Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Storms Over Secrets (Over, #3) written by J.A. DeRouen (306 pgs) – finished reading 10/16/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Oh this was fantastic! Such great main characters with such emotional intrigue. This is one book not to be missed! The author goes all out with this story and captivated me from page one. Humor, heartbreak, and triumph are depicted within these enthralling pages.

Cain Bennett is one cocky male. He’s funny and charming. And, Celia Lemaire just can’t help but be attracted to him. Celia, though, can’t even begin to get involved with Cain. She has a secret, one that is pretty much hidden until about three-quarters of the book, one that I was shocked to learn. I was definitely thinking another way through most of the book. I thought one thing, but was totally rocked when something else came to light. The author does a great job of hiding certain details of Celia’s past. She’s so torn about what to do. Cain could possibly be a future for her, but she pushes him away time and time again because of the guilt that is her past. When the truth is finally revealed, the reader finds out just what an awesome guy Cain is when he makes it his mission to help an innocent but deeply mentally disturbing individual. Cain was such a beautiful man both inside and out! And, he proves this to Celia by his unselfish and caring heart.

This was such a beautiful story!! I really felt for the girl who was just trying to do the right thing by remaining loyal while giving up her heart’s desire. Everything comes full circle when all the truths and feelings are finally revealed. Man, tears were shed as I couldn’t help but feel Celia’s pain. She, too, was a remarkable character. She’s funny and easy going. She’s just one that just makes you smile. The supporting characters were also amazing. All playing their parts perfectly. The friends and the family members all showing their support and love for their loved one. This is book three of a series, but I had no problem reading it as a standalone. The stories are all linked by friendships. Narrated by both Celia and Cain alternating between both the past and the present gives the reader incite into what they’re both thinking as their romance takes shape. Such a great way to tell their story to readers. Book 4 is next when it promises to tell Marlo’s story. So, looking forward to it!!

“I’ve lived a life overrun with gravity and momentum. My choices run parallel with the current of circumstance. Not anymore. I’m through with gravity. I loathe momentum. I crave the turbulence of emotions. I want the push, the pull, the ache, the fall. I want the storms.” ~ Celia (Chap. 36)

Review Written, 10/20/15

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