Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Where Lightning Strikes (Bleeding Stars, #3) written by A.L. Jackson (426 pgs) – finished reading 9/5/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Rockstar)

And, here I thought the first two books of this amazing series were to die for – this one just blows those two out of the water! OMG! I couldn’t put this one down! And, this is a long book! Over 400 pages. I loved it! The two main characters, Tamar and Lyrik. God I love that name for a rockstar! He just knew all the right things to change Tamar’s opinion of him. He was a real talker. Dirty and passionate. And, even though she was done with men, she couldn’t help but be swept away with his attraction. His powerful body. Those creative tattoos. Here’s two broken people. Both vowing never to love again. I was so impressed with their story. I highlighted, highlighted, highlighted. Passages. Quotes. Descriptions. And, the other guys? Rockers? Still around. Funny as hell! Ash! I just can’t wait to read his story. And, Zee, the quiet and rational one. While Sebastian and Shea, along with daughter Kallie, still find time to be included in their friends’ lives. The writing will just pull you into Tamar and Lyrik’s romantically steamy love story. It was awesome! Now onto Austin’s book next...

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