Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Connected (Broken, #2) written by A.E. Murphy (387 pgs) – finished reading 5/10/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Dark)

As the story of Gwen and Nathan continues, the pair are now faced with their attraction building for each other. Nathan, though, gives Gwen mixed vibes on and off as to what his true feelings towards her are. And, Gwen doesn’t know whether or not to take a chance on him. He’s just so hot and cold. More secrets are revealed as their story unfolds. There is even more angst and darkness that surrounds this couple. The writing from the author is even more fantastic than the first book, if that can be possible. She delves deep into the crevices of Nathan’s mind to create such an exceptional character. He’s just so broken, but he’s becoming more willing to trust Gwen. But, Gwen goes and breaks one of his rules and he’s livid. Gwen now is faced with a huge decision. Where to go?? It was painful to watch as she abandons their relationship and heads elsewhere. It’s time to get her life back and depend on herself. But, at what price will she pay for leaving Nathan?

Again, I was just mesmerized with Ms. Murphy’s writing. It’s strong and passionate as she tells Gwen and Nathan’s story. It’s a roller coaster of a ride as their desire intensifies regardless of their pasts. Nathan’s want for Gwen is powerful, but he knows that he is not good for her. And, Gwen just can’t shake the guilt that is always weighing heavy in her mind. Will they ever find their way back to each other? Or has too much damage been done and cruel words exchanged to salvage their relationship? I loved their story even though it was so painful to read. The characters were driven and the story was intensity at its very best. And, that epilogue was to die for! I was happy for this couple. They deserved to be happy after all the pain and suffering that they had gone through to get this point in their lives. It was a perfect ending to an enthralling tale! Can’t recommend reading these two books more highly...

Review Written, 5/24/16

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