Thursday, October 8, 2015

Frenched (Frenched, #1) written by Melanie Harlow (336 pgs) – finished reading 6/28/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

Read this one in record speed! It kept my attention totally mostly because of the main character Mia! She was one dynamic woman! Sent on her honeymoon trip along to Paris because her fiance’ jilts her a week before her wedding, she embarks on the trip just to get away and finally see her dream city “Paris”! What she doesn’t count on happening, though, is meeting a Parisian bartender who suggests he be her tour guide to the romantic city of love.Is he flirting with her or just being her friend is the question? When their relationship takes a more seductive course, can it really be this special after only a few short days of spending time together?

This was such a fun and exciting little find! Their relationship might have plunged head on right in after only a small period of time, but it so worked for this book. It was cute and funny!  And, their intimate encounters were hot. Tres’ chaud! My goodness, and freakin’  loud!! Marcus was such a sweetheart – that is until Mia found out that he has very strong commitment issues. Will his inability to pledge his love to Mia forever damage their changes for a possible “happily ever after”? Or, will Marcus have a change of heart when he realizes that Mia means much more to him than he originally thought? The magical city of love showcases stunning sites to see, delicious places to eat, and marvelous wine to drink. I was so lost in the revelry of romantic ambiance that was illustrated within this book’s pages. It was romance at its finest!!

Review Written, 10/8/15

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