Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This Love written by Hilaria Alexander (396 pgs) – finished reading 9/23/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Another awesome book by Hilaria Alexander! Her stories are rich in emotion with amazing characters! The story just sucks you in from page one. And, the setting that takes place in Amsterdam is mesmerizing. Ella is trying to find meaning in her life. With two classical musicians as her parents, they insist that it’s her duty to follow in their footsteps. But, she’s done pretending that that’s the life for her. So she runs away to Europe. While playing her guitar on the street, a man tips her more than others have. Their encounter, though, comes off brash, and Ella is sorry and embarrassed. If she ever sees the man again, she knows she must apologize. They do meet again. Ella does apologize. And, he seems familiar somehow. When she finally realizes who he is, she is totally taken with the man, musician Lou Rivers. As they get to know each other, their relationship intensifies and Lou wants more from Ella. Ella, however, first wants to make some decisions about her future. With that being said, their relationship takes a turn for the worst. Will they ever find their way back to each other??

Oh, wow, I was so immersed in Ella and Lou’s story! It was beautiful and alluring! The music. The backdrop of Amsterdam. The love story. Everything just was breathtaking! I was going to give this 5 stars, but for some reason I just couldn’t. Something was missing. And, if I have to be honest, I really didn’t know what that was. Maybe I needed more angst. Like possibly the ex-wife putting a crimp into Ella and Lou’s perfect romance. She maybe wants Lou back. And, then Lou and Ella have trust issues. And, then having to fight to be together. That might have done it for me. I’m not sure. Mostly this was a heartfelt romance with two confident and courageous characters that were meant for each other. Looking forward for more from this author...

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