Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All I Need is You (Loving You, #2) written by Wendy S. Marcus (252 pgs) – finished reading 10/6/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Couldn’t put this one down from start to finish! From page one Ms. Marcus kept me intrigued in this beautiful romance that was just fitting for two strong and independent characters. My favorite, though, just had to be Rory McRoy. He was just such a sweetheart of a guy! There’s nothing that he wouldn’t do to protect and support his woman. And, Neve James has all that and more when it comes to her relationship with Rory. Yes, there were some pretty heavy misunderstandings between the two, but as they work them all out, just what exactly is their connection? What does a relationship with Rory really mean to Neve? And, is she in it for the long haul? In other words, can she trust him?

This starts off as a pen pal exchange of letters as Rory is overseas on military assignment. Their friendship develops into something more as the two correspond and then finally meet. But, when Rory is caught in what seems to be a lie while Neve jumps to the wrong conclusions, their relationship suffers until Rory helps Neve see the good in him and learns to trust him again. Ahhh, the romance, which is sweet and sensual. The drama, which is conflicting and emotional. The suspense, which brings truth and understanding when everything is now out in the open. It’s a story that is tenderly touching when dealing with sad but yet truly genuine concerns. The dancer and the soldier – two people wanting to find that everlasting love that they can trust in. Who’s to say that they didn’t find it in each other? This one is worth taking a chance on!!! Ms. Marcus again writes romance at its finest...

So loving that cover!!!!

***Thanks to the author for gifting me a copy for an honest review***

Review Written, 10/6/15

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