! Magnificent story telling! Carnal and passionate intimacy!!! Mind-blowing drama!! And, a profuse amount of secrets and lies!! Who’s to say what will happen next. Well, book two is out now, so it’s onto that I go!!! You will not be disappointed with this intriguing find!!!

Beautiful engaging cover as well!! 

Review Written, 3/17/15

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