Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bone Deep written by Bonnie Dee (218 pgs) – finished reading 7/5/15 – 4 stars - Historical Romance

Lately I’ve been hitting all the sad stories, but this one is one of triumph and newfound happiness. What starts out as an unwanted visit to the traveling carnival has widow Sarah Cassidy questioning how unfair life is after she had gained entrance to the tent showcasing the freaks. Her eyes land on the beautifully decorative man covered in brilliantly colored ink that adorns his entire body. She is as intrigued as she is aroused with desire. The man, paying no attention to Sarah, seemed lost. Disconnected. But, it’s what happens later, when she finds herself face to face with this obscure man, that she begins to find strength to live again.

This was a beautiful story that took place in the 1940s with two courageous characters. The author portrayed people at their worst as judgment and harsh criticism came into play. But, with a strong woman willing to take a stand for what she believes in her heart to be love, she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind for another chance at happiness. And, Tom, the beautifully tattooed man that wiggles a place into her broken heart, he was just so broken and torn as to what to do that’s right for himself and Sarah. She was so willing to put herself out there to take a stand for him and their relationship. But, was it right for her to be shunned from the townspeople just so he could be part of her life? Or did the choice to leave her so that she could live in peace from ridicule and contempt come at a price for his happiness also?

Two lost individuals who fall in love just when all hope is lost to find acceptance and love. This was a wonderful portrayal of the old saying “that there’s someone out there for everyone”. I adored this book! I just wish that it was a little longer to include how their lives turned out after that unexpected surprise has finally arrived. My second Bonnie Dee book read, and it was excellent!!

What a glorious cover captured!! One where the cover depicts the male described within the pages as I envisioned...

Review Written, 7/20/15

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