Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sex Addict written by Blaire Blaine & Ella Frank (297 pgs) – finished reading 4/28/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

This book was so much more than I expected it to be! I had no idea where the authors would really take this book since the blurb was not full of information. We know the hero’s name and that he’s a sex addict, but that’s about it. The book starts off pretty scorching. Two people definitely into each other. But, both of their rules are that they’re with the person only once. No repeats!! But, they find themselves lusting after one another long after they’ve said goodbye. There has to be something stronger here.

Evan James had a great job. He’s smart, attractive, and such a lady killer. But, he gets involved with the wrong woman and loses everything. When he gets an interview for a job so he can start putting his life back in order, he just can’t say no. And, low and behold, he’s hired on the spot. It’s a set-up, though, from people in his past who want nothing more from him than just to help. His new boss, however, is one huge blast from the past. Evan eventually realizes it as these two find it harder and harder to refrain from getting involved once again.

Holy s**t Batman!! I didn’t see that coming!! Like I always say, it’s the unpredictability that keeps this reader so invested in the story. When I don’t see a reveal coming, it just makes me further intrigued. And, this was absolutely one interesting book. Of course, you have a cast of great characters, some engaging storylines, and a romance that is passionate and erotic. The whole sexual addiction theme was not just brushed over. The authors describe to what extent Evan suffers from and what therapy he decides to partake in along with how his healing progresses throughout the book. So, it’s not dealt with lightly. We also get more acquainted with his boss, Reagan, as their relationship takes on a whole new meaning.

This was such an eye-opening story as I’m sure that the authors did their research to make Evan’s addiction believable. Both main characters suffered with confidence I felt. They both needed reassurance that they meant something. And, when they came together time after time, their chemistry was amazing! It was just the lies and the deceit that would keep them apart. Will they ever figure out that they were meant to be together and it was just misunderstandings that kept getting in the way?

This was just one thrilling ride! So much heartache that lead to difficult situations. The banter between the two was exciting! The coffee cup notations were cute! And, when it came down to it, Evan was just a man needing reassurance that he was worth something and Reagan was just the woman to make him feel that. So, much more to this book than just sex. It was really a more moving story as I got deeper into the book. And, I was happy to give it a shot because I really enjoyed it!!

Review Written, 4/30/16

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