Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Slam written by Haleigh Lovell (280 pgs) – finished reading 4/23/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

You will love this one! One of my favorites of the year! Both main characters were fabulous! And, their close relationship was just perfect! Hope to see more of this pair in the future! There were a few things that I just felt were left unanswered for me. So, I hope the author visits with them once again. That’s why I rated this 4.5 stars.  I thought the book ended a little too abruptly, and I was left scratching my head.That’s it? That’s how it ended??

But anyway, the writing was just brilliant. Ms. Lovell portrayed an individual on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome spot-on. The character of Adelaide Vikander was quirky and funny while she took everything so literal. She just spoke her mind trying to fit in. That was her biggest fear. She didn’t want to be the strange one. The different one. And, when she comes to the U.S. from Australia to attend college and live with two old friends from the past, she’s introduced to the college life.

Ender Hemsworth is the big man on campus. Frat house president, tennis genius, and all the chicks flock to him. When Adelaide comes to live with him, she weaves herself into his life with her ability to speak honestly and openly. He’s amazed by her and how she handles being different. Her innocence makes her special, and Ender sees this. Adelaide is a natural athlete, and when she offers to train him on the weekends, Ender is impresed with her ability to strive for excellence. These two are just so cute and charming together. Ender becomes very protective of Adelaide, and when she decides she wants to date, Ender is not the happiest about it. This is where I think their relationship starts to change. Ender just doesn’t see her as the family friend anymore. There is definitely a different type of feeling there.

This was abolutely one of those stories that is uplifting in a unique sort of a way. It gives hope to the “different” that some way they can fit in as they struggle to find needed confidence and loyalty. It was truly a comical, sexy, and most entertaining story. And, oh, I love pizza too!!

What is it like? To be you.” ~ Ender

“Gosh, it’s not easy to put into words. It’s almost like trying to explain red to a blind person.” ~ Adelaide

Try me.” ~ Ender

“Do you mind if I use an analogy?” ~ Adelaide

“Use whatever you want.” ~ Ender

“Thank you. When you look at a painting, you probably see the whole picture. You see the finished product. When I look at a painting, I see the stages from start to finish. And I see every detail...the lines and forms, the lights and shadows, the tiny brush strokes, the different layers. I see the contrast of colors, the saturation, and I see the work invested in it and I want to know more. I want to ask the artist how she got the concept for the painting. I want to know more about the artist herself so I can understand what she’s trying to convey with each brush stroke. I want to know the mindset she was in when she was working on her art piece. Above all, I want to know the story behind the painting.”  ~ Adelaide (Conversation comes from Chap. 17)

Review Written, 4/30/16

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