Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Borden (Borden, #1) written by R.J. Lewis (281 pgs) – finished reading 10/17/15 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Mafia)

This one was so thrilling! Had to hold my breath quite a few times with Borden. He was intense and sarcastic. I wasn’t always sure that I liked him. But, he came from a hard life. Kicked out of his parent’s house at the age of fifteen and left to survive on his own, his life is not the most upstanding. He meets Kate at a party and totally is taken with her. He wants to be a better man, so he disappears for four years. Now, he’s wealthy and a “boss”. And, coming back to town puts Kate’s life in jeopardy. He now realizes that he can’t be close to another woman ever. But, when he meets Emma, she’s a hardass and not willing to give Borden the time of day. She knows he’s dangerous, but he gets under her skin. Will Borden’s past have devastating ramifications for both himself and Emma?

Oh, man, this had exciting written all over it. The author pulls you into the story as she first introduces Borden. He’s a survivor and always gets what he wants. Both Kate and Emma were strong independent women. They both loved Borden for the man he truly was. Can’t say that I was ever bored with this one. The characters, the story, the romance all had me hooked from page one. It does end with somewhat of a cliffhanger – not a major one per se. But, one nonetheless. Now onto Part 2 to see how everything ends. What can possibly go down when the mystery of who is really after Borden is revealed????

Review Written, 10/17/15

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