Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hetch (Men of S.W.A.T., #1) written by River Savage (361 pgs) – finished reading 5/12/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Liam Hetcherson works as a SWAT team leader. He’s full of humor and life. But, he’s also broken after having witnessing a family member taking their own life. This stays with him and he can’t shake it. Waking up with nightmares more nights than not, he suffers from PTSD. It’s not good for the job he’s in, and it’s just not good for him.

Liberty Jenson loves her job. She works as a youth counselor at a boys’ group home. She’s not always had the best luck with relationships. And, after her last boyfriend cheats on her, she’s giving up men for six months. Let me know how that works out! When she first encounters “Hetch”, allbeit through her paper thin wall as she’s having a private moment with her very own personal orgasmic pleasurement toy, she’s totally mortified. What must he think of her, even though he’s had his fill in the sex department as he’s paraded numerous woman in and out of his apartment night after night? As they get to know each other after finally meeting face to face at the local bar, Hetch just knows that she’s different than the rest and can’t get her off of his mind. And, Liberty, still has that celibacy declaration of six months hanging over her head. Should she take a chance on Hetch and abandon her current status of sexual tension?

Oh, boy, this was one HOT book! These two really get it on, and it’s explosive! I had to laugh at some of the things that they got caught doing. Yikes! Embarrassment city!! But, besides the off-the-charts sex, there’s a real story here. It mostly concerns Hetch and his past, but Liberty is right there helping him cope with the after effects. She’s definitely a smart and caring young woman. While Hetch through time accepts her help, it’s the way that they finally get to that step that climaxes within the story. It’s sad and painful to read, but it just fortifies their current relationship more. Two great characters that had a loving support system with friends and family as they went through some pretty heavy life-altering circumstances.. This was a great book to start off the series! Looking forward to the next book in the series...

“I realize I can do anything when I’m with you, sweetheart. The darkness seems a little less dark, the pain is a little more manageable, and the clutter...the clutter fades and what’s left behind is the beauty of the moment. So yes, I know it’s soon. But you’re mine, and I’m not letting you go ever again.” ~ Hetch (Chap. 42)

Review Written, 5/19/16

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