Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rowdy (Marked Men, #5) written by Jay Crownover (332 pgs) – finished reading 3/20/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Ms. Crownover does not disappoint with Rowdy’s story. The group just seemed to grow as a wonderful gang of friends – both the guys and their babes. And, each story was told with heart and soul. Rowdy’s story is clouded with sadness and hardship. When a person from his past re-enters his life, he questions his previous decisions. Salem knew him once-upon-a-time. They were neighbors way back when, and she’s never forgotten the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes that always made her smile. But, she doesn’t get the whole truth, and she thinks that she would never have a chance with him. To her, his heart belongs elsewhere. When she does finally understand what went down, will she take a chance on him?

Their’s was a sweet and tender love story. I couldn’t get enough of their romance. Once everything was brought out into the open, they finally had a chance to make a go of it. Salem was a pretty much a loner. Traveling from place to place in search of freedom from a life of a disciplined childhood. She finally would get the chance to let it all out. When she decides  to return home to really voice her opinion to a father that was such a controlling and hostile man, she finds she has an unlikely supporter in her camp. There was some abuse portrayed involving a loved one, which was a tearful event. It finally gave Salem the courage to speak her mind and take back her life. Rowdy was a great supporter, and even though there was an age difference between the two, he finally felt like he came home. He also gains the respect and acknowledgement of a relative he never knew that he had. He finally did belong!

With only one more book to go in the series, Asa’s story, I’m sure going to miss these rockin’ guys! Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, and Rowdy made me laugh, cry, and swoon. All five guys found the woman that would give them the hope and love that they deserved to finally live their lives without conflict and heartache.  I still think that Nash is my favorite, but all five guys with their tattoos, piercings, and stellar good looks were so exciting and fun to read about! So, onto Asa’s story I go...

Review Written, 5/12/15 

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