Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beautiful Dangerous written by Penny Dee (331 pgs) finished reading 2/28/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

This is another rockstar book that I really enjoyed! The characters were interesting and the story was fun and not so full of drama. Just an easy read! The book centers around two brothers who have become rockstar legends and two sisters who just happen to attract their attention. While at a concert for Ozstryker (which for the life of me I tried and tried to pronounce their name and just couldn’t get two sisters Layla and Beth are having a grand old time rocking out to their music. Layla catches the attention of the younger brother, Jax, while Beth is totally smitten with the older brother, Jimmy. Layla’s not really into the whole rockstar thing, but goes along for the ride with Beth. And, when she meets Jax Ozstryker, she’s blown away with his beauty and sexy smile. He’s one intoxicating male with his green eyes and dark hair. Layla knows that she could lose herself in this guy. So, when Beth decides to go on tour with the band, what’s a loyal sister to do but become the band’s personal photographer. She someday wants to go to photographer school,  and what better way to get experience then to spend time photographing a rockband.

The story is written in Layla’s POV, who is just such a nice and genuine person. She’s beautiful, smart, and hard-working. Some years ago her mother passed away, and she just always felt that it was her responsibility to look after her family. So when her sister decides to tour with the band, how can she not go along and support Beth. The fact that she’s attracted to Jax Ozstryker is just another bonus in itself. As she tries to keep their relationship on a more employer/employee level, she finds herself spending time with him personally. But, Jax has a son and an ex-wife, who just happens to be a bitch. When the ex finds out about Layla, she tries to suck Jax back into her calculating web of guilt with tormenting grief. What is he to do? Does this couple stand a chance to keep their love intact when one from the past is so hellbent on playing with Jax’s conflicted emotions just to get what she wants?

This was an awesome book! There was some drama that definitely included that uncertainty of exactly how the novel would play out. Some unpredictable situations occurred, which I did not see coming. So, hats off to Ms. Dee for surprising me! The characters were definitely interesting. Jimmy was funny as hell! He was way out there!!! And Drew Paul and Nero were definitely pretty amusing too. And, Beth, well I couldn’t count how many times I laughed out loud at her hilarious outbursts! Both Jimmy and her were just to die for!!! But when it came to Layla and Jax, well they were just perfect!!! I loved them as a couple, and I was so hoping for them to get their “happily ever after”!!! Oh, and the ending with that epilogue - EXCELLENT!!!  Looking forward to reading more from this incredible author....

“His eyes were closed as he lost himself in his playing. His fingers danced over the strings. The crowd was enthralled. I was captivated. When he opened his eyes, they found mine and he smiled. It was that moment – that very moment – I fell in love with Jax Ozstryker. Head first, stupid, crazy in love with him.” ~ Layla (Chap. 17)

And DAMN, another mind-blowing cover!!! SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Review Written, 3/1/15 

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