Monday, May 11, 2015

Gibson’s Legacy (Last Score, #1) written by K.L Shandwick (469 pgs) – finished reading 5/10/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Erotica)

5/10/15 – This novel was amazing! I loved Gibson and Chloe!!! One emotionally charged book! Can’t wait for their story to continue!!!

5/11/15 - I’m somewhat of a rockstar romance junkie and this one is just out of this world! OMG!!! The heartbreak and affliction is mindblowing! I was so not prepared for things that happened in this novel. In fact, I was shocked when one character totally turned the tables on me. This was one powerful book! People changed and redeemed themselves. Trust was tested time and time again. Abuse was painstakingly discussed. And, the hotness between the couple was explosively charged. Wow! So many feelings questioned. So much agony and drama explored. And, this was a long book, but I read eagerly. Not missing a single thought, feeling or caress. Two people connecting after five years in an unlikely situation, realize that there is so much more to their relationship than either of them ever thought possible. The attraction is there, and the passion could be there, but can they trust each other?

This is Part One of a duet told in alternative POV’s from Gibson (the manwhore rockstar) and Chloe (the plain old normal chick, so she thinks). But, there’s way more to both of them when they decide to give their romance a chance. There are so many things that I just loved about this book...Gibson, Chloe, their friends, the villain, the sluts, the bandmembers, and the security staff. But, most of all, I loved their romance. Holy s**t! It was friggin’ SIZZLING! And, when there was nothing held back from their hotter than hot sexual excapades, I just had to keep reading until well into the night!!! And, of course, Gibson sporting those tattoos and that piercing just made it even more sensual. Oh, and let’s not forget the phone sex...another panty-melting moment that had me craving for more from this scintillating book couple!!!

You will not want to pass this one up. As soon as I finished this installment, I went right into the next one. I just couldn’t hold back finding out what happens to this passionate couple and where their lives are headed. Together or apart? Will Chloe give Gibson a chance to prove his trust or will she bail when the going gets tough and she can’t deal with the ramifications? Chloe was such a complicated character. She just was lacking that trust issue from a relationship gone bad. And, Gibson had his past manwhore reputation that kept haunting him. Chloe just didn’t know if she had it in her to take a chance on love again and possibly get hurt in the process. It’s interesting to see where their relationship ends up after some things go down that are out of their control. This was such a moving story that had me rooting for Chloe to find her way. Gibson made her feel comfortable and gave her the confidence to take a chance. Looking forward to reading the next installment to this series! Some pretty powerful stuff!!!

Review Written, 5/11/15

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