Thursday, October 8, 2015

Whispered Truths (Truths, #1) written by Anne Mercier (323 pgs) – finished reading 6/15/15 – 3.5 stars - Young Adult (Romance)

3.5 star rating – the age range for the characters in this book is high school, but the intimacy level is more of a New Adult read...

I think I was just a little old for this book, which is no fault of the author’s. That’s why I rated this book probably below its actual worth. The characters should have been college age because they were more mature. But, then I guess it would take away key elements of the story. Wow! I’ve really never been this torn as to how to rate a book. If your read it, you might understand what I’m talking about. It all depends on the person reading the book.

The two main characters have known each for like forever. But, neither wants to tell the other how they actually feel. When they finally decide to act on their feelings it’s cute and sweet and, oh so beautiful. There are some intimate times too, and they are sexy and innocent. You really can’t go wrong with this book. Like I said, it was just a little too young for me. I will, though, be reading the next book in the series when it’s released. Just have to see what it’s all about!!

Review Written, 10/8/15

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