Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Said Forever written by Marie James (481 pgs) – finished reading 3/20/17 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Sports/New Adult)


I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been so swept into the football romance scene. And, this one does not disappoint whatsoever. It’s painful to read, and the relationship between the two main characters is tested time and time again. Blaze comes from a family of drug addicts; both mom and dad. And, because of his past, he pledges never to make that mistake. Fallyn is all about school. We don’t get much back history of her childhood, but she seems to have a mostly decent relationship with her parents. When Blaze and Fallyn meet, she has no idea who he is. Star quarterback of the football team means nothing to her. They meet at a party, and she’s totally blown away with just one kiss and a dance. And, Blaze can’t get her off of his mind. She’s beautiful, and of course, she wants no part of him. So...the chase is on!! He promises to kiss her every time they see each other, and he’s a man of his word. Blaze is a cocky arrogant male that is so sure of himself. While Fallyn comes off as mostly interested in school and wants no romantic relationship to jeopardize that. As Blaze constantly seeks out Fallyn, both he and she know that he’s wearing her down. Will these two ever get together? And, if they do, do they stand a chance of staying together given the fact that Blaze’s past is one of heartache and destruction??

Oh, man, this was another sad one. Blaze makes some terrible decisions and they end up having devastating consequences. True that some things were just not his fault, but it leads to him paying the price big-time. In the end, the outcome was hard on this couple emotionally. I was so mad at Blaze for disappointing Fallyn so many times. She was truly the only one who ever believed in and trusted him. How could he let her down? She was such an awesome character! She was funny and confident. Said exactly what she was thinking. There was no beating around the bush with her. She was just totally honest. A very loyal and trustworthy person. And, she was Blaze’s biggest fan until he just kept hurting her over and over. Finally, when the climax occurs. Blaze makes up his mind to change and win back his soul mate. And, when he finally approaches Fallyn some years later, she is blown away by the change in him.

This was an eye-opening read about the destruction and disappointment that substance abuse plays in everyone’s lives. It was hard-core honest. It effects everyone, not just the abuser. Friends, family members, and loved ones pay the price too. The author showed just how believable this story was with her credible portrayal of the addict. It was hard to read at times. It was sad. And, I really felt for the heroine because she was truly a responsible and good-hearted person. Blaze, when he finally does get his act together and turns his life around, was a fun-loving and beautiful person just as he was when the book began.

Don’t miss this compassionate story of love and promise! I absolutely loved it! It’s one that you will be thinking about long after you’ve read the last page. And, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another Marie James novel...

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