Monday, July 6, 2015

Raze (Scarred Souls, #1) written by Tille Cole (256 pgs) – finished reading 6/21/15 – 5 stars - Contempoary Romance (Dark)

Wow! That was one totally dark romance. I loved it, and I loved Raze/Luka! He was such an amazing character! Damaged. Broken. Lost in so much pain. Trying to find where he belonged while holding on to the debilitating act of REVENGE. The revenge that kept his heart beating. The revenge that he knew fueled his fire. Why? He really wasn’t sure until meeting that woman. The one he feels he has to possess. The one that triggers so many memories. For some reason he has a connection to her. But, when all the secrets finally come out, does he have the courage to seek his revenge? This one was a real heart-stopper. It was exciting and thrilling. So many secrets having been kept until the truth is finally revealed. So many broken hearts are healed. And, a lost love between two people is finally rekindled as was first supposed to happen from the time they were children. One of my favorites so far this year! Ms. Cole really sucks the reader in from start to finish! One not to be missed...

“You’re a part of me remember? God put a piece of you within me so when we were born, everyone would know we matched.” – Luka (Chap. 6)

Review Written, 6/21/15

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