Wednesday, February 18, 2015

She Writes Love written by Sandi Lynn (265 pgs) – finished reading 2/2/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Just a word of warning, you will need tissues to get through this tearjerker – plain and simple. You will feel heartbreak for these two individuals. How can life be so cruel you will ask. But, when the last page is turned, you will clap and cheer, and you will sigh with certainty that these two people are finally home. So many readers loved this story, and I can see why. It really gets to the heart and soul. It’s powerful. But, most of all, it’s a second chance. A second chance at life, at love, and to find that soulmate. Your forever. The love of your life.

Paisley Logan is drowning. Drowning in sorrow. She just can’t find the how or why to move on. Her husband was taken from her at such a young age. It was their one-year wedding anniversary in fact. How could God be so cruel? All their plans for the future – gone! She’s lost the love of her life. How could anyone even approach her to start dating. She’s not ready. There’s no way that that is going to happen!! Her family feels for her, but she’s still alive. It’s time to start living. When her brother, Keaton, suggests that she go to a widow/widower support group, she simply won’t even hear about it. Is he crazy??

Ben Preston lost his wife, Amy, to cancer after a five year battle. He’s heartbroken, and can’t seem to get passed it. It was painful to see his young wife suffer so acutely. She was such a beautiful and caring person. Why must all the delicate people suffer so? His family wants him to move on too. Start dating. Be more social. But, he’s not ready either. And, when he goes to his regular hang-out bar for his normal Friday night drink, he’s met there by a new customer, David. They become immediate friends and David suggests that he attend the same widow/widower support group on Friday nights. Ben really wants none of that, but what the hell,  it’s Friday, might as well check it out and see what it’s all about.

When Paisley and Ben meet, it’s like magic - pure and simply.They’re attracted to each other, but neither one is willing to take that plunge. Now I’m not going to discuss much more about their relationship because I don’t want to give away much else, but it made me smile. I loved these two characters. They were perfect for each other. And, it’s such a feel-good book. There’s a twist at the end that was wonderful. I really didn’t put two and two together when I was reading this lovely novel because I was just so focused on their love story. But, I will say this, it was totally celestial. Divine. Almost angelic. You will not be disappointed whatsoever!

“Keaton told me once that life is like the ocean. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to ride them. Just like you can’t stop life, but you can learn to live it.” ~ Paisley (Chap. 20)

“I was drowning in my own misery and feeling like I was the only person in the world that this happened to. I’m here tonight to tell you that you will be all right. Your deceased loved ones don’t want you to stop living life after they’re gone. They want you to be at peace and continue to love life like you did when they were alive. Someone once told me to embrace the memories you had with each other. Remember them and let them heal you. We all know that life’s too short to drown ourselves in our own sorrow. Life can, does, and will go on for you. But you have to make the effort to live it right. I am a survivor and so are you.” ~ Paisley (Chap. 42)

This is such a beautiful cover!!!

Review Written, 2/18/15

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