Friday, February 20, 2015

Crash Ride (Power Station, #2) written by T. Gephart (289 pgs) – finished reading 2/20/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

Another amazing book written by T. Gephart! So freakin’ HOT!!! Couldn’t put this one down. I was just so immersed in the story. And, Troy Harris, was one amazing male specimen!!! He’s gorgeous with a bangin’ body! Oh man, there’s just something so irresistible about him that Megan Winters loves. When he’s around she just can’t think straight. Things come out of her mouth that are dirty and naughty. And, what does he think of her? Well, she’s beautiful and smart. A doctor. And, with a body like hers, he’s constantly re-arranging himself. But, their best friends are a couple, and if Troy Harris and Megs don’t work out, it could spell trouble for all. So, they make an arrangement. A “sex only” arrangement, and whatever happens, they won’t let it affect their friendship whatsoever. How long, though, can either one of them keep this up when feelings start getting in the way?

Wow! I just couldn’t put this down! Started reading this in the afternoon and was done by 1am. It was just that mind-blowing! Romance and drama at its best. Holy crap!! The chemistry between the two was off-the-charts HOT!! Tattoos and piercings just added to the heat!!! It was a funny book too. Megs still calling Troy by both first and last name all the time was still hilarious. She had some sense of humor. The whole idea of sneaking around and secret hook-ups just added to the excitement of it all as well. And, of course, there’s still the Power Station guys around with their gorgeous babes. Dan is just such a funny dude – potty mouth and all. While Ashlyn still is a protector and takes care of her man.  

Some things happened that brought big tears to my eyes. Didn’t see that happening!! But, Megs is a brave young woman. And, like I said, smart as hell. She knows when she has a good thing and knows when to jump on it as if it could be her lifeline to the future. With Troy Harris by her side, how can anything be but perfect? I loved this book. I’m still smiling about it as I write this review after only having finished reading it twelve hours ago. I’m just so sad that their story is over, however.  It was one that I was totally looking forward to, and I was not disappointed at all. There’s just something about this group of guys and their women that is thrilling and desirable. And, I’m so looking forward to Jace’s story! Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long...

“In his eyes I saw the love. I saw his commitment and I hoped he saw the same in mine. There was no mistake on what this was, there was no misunderstanding on what it could be. It was home. Mine. His. Ours.” ~ Megs (pg. 192)

This quote was so profoundly written that I just had to include it in my review: (and, for the short time that Josh was in the story, he just made it so much more sweet; he genuinely seemed to have such a beautiful soul.)

“There are usually three different types of people who come and get ink. One. the living canvas. For these people their skin is blank pages that they use to tell their story. There is no separation between the art and them. It’s a part of them as much as an ear or a toe. It’s an addiction as well as an expression. Two. The weekend warrior. They go under the needle to earn cool points or to follow trend. These are the people who usually get some lame tribal band around their arm or a tramp stamp. They get tats that are highly visible and often cheesy. I don’t judge, but I assume that five to ten years down the track they will be spending time with a laser. Three. The tortured soul. They use the art as therapy, to memorialize something or a loved one. They mark their skins with tributes and dedications or a connection to something or someone. It’s just for them; displayed or not displayed it wouldn’t mean any more or less.” ~ Josh (pg. 138)

Review Written, 2/20/15

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