Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract, #1) written by Rachel Higginson (302 pgs) – 3/31/17 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

What can I say about Rachel Higginson’s new book?? It was one enjoyable read! Vera has sworn off men for good. She’s had such a previous bad experience, that she decides that she is going to just focus on her career. She’s a chef. And, her newest venture, owning her own food truck, is her priority right now. It doesn’t go over very well, though, with the restaurant owner across the street, Killian. He’s pretty much annoyed with the idea that a food truck with take-out food is across the street from his stellar restaurant. He was pretty funny, however, sending his employees to sample her food. He must be a little afraid that she will take away some of his clientele. And, she gives him a run for his money by making deals with him to sample her food, I had to laugh-out-loud a few times. Vera was just one comical chick! I loved her! And, Killian, tried to come off as this brash and bossy male, when underneath, he really was a sweetheart. I just loved their banter back and forth! And, when it finally comes to the romance, Killian wanted so desperately to take care of Vera and show her that all men were not despicable and abusive. He was definitely a more swoon-worthy character towards the end. Will these two, though, take a chance on each other and trust in their love?

Loved the whole food truck idea! It was new and refreshing! I love books about food, and this one was right up my alley! And, a guy that rides a motorcycle is just so badass! Just makes him more thrilling and exciting as a male! And, with Vera on the back, the chemistry between the two was evident. Vera, given her past heartache, had such a wonderful support system from her dad, her brother, and best friend Molly. And, Killian also, even though his past was not without destruction, had loyalty and protectiveness from foster mom, Jo, and foster brother, Ezra. Even though this couple’s pasts might not have been pretty, they were now on a path for good things to come their way. My only complaint is that the author focused so much on Vera’s past; talking about it over and over. It gets a little tedious to keep hearing. But, I did understand the need for some of it. Ms. Higginson seemed very adamant about not letting a man treat you beneath what a woman deserved, from which I totally agree. No woman is not worthy of perfect treatment both emotionally and physically. And, if it’s not given wholeheartedly, walk away.

Definitely won’t hesitate to pick up another of Ms. Higginson’s books. I was totally entertained and look forward to her next release...

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