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The Keys to Jericho written by Ren Alexander (806 pgs) – finished reading 2/24/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance


2/24/15 - DONE! Holy crap, now I have to think about writing my review! I need a minute or two or possibly three...

Jared and Kat, well let’s just say they were epic! I’ve read a lot of books, tons of books even, but there’s not that many that I would say were beyond stellar. But this was definitely one that achieves that level. Beautiful love story. A wounded but yet complicated Hero and a damaged but yet strong Heroine are the leads in this book. Both searching for that lost love. And, before I can go any further, hats off to Ren Alexander!!!! She made my day!!!! Love, LOVED, loved this book!!!!

Over 800 pages, and worth every paged turned...

2/27/15 - So, ladies, that’s how it’s done! One long book that tells the entire story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. No wondering when the next book in the series is coming out. No forgetting what you’ve already read after months have gone by and the next book in the series finally comes out. Just a complete story that gives you closure after the final page is turned.

I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate title, The Keys to Jericho, for a story about a young man that has erected such walls around his heart to protect himself after he’s been hurt in the past by two important women in his life. Jared Beckett is one hardass. He definitely speaks his mind. He doesn’t hold back and sugarcoat anything. With his crass language and need to be always right, he makes the reader almost dislike him. That is until the reader gets a deeper glimpse as to why Jared is so harsh. He’s actually far from perfect, but he lures the reader into his story because he’s just that appealing. He’s funny and smart, and when you get down to it, he’s really a good-hearted person. And, of course, don’t forget that he’s gorgeous with dark hair and hazel/green eyes that just screams attraction.

Ren Alexander really pulled me into Jared’s story with her impressive characters and heart-stopping drama. Not only is the story told in mostly Jared’s POV, which I loved, but we also get a glimpse of a former friend’s POV occasionally, which is female. Katriona Merrick and Jared have a past. They’re old high school friends. Both had wanted more of their friendship, but being young and inexperienced had them both scared of rejection. So, they really never pursued that avenue. Now after not seeing each other in about fourteen years, they reconnect under surprising circumstances.

Wow! There just was so much back and forth and push and pull with these two. Both afraid to admit their feelings, but also realizing that during all the years apart they’ve never really felt any connection remotely significant as what they have with each other. As Jared helps Kat with a project in her life that so long ago claimed a loved one’s life, they spend more time together rebuilding that irrevocable connection. It was beautiful to finally see them back together as at least friends, but heartbreaking to see them struggling with their relationship on a more romantic level. Some major tearful moments were depicted as Jared finally admits his apprehension to commit to Kat. It only comes from the love and caring of his friends and dad that he actually breaks down and admits to his fear. This was a major turning point in the novel that pretty much affects everyone. I loved every character portrayed – Dash, Rio, Liberty, Hadley, Finn, Adam, and Brenda. Jared had the most loyal and honest friends ever! I would love to someday see Dash get his own story! I’m sure it would be amazing!!!

I liked how the author just kept the story going with all the little details leading up to their final milestone – birthdays and holidays were celebrated along with Kat’s long-awaited achievement. The story just moved along so quickly, I couldn’t believe that I read over 800 pages in two and a half days. There was never a dull moment, and I was so sad when I turned the last page. Usually this type of thing puts me in a book funk, which I now am, and I just can’t get into reading anything for a few days. That’s how I know that it was such a great story!! It was heartbreaking, but yet triumphant. I found myself feeling just as each character was as each emotion was embraced. Jared and Kat’s love story is romantic and sensual. The scenes, once they got together, were HOT and EXPLOSIVE! After all of these years of waiting, they finally got to acquaintance themselves with their “soulmate’s” lusting passion and true spirit. Things that Jared never experienced with anyone else were intimately illustrated with Kat.

This was one brilliant read! My emotions were all over the place when so much drama and suffering caused distress to be inflicted between the characters. But, the final outcome was one of victory and happiness. This magnificent couple got their heart’s desire – each other. A moving love story filled with anguish, intimacy, and conquest. Cheers to Ms. Alexander for a novel well written!

Review Written, 2/26/15

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