Monday, March 27, 2017

Ride written by Harper Dallas (364 pgs) – finished reading 3/27/17 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Sports Romance)

4.5 star rating

So emotionally written that I couldn’t help but be drawn into Chase and Brooke’s love story. Chase Austin is a snowboarder. An elite-extreme sports junkie. And, he’s good at what he does. At one time he used to smile and laugh, but something heartbreaking snuffed that right out of his life. Now, he just lives for the thrill of the “ride” and all the different women he has been with to take that pain away. He’s only a one night man. “No serious”. And, when he meets Brooke Larson, who is strong and confident, not needing a man to survive and protect her, Chase is so taken by her. She’s like no one he’s ever met before. But, there’s no way that he will admit to his feelings because he’s too scared that he will ruin her. Brooke, however, doesn’t come without a broken heart herself. She just wants someone to love and take care of her. She’s a fantastic photographer and just wants to prove herself in the industry. Her passion is taking pictures of sports activities and its athletes. And, when she meets Chase, she just wants to be part of his team filming their riding stunts. But, he denies her that chance until an emergency gives him no choice. As these two get to know each other will Chase tell her how he actually feels or just let her walk away? And, will Brooke be able to trust in Chase’s honesty thinking that he will never be able to commit to anyone?

Damn! This was one amazing book! I found myself staying up well late into the night reading it as I just had to find out how everything ended. I wasn’t too sure if this couple was going to get their HEA; especially in one section of the book when their relationship just seemed doomed for them to find happiness together. The book is told in mostly Brooke’s POV until you get to the epilogue and we finally get a chance to hear Chase’s voice express how he actually feels about Brooke. That’s the only complaint that I have is that the book just sort of ends. A big thing was going to happen, and the author just left it at that. What did Brooke say? Or, do we just have to think that it was a positive reaction? Hence the reason for my 4.5 star rating instead of a full 5. Other than that, I loved both main characters. Chase was such a conflicted man. Not very confident with himself. But, deep down he really was a good person. And, Brooke had some not very positive results with the past men in her life. She had some trust issues. The pair together, though, had such great chemistry when at times all they would do is sit in silence and gaze up at the stars. They just seemed very content with each other. There was also a strong sense of loyalty and honesty with the supporting characters. Protective friends and loving family members graced the pages of their love story. I wish, though, that the author would have had Brooke tell Chase that she had his poster plastered on the walls of bedroom when she was a teenager. I think he would have gotten a kick out of that. Unless it was there among the pages, and I missed it. I really did enjoy this debut that Ms. Dallas recently released, and I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future...

And, I just loved that cover! It’s a real eye-catcher!!!

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