Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Truth About Lennon written by K.L. Grayson (281 pgs) – finished reading 3/29/17 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

This was a more than wonderful find written by author, K.L. Grayson! I found myself loving the story as I plowed through the pages excitedly! Lennon Barrick-St. James is done with New York. She’s pretty much banished by her dad to stay out of the limelight for awhile. So, she heads to Heaven, Texas. Obviously so much different than where she’s from! It’s small where everyone knows each other. When first arriving in town, she bumps into Noah Cunningham, like literally knocking him off his motorcycle. And, he’s not too happy about it either. But, Lennon is sorry and tries to help him even though he wants nothing from her. Lennon is bound and determined, though, to reach out to Noah as he needs help getting around since he sprained his ankle in the accident. Noah does not need any woman in his life! He’s doing just fine! But, as Noah gets to know Lennon, he realizes that this beautiful woman may be just what he does need.

Oh, Lennon and Noah are the perfect couple! They have great chemistry, but they come from different backgrounds. Lennon longs for someone to feel something for her other than just being in love with her money and the thought of who her father is. She wants someone to want her for what’s on the inside for once. And, Noah, just wants someone to accept him and the people in his life after all the heartache in his past. Lennon seems to be just that person until who she really is comes to light. Oh, I felt so bad for Lennon while shedding a few tears! She’s such a sweetheart and she’s meant for Noah to love and trust her. He just doesn’t realize that until it’s too late. Oh, I could just kick him! But, he wants what’s best for his family. And, you really can’t fault him for that! Will these two find their way back to each other?

Noah is such a swoon-worthy character! Kind and caring with amazing tattoos and a body to die for! And, he rides a motorcycle...yummm! He’s the perfect male to help Lennon move on with her life. And, Lennon, got to love that name! She’s independent and beautiful. She wants more out of life than just being front and center with her family’s social status. And, she’s hoping to find that with Noah. I loved their story and all the characters involved with their life. There was such a close-knit family of friends. Lennon has a supportive friendship in Charlotte while Noah has close ties with Mikey and Ricky along with his mom and dad. This was such a feel-good romance, and one could only hope that Lennon and Noah get their HEA. I so wanted to see a scene, though, when Noah gets his motorcycle back and they both ride into the sunset together. That would have been the perfect ending...sigh

And, how about that guy on the book cover!?? WOW!!

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