Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ocean (Damage Control, #5) written by Jo Raven (250 pgs) – finished reading 5/1/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Another amazing book written by Jo Raven! I couldn’t put it down! Her characters, though flawed they may be, are lovable and so strong. Each male has had a difficult up-bringing. All they want to do is have a family and fit in. And, each female is brave and true. They want everything for their man. And, they’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that they realize how much they are wanted and loved. Ocean and Kayla’s story is no different than the rest. Both wanting that special love but not thinking that they deserve it. I loved both Ocean and Kayla! Ocean just trying to be the helpful one. Always putting others before himself. And, Kayla, wanting to find that special person. That forever sort of love. And, she thinks that Ocean can be that for her. He’s just such a good person, and she needs for him to feel that. She wants to be the one to take care of him for a change. And, he’s over-the-top fascinated by her. Her feisty and playful personality makes her a treasure to him. And, when they finally get together, will the sparks fly? Will Ocean see fireworks from all that feeling that Kay has built up inside her just for him? Will he get it that he is worthy of her love??

Jo Raven pulls you right into the story from the amazing cover to the first words read off page one right through to the amazing finale. The reader gets a glimpse into a family of friends’ lives that are special and loyal. The guys and their babes are honest and are there for each other through thick and thin. It always gets to me how this bunch of friends support each other. They laugh together. They curse together – pretty dirty with humor I might add...chuckle. And, they believe in each other. And, Ocean and Kayla’s story is filled with humor but also sadness. Especially when Ocean is really taken for a ride by people that he should have no problem trusting. He is beyond destroyed when these two people really snow him. But, the truth is the truth and the sooner that he accepts it then he will be able to move on. With a brother who finally comes around, to Kayla that is always waiting in the wings, and his group of friends that just prove over and over that they got his back, he just knows that this is where he’s meant to be. Can’t wait for more Jo Raven books. This is one author that when her books are released I get my nose embedded in the pages ASAP! Never one to be disappointed with a Jo Raven book...

“Because love was broken” I whisper. “I was trying to put it back together and failing every single time. But I’d draw you, Kay. The whole of you. You put love back together. You put me back together so I could love you.” ~ Ocean (Chap. 24)

And, her book covers are always fine to look at...

Review Written, 5/3/16

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