Friday, February 13, 2015

Breaking Shaun (Breaking Free, #2) written by E.M. Abel (287 pgs) – finished reading 2/1/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Natalie just moved to Virginia from California. When she was young, she was somewhat of a nomad, always moving around with her younger sister and mother. Now at this point of her life, moving to Virginia was an act of trying to save herself. She never had best friends or boyfriends. So, moving to be near her cousin Nick, who she had been close to at one time, seemed like a good plan. Her profession as a bartender didn’t really have her worried about finding a job. So, leaving California was ideal. Natalie is not the type who commits to any one person. She doesn’t do relationships. But, having random sex seemed to take the edge off and fit into her life-style perfectly. She meets Shaun at his sister’s gallery showing. With his tan buff body, long hair, and green eyes she knows he’s trouble and too in control. He’s hardly shy and plays to her obvious explicit exposure. The attraction is totally there, but there’s no way that this would be a one-time f**k. He’s deliciousness on a stick, and with that deep voice and those mesmerizing eyes, she knows that he would push her so far over the edge that she’d never be able find her way back.

Shaun is an extremely confident man. A “no strings” relationship is what he lives by. There’s just too much drama and too many constant headaches when there’s more to it than that. He works for his sister’s husband, Marcus, and loves to surf. He’s satisifed just doing his own thing. But, when he meets Natalie, there’s something there. Something that is raw and primitive between the two. They’re both so not used to wanting someone other than for pleasure. These new feelings that they were experiencing were not normal for either of them, and they were scared. Their relationship was sensual and exciting. Would either one of them admit to their true feelings and possibly take a chance of getting their heart broken?

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this novel! Ms. Abel certainly kept me interested in their love story. It was romantic and passionate. Erotically electric! The intimacy was fiery and intense. Their bond was pure magic! The reader gets glimpses here and there from past characters, Asia and Marcus from Freeing Asia, which only enhances the story’s ability to pull the reader in and keep them captivated. Breaking Shaun was such a feel-good novel. It involved family dynamic, romantic excitement, and emotional insight into what was really paramount at this time in their lives. It was a fun and cute novel as well. Both main characters seemed to fall head-over-heels, which I couldn’t be more happy about. I really liked Shaun and Natalie! Both just put a smile on my face!! Don’t miss reading about their coming together as a remarkable couple within the impressive pages of this book!!

Love the background for the cover!! It looks so tranquil and peaceful!!

Review Written, 2/13/15

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