Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Never Sweeter (Dark Obsession, #2) written by Charlotte Stein (262 pgs) – finished reading 4/20/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

So, you go away to college, and who do you see, but the person you despise most. The person who used to bully you all the time in high school. How can this possibly happen? Letty was never the popular one. Never the prettiest one. She was nerdy with curves, and Tate the star wrestling champ, just knew how to make her feel worthless. With every negative comment and all his taunting and tormenting, he took away her confidence. Now that they are in college, Tate wants to put that in the past. So, he apologizes to Letty and wants her to trust him. How can she do that when he was partly to blame for an accident that could have cost Letty her life? Is he really sincere about his motive or is he sucking her into a sick game?? As she gives Tate that chance to redeem himself that he so desperately wants, she can’t help but be leery of his true intent.

This was my first Charlotte Stein book, and a lot of it seemed over-the-top. But, that’s okay because I read for the entertainment of it all. It doesn’t always have to make sense or be believable. I could deal with the Pringles can. It was funny!! I could deal with the V-card, which I was surprised at.  And, I could deal with him being 6’5” and big all over. Who wouldn’t want a guy big and powerful? That’s the glory of reading! The fact that you find yourself so immersed in a book that you just can’t put it down is enjoyment at its best. The hero appears to redeem himself in a sort of stunning way as Letty turns the tables and becomes the deceitful one.  In order for their relationship to move on, she needed closure from the past. She needed to know the truth. Letty ended up to be a more stronger person in the end than she gave herself credit for.

The author writes some pretty HOT scenes. Whew! Things were a bit naughty here for two college kids. And, as they are paired up for a class project on sex in the cinema, it only makes their sexual intimacy more intense and experimental. And, holy crap, more erotic!!

Tate just really had a lot to convince Letty of as she tries to believe that he has changed. Will he ever be able to prove that he is a better person? Will the once insecure Letty fall for the guy who was in the past her most hateful enemy? The person who relentlessly bullied her in high school? As everything is finally brought out into the open when the novel gets closer towards the end, Letty just might be surprised as to just how sorry and remorseful from guilt Tate really is...

And, the guy on the front cover, holy freakin’ cow!!!

Review Written, 4/30/16

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