Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Leaving Her Mark (Leaving Marks, #2) written by T.A. McKay (236 pgs) – finished reading 5/16/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

As Gabe sees his life slipping away, he knows that he will never be the man that is good enough for Rhys. He’s trouble just like his dad, and he has to get her to see this. He refuses to see her time and time again, but Rhys is one determined and stubborn girl. And, when she makes a deal with the devil, how will this affect Gabe and Rhys’ relationship?

As if this couldn’t be more intriguing than the first book! It pulls you in and doesn’t let go as Gabe and Rhys’ relationship teeters back and forth throughout the book. It’s filled with ups and downs as heartache and drama promises to keep the reader engaged until the final page is turned. Rhys does something that is pretty bold and just proves to me that she is one courageous young woman. She’s bound and determined to keep her man more than ever. Gabe is her forever, and she’s hellbent on seeing that through til’ he’s back in her arms to stay. And, Gabe, he just seems so confused and giving up just seems to be the only answer. Oh, poor Gabe! He just was trying to protect his woman, and now look at the mess he’s in.

I loved this couple! The chemistry is there, and they’re perfect together. They understand each other, and they can relate because their pasts were both traumatic and painful. Their best friend, Clay, is still around to protect and support both Gabe and Rhys. He’s one true friend that will always have their back no matter what. I’m so glad to hear that he will be getting his own book in the future. I’m sure that it will be one wild ride!

This duet of books was fantastic! Another new author that I discovered and will keep on my radar for the future. She just had me entertained from start to finish. The story kept me on my toes while the characters proved to be creatively impressive. One book not to be missed!!

“Music starts to play through the overhead speakers and I remember the playlist well, it’s the one I played when I gave Rhys her tattoo. The memory makes me smile and I realise how far we have both come and how happy we are together. That day in this shop I left my mark on her but little did I know that she was leaving her mark on me.” ~ Gabe (Epilogue)

Review Written, 5/18/16

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